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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Since it's Thursday (and I seem to like to confess things on Thursdays), I have a confession. I am a HORRIBLE blogger and have exactly TWO photos of Mason in Christmas jammies. Oh wait! I take that back. THREE. But only if you count the cousin Santa photo that Mason and his cousins did two weekends ago. {{insert monkey covering his eyes emoji}} Yeah, I know. AND to top it off, I am one of the hosts of the pajama party link up. So, without further ado, I bring you, my three failed attempts at pictures of Mason in his Christmas pajamas.

So this is attempt #1. He was playing with his new Go Go Smart Wheels set the other day and wearing his Hanna Andersson snowplow pjs and I snapped a picture real fast. Snowplows are used in the winter and Christmas is in the winter, so it relates, right? :)

And this is attempt #2. Same toy, different day, different pjs. These are his Hanna Andersson Christmas pjs. I seriously LOVE them. He got some last year as well and even though Christmas ended in December, I think he kept wearing them all the way until March or April or even May when it got warm enough to wear short sleeves and/or shorts jammies.

And attempt #3. His Carters "Santa's Helper" jammies with Santa. At least in this one he's facing the camera and smiling? Total fail on my part this year in the Christmas pajama photo department!

Link up with me (below) or with any one of my co-hosts and show us your kids Christmas jammies too!
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Since I was so, so horrible with the Christmas jammie portion of today's post, I thought I would share a little of our holiday decorations with you as well. I swear I love Christmas and all the festiveness but somehow I just never take a picture of my kid in his cute pajamas!

Please keep in mind that we live in a small town home. There's not much room to decorate, BUT I did the best that I could given the constraints.

One of my very favorite things to do is to hang lights inside. I think I've mentioned this before but ever since my mom first did this when I was a little girl, I have loved the look of it. I like to hang lights around our windows and then over around the door and around the bathroom door until it ends by the tree.

our tree topper - Mason's Santa hand print from when he was just 4 months old!

my first attempt at bokeh (taken on my iPhone 6 using the "Manual" app)

This is where I've been hanging all of the Christmas cards that we've been sent. I had originally planned on tying a ribbon around our closet door and hanging them on there but all I had was tape to attach them and because of the softness of the ribbon, the tape didn't stick well and I'd come home to a pile of cards on the floor every afternoon. So. I moved the cards to our pantry doors. I literally may keep them up way longer than I should because seeing all my friends and families faces just makes me so happy :)

This table is my make shift mantle. I'm DYING for a mantle to decorate. ONE DAY! So, for now, I decorate the table and pretend that it is my mantle. I absolutely love the look of hurricane glasses filled with Christmasy decor and I love to put these cute ornaments in them. I hope to get larger ones someday and possible fill them with those red, white, and silver bows (that you attach on to packages) or pine cones or candy canes or maybe just more ornaments. The possibilities are endless and one day, friends, one day I will be able to do this! Stay tuned!

I also updated the art gallery wall to reflect Christmas pieces. Thankfully Mason's school sent home some of his artwork early! That top left Christmas tree is my absolute favorite. They traced his hands and then cut them out using scalloped scissors (the teachers, not Mason) and then made a tree. He glued all the "ornaments" on himself!

And our last place of festiveness is Mason's room. He absolutely ADORES his tree. Every single night when he comes home from school, he wants me to turn on the lights. He loves to blow on the tree (I think to "blow out the candles" like on a birthday cake) and so we tell him to blow three times and then I plug in the lights. I don't know if he thinks that blowing turns them on and off or what, but he gets the BIGGEST smile and his face just lights up with joy when the tree turns on. I'm going to be crushed to have to take it down at some point in January.

So, even though it's small, I think we decorate a good amount where there is just the right amount of Christmas without being too overwhelming.

Some of you may have noticed that we celebrate Hanukkah too, which is true. However, I really only have one Hanukkah piece and since Hanukkah is over, I had already taken down the wooden Menorah that we have before I took these pictures. So just use your imagination on that one!

Don't forget to link up your Christmas jammies with us below!

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  1. Those snowplow jammies are so cute! And the picture of Mason & Santa needs to find itself in a frame asap! I love Mason's Santa ornament from when he was a babe!

