Five on Friday!

Friday, February 19, 2016

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! This week has flown by since I had Monday off, even though the majority of the week, I had no idea what day it was. And even though it went pretty fast, it doesn't make me any less happy that today is finally Friday! If you read my confessions post yesterday, this is the post I was referring to. The post that was supposed to happen last week but didn't and the week before but didn't. Hey, better late than never, right? Anyway, enough rambling, on to my Friday Five!

Pinterest Told Me To's bachelor recaps.
Do you guys follow Sheaffer's blog, Pinterest Told Me To? Sheaffer is the Bachelor Sean's sister's best friend. (Was that confusing? Remember Sean Lowe from the Bachelor? His sister is Shay Shull (Mix and Match Mama - love her!!) and her best friend is Sheaffer).
Long story short, she posts a lot about fashion but also does Bachelor recaps. And they are HILARIOUS. Seriously, if you don't follow her, or you're not into fashion-y things, you should still check out her bachelor recaps HERE!

Converse shoes.
Soooo... I have the black version of these, but the more I see other people wearing the white version, I REALLY kinda sorta want the white ones too. Is that bad? Can I justify needing two pairs of the same shoe? I mean, my work is super casual now and I wear Converse, Toms, or flip flops to work everyday, so... maybe I do need them both? I do, right?


The TGIT shows came back last week and I was so happy! I love me some Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Does anyone else watch these? Grey's was INTENSE and was probably my favorite out of all of them last week. I've been a loyal watcher of that show from the beginning even though it took a turn for the boring in the middle season, but it's back and I'm loving it!


Speaking of rose, does anyone know how to get that little accent mark over the e on rose (I have a Mac)? Because it looks like rose to me and it's supposed to be row-say. Anyway, I've been on a rose kick lately. It's definitely been my wine of choice. And seeing as how yesterday was National Drink Wine Day, it seems fitting to share about my current favorites.

My current favorite is the one on the far right, the Espiral. All three of these are from Trader Joe's and Seth got me them for Valentine's Day. I've had the Espiral before (I think he got it for me for my birthday maybe?) and it's been high on the rotation for a while now. The best part of all of these wines is that they are all $5 or less! Does anyone have any good wine recommendations or ones I should try?

Kansas City Mom Blog.

My friend Vanessa guest posted for the Kansas City Moms Blog the other day about Why You Can't Judge a Mom by Her Instagram Feed and I just loved her post! It's so, so true and I find myself comparing myself to other mom's (women's) Instagram feeds all the time. I try not to but I feel like it's just human nature. When you see those gorgeous photos or perfectly staged houses or picture perfect kids in gorgeous little outfits, you can't help but compare what you have to what they have. But in reality, you never know what goes on behind the camera. Maybe that is the only clean corner of their house? Maybe they are in sweatpants with 4 day old dirty hair? Maybe 3 seconds after the picture was taken, the kids tore apart the neat and tidy house? Who knows! And while I hate to compare myself, it is only human nature to do so, but I try to remind myself, like the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy. And I choose joy.

And with that... Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Since you work in a casual environment I say go for a second pair of converses. The white have a very different look than the black. And definitely with spring and summer coming!

  2. I say go for it. I have two pairs of Chucks... pink and gray, and I've really pondered getting red!! Have a great weekend, friend!!

  3. I just finished watching Grey's up to what is on TV and because I was late starting this season, I am going to have to wait for Netflix to release this season...and Scandal too - whomp whomp whomp!

  4. So many things. Sheaffer is seriously a hoot! I couldn't get into this season, which bums me out because I really like Ben, but I feel like I'm following right along with her recaps.

    I just binged watched season 1 how to get away with murder during naps this week. What season are they on on TV 2? While I thought there was a lot of adult relationships with everyone, I need to see what happens!

    Girl, treat yourself!

    I feel the same way with blogs, IG, Facebook in terms of comparison. It's such a tiring feeling. I do feel that I've surrounded myself with some pretty awesome ladies, including you! Have a great weekend!

