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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seeing as how we only have two days left in the year (how is this even possible???), I thought I'd do a fun little recap of the year - reader favorites as well as my personal favorites!

Top Reader Favorites :

1 // [Stitch Fix] Fix #1
2 // [Stitch Fix] Fix #2
3 // [Whole30] The Results!
4 // A Letter to my Son with Autism
5 // The Words You Never Want to Hear a Doctor Say
6 // [Thoughts] Baby #2
7 // [Autism Diagnosis] Thoughts and Feelings from a Mother with a Child with Autism
8 // [Mother's Day Mom Exchange] The Goodies!
9 // [Mason] An Update
10 // [Mason] A Preschool Update + Doctor Appt Update

Personal Favorites :

Honestly, this was kind of hard! I do love a lot of the reader favorites (not surprising that you all like what I like!), so I had to do some searching to find these ones. The 10 posts above are all high on my list as are the 10 below (in no particular order).

1 // Mason's IKEA Picture Ledge Bookshelves
2 // [3rd Birthday] Blogger Toddler Birthday Exchange - Round 2!
3 // [DIY] Children's Art Gallery Wall
4 // [Gifts for the Husband] DIY Beer Advent Calendar
5 // [Disney Cruise] Day 1 (and all other days recaps too!)
6 // [Mason] A Letter to Our Three Year Old + an Update
7 // An Ode to the Single Mom
8 // Motherhood from Every Angle
9 // [3rd Birthday] Disneyland
10 // [A Year of Dates] January (and all the other months!)

I know this sounds kind of conceited, but I had a hard time choosing my favorites! Looking back on all the posts I've done this year, I kind of love them all! Which I guess is good... since it is my blog... I should love what I post! But really, between our weekend adventures, various holiday and birthday adventures, my confessions, the Guy Behind the Blog, currently posts, and so much more, it was hard to narrow down my favorites.

Thank you all so much for reading (and commenting!) on my blog! I feel so lucky to have such amazing readers and to have met and connected with some even more amazing women (and even some in person!). Never in my wildest dreams would I have made real friendships through an online community, but I truly have, and am so grateful for it.

Here's to more fun in 2016!


  1. I love all your posts too! Glad to hear you like what you post as well :)

  2. Love it! Such a fun year. :)

  3. I love all your posts! I need to go through and do a recap now!!

  4. What a great year! I had a hard time choosing my favorite posts from 2015, too! Happy NYE!


  5. Happy New Year!!


  6. These are all wonderful, I surprised myself by having read ALL of them already!!! I get a gold star ;) Happy NYE friend!

  7. Happy New Year! I think I've read every post you listed! I agree that I love your Stitch Fix posts. I also really love the autism posts, Mason updates, DIY projects and Disney trips! You guys have had such a great year!

  8. Okay, probably a dumb question. How do you figure out your top posts (by reader)? And I loved all of your posts too!

  9. Catching up.. :) I think all of these are my favorites too!! Such a wonderful, fun, challenging year, full of amazing memories. So happy to follow along. :) xo


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