  2. We have those snowplow pjs too and I included them as Christmas too! They are Noah's favorites and he's wearing them right now! I love your decor! The lights around the Windows and doors look amazing! And I totally get the wanting a mantle thing... I couldn't wait to get one when we were in the apartment too! Are fireplaces that common even in houses where you live since it never gets cold? Not like we ever even use ours for its actual purpose ;)

  3. I love the idea of putting the Christmas cards on the pantry door! Such a cute way to decorate a space that is usually very plain.

  4. Love all of those jammies! I have been wanting those striped pajamas for my littles, but couldn't get myself to spend the money. I found them at Carters though so I snatched them up. :) Your house looks beautiful! Love all of the Christmas crafts hung up.

  5. 1) I just adore Mason's tree and holiday book display! 2) I spy our Christmas card!! And 3) I have no jammie picture either (well unless you count that one I put on IG, but you can hardly tell those are pajamas). In fact, I ordered a second pair of Christmas pajamas from Amazon THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING and they have yet to arrive. :( :(

  6. I'm creepy and loved seeing your place. Is that weird? I don't even care ;) and how are any of those pictures fails?! He's doing what he loves so ya. Total win!

  7. Haha!! I see the jammies, I wouldn't pay you any attention with that cool toy either..!! :) LOVE the lights inside, SO cozy. Funny about displaying your cards, I tried something similar with ribbon and picked them all up off the floor too many times, Tyson was always so alarmed, 'who did that?!'.. Oops. Anyway, love seeing your decorated house, so festive!! :)

  8. All his PJs are so cute! And I love his handprint! Precious!! All the colorful Christmas balls are gorgeous! I love jars filled with them. It's just so pretty!

  9. Yay, bokeh!

    Love his jammies and the decorations the lights around the windows and doors look amazing. Thanks for linking up with us!

  10. I love his hand print!! How did you do that?

    And A for effort of trying to get Mason in his pj's if anything he looked happy playing in all of them so we can assume he was just too busy having fun to take pictures ;) you know kids.

    I love your decorations for Christmas, so bright and cheery.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. OH, I love this so much! Getting photos of the kids in jammies is hard these days when it gets dark well before I get home from work and mornings are just madness. If I don't take photos on the weekend before naptime, I don't get any all week!

  12. Very cute decorations. I still have to do mine for the linkup. I best be getting on top of that real quicklike! :)

  13. I LOVE all Mason's jammies! The snowplows might be my favorite though. They totally remind me of home this time of year (even though apparently there's no snow there right now).

    Your house! I LOVE all the lights! I think next year you should add some pine garland and lights around your stair bannister! You can never have too many Christmas lights up. I'm simply dying over your tree topper. BEST tree topper I've ever seen. Such a good idea to place his handprint up there!
    That bokeh shot with your phone is great!! I might have to download that app so I can better utilize my phone when I don't have my "good" camera with me.

  14. Your indoor lights are so cute! And you got so many cards this year! I love how everyone does custom photo cards of their families

  15. At least he wears Christmas jammies! My oldest is refusing to wear jammies... Mason is so adorable and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all of the little personalize Mason decorations. So special!

  16. Your house looks so festive!! Honestly I had this link up in my calendar and when I say you all post about it today I was like, "DAMNIT!" I forgot... then I remembered I had a couple of photos of my kids in their jammies!

    I LOVE the hannah anderson Jammies! I wanted to get us all a pair this year but omg the Canadian dollar is SO BAD!

  17. First off- so jealous of the Hanna jams!!! Second- I failed in capturing good pj pictures too!!! Theres always next year ;) That bokeh looks good to me! Also, you know I picked out our Christmas card in the line up lol.

  18. You have so many great ideas in this post. From the lights around the windows and door frames, to the adorable picture frames with his art in them, so cute! What a great photo with Santa! Wishing y'all a Merry Christmas!

    Kaitlyn @

  19. I love all the indoor lights! That's something I hope to do in the years to come. We have all sorts of other decorations, but no Christmas lights inside, other than on our tree. Christmas jammies are the best! I can't wait to give the girls matching ones this year!


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