  5. I have those Converse in grey and, I have to admit, I find them horribly uncomfortable. Do you have any tips on breaking them in? I love them but don't wear them as often as I'd like since they hurt my feet! I'm with you on Grey's. I actually almost gave up on it, but I'm glad I stuck with it. It's been good lately!

  6. My youngest stepdaughter has the white Converse & she loves them! I have a pair that are black & pink that my oldest stepdaughter wore like twice...I like they way they look but don't particularly care for how they feel on me. :\

  7. $5 rose?! Dang, I wish our TJ had wine.
    Love that article by Vanessa, such a good reminder.
    Happy Friday, friend!!

  8. I have 6 pairs of Converse, and some of those are 12 years old. That's how durable they are. Go for it.

  9. I don't follow Shaeffer, but clearly I need to. Do you follow Oh Jonesy? Her Bach recaps are also HILARIOUS. Like - I actually laugh out loud when I read her stuff.
    GET THE WHITE PAIR! I have them and I ADORE them. You NEED them. You do.
    And. It's so hard not to compare what you see on the 'Gram. But, yep, joy. Joy wins. :)

  10. Love the white converse. I keep saying I'm going to get a pair and having yet, but I love my Toms. Maybe while I'm in Chicago. I loved Vanessa's article too. It was so true and made me feel better about myself. Ha ha! We always want to show people the good because that's when we are at our best, but it just doesn't always happen and my house will never look like some of those beautiful pictures of other's. My two keep that from happening at all times. :) And I'm okay with it.

  11. Her bachelor recaps are my faveeee! They're so so funny.

    You know I've never had Rose! I've been on a total cabernet kick, but maybe I should give the ol rose a go :)

  12. I have two pairs of cons!! Go for it! Do you have a Famous Footwear by you? There's a sale going on...totally another way to justify two pairs! :) And I haven't even been watching the Bachelor...just reading Sheaffer's recaps!! Ha! Have a great weekend!!

  13. um yeah dude you need the second pair of shoes. When something works you get all the colors! Life rule #3 or something.

  14. Go for the white converse! I want a pair and I already have mint and navy! Converse are just so perfect for everyday wear. I still want to try Toms though. They just seem so expensive. Also, yes to the Instagram comparing. I do it too much as well. I was the mom in 4 day old sweatpants and unwashed hair last week because I had a sick baby! I was a hot mess and definitely didn't post any selfies. HA

  15. I like those shoes! Super cute, so I say get them :) I don't read those recaps, but I do read Sharleen's (remember her from Juan Pablo's season? I loved her :) I like the way she reveals insider stuff and points out certain things about the show you wouldn't normally notice. I saw it was national wine day, so I may have had a glass or two.

  16. Love the bachelor recaps! Are you still following Sean and Catherine? I love that she's pregnant. They are so cute and sweet about it. I can't wait to see what she has and what they name it! They're adorable. And my white converse are my favorite. You totally need them!! I still watch Grey's and Scandal. Although, I've only watched Grey's from last week. I didn't like how Scandal was turning before the hiatus. Did you? Can't wait to watch last week's episode! And I haven't really found a Rose that I love yet!

  17. I always worry I would get my white shoes so dirty... probably by tripping on my own feet #klutzy. But having said that you totally need two pairs! Get them!!!

  18. I'm still a Grey's fan too! I'm really hoping Grey and Karev end up that bad?? And, of course, I love me some Bachelor and the re-caps are the best!

  19. I really want a pair of converse too...I saw so many girls in them while we were in Disneyland last week....
    And I am a Rose girl myself, although I rarely drink wine - I can actually pretend to enjoy it (thanks for the TJ tips) I get the accent over the e when I use my iPhone for typing up posts.

  20. I LOVE HER BLOG! It is my favorite way to catch up on the episodes that I miss. Sadly I just never have time to watch TV! Unless its Grey's then I ALWAYS have time! I think its about time this girl tries some Rose! Let's meet in Denver for a drink?! XOXO!


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