The Picture Perfect Project [February]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello and welcome to our second Picture Perfect Project link up! I'm excited to share with you the pictures that I've been taking the second half of January and so far into February.

As I mentioned back in January in my goals for 2016 post, one of my goals for this year is to take more pictures. As a blogger, you'd think that would already be a given, but as a working mom, I feel like most of my pictures are taken on the weekends when the "bigger events" happen. There's plenty of stuff that happens during the week as well but it just gets... missed. Enter The Picture Perfect Project. I've been making a real effort everyday to make sure I take at least one picture. The problem is, when I get home from work, it's dark. So that doesn't leave me any time to take pictures outside, so I have to get creative. My goal for myself for The Picture Perfect Project is to take at least one picture a day. It doesn't matter what it is of, just as long as I take one picture per day.

As of today, February 11th, I have to admit... that I've failed! I was going through my photos the other night and realized I didn't take ANY pictures on one specific day. I was so mad at myself. Although I'm sure I took some sort of photo on snap chat, that picture is now long gone and I can't go back and save it anymore, so alas, according to my rules, I have failed. However! I don't consider myself a failure because I am actively trying to achieve this goal and now I just know that I need to double check my phone at night just a little better.

I think I've finally figured out how I want to share my photos. I think I'm going to show my collect app progress (the full past month and the partial portion of this month) as well as breaking them down so you can really see the pictures better. This might make for a long post, so bare with me, but if you're anything like me and love pictures, believe me, this will be picture loaded.

When I last left you, I had filled the month up all the way to the 13th, so for today's post, I will start on January 14th and end on February 10th.

January 14th // my new favorite rose
January 15th // Mason and I just hanging out
January 16th // at work
January 17th // at work

January 18th // Mmm - Ahh - Sss - Ohh - Nnn! 
January 19th // new recipe : made spaghetti squash in the slow cooker!
January 20th // girls night with my friend Vickie at P.F. Chang's
January 21st // new recipe : coconut crusted chicken salad (SO GOOD)

January 22nd // made some chocolate chip banana muffins
January 23rd // Saturday night with Mason's BFF
January 24th // San Diego with Desiree, Erin, and Sara
January 25th // autism night at our local children's museum

January 26th // tried a new chicken recipe in the slow cooker
January 27th // just Mason wearing Daddy's Angels hat and eating dinner
January 28th // snap chat shot at the park
January 29th // making Valentine's Day inspired pizza

January 30th // on his way to school
January 31st // Sunday morning donut date with friends
February 1st // thin mints and Bachelor Monday
February 2nd // new snack obsession : triscuits, brie cheese, honey drizzle, and topped with craisins

February 3rd // Girl Scout cookie haul
February 4th // the day I forgot to take a picture so a picture of my new favorite drink : passion iced tea and raspberry seltzer water
February 5th // Mommy and Mason selfie
February 6th // Ava's birthday party - already getting in bed with a girl!

February 7th // peeping Tom (err, peeping Mason) at the park - so curious and so nosy!
February 8th // Monday morning post office run!
February 9th // you give a kid an apple and this is what you get : an abandoned apple with a couple bites taken out
February 10th // we're having a heat wave here in California!

February so far!

And there you have it! My photo a day is going well (minus the one day I missed)!
How has your Picture Perfect Project been going?

Don't forget, our next link up is Thursday, March 10th. So gather some photos between now and then and then link up with us on the 10th and show us what you've been up to!


  1. One day missed does not mean you failed. Just keep plugging along. I'm sure you took two another day. Sometimes if I forget a day I take a photo of something that is a constant that could have easily been from that missed day. But really I don't think it matters ;)

  2. The picture of Mason at the park is AWESOME! Action and happiness! You had me at donuts with that picture. :) I'm totally buying some for v-day. Love the pictures you took at work too. So cool!

  3. I love the variety of photos - Mason, food, daily occurrences, friends, wine, selfies! I also love how you do this with the Collect app! I had high hopes of trying it last year when you first posted about it, but three days later, I realized there was no way in hell I would remember/follow through with one picture per day. Oh well! I'll just live vicariously through yours! ;) P.S. Love the blurred picture of Mason at the park! It definitely tells a story, which is what a good photo is always supposed to do!

  4. So fun to capture the daily life.. and all the food. I just at lunch, but now I want a donut!

  5. Okay!! I think that's my problem with snapchat! I want all of the photos and videos (of my kids) saved to my phone! You can only do it through the app, right?
    Anyway... I'm STILL drooling over those donuts. I want, SO BAD!!

  6. I also struggle with the little daylight that I am exposed to! I try to take as many of my photos as possible on weekends. But the days are getting longer everyday! Great photos as always :)

  7. Challenging yourself is never a fail, and I love that you don't think of one missed day as that.
    Also. I want those triscuts because they look and sound freaking amazing.

  8. Did you see the MomTog guest poster who only did night time photographs?! I was totally inspired! She used a flashlight for a point of light in one and it was gorgeous!

  9. Oh hey. Don't mind me. I'm back for a second look at those donuts. #drool

  10. Love this! So many great memories and moments captured! You have to turn this project into a fun little flip book at the end of the year!

  11. I think it's great that you've gotten so many pictures! Have you heard of the app 1 Second Everyday? I downloaded it at New Year's and I will admit I have not kept up everyday, but it's a neat way to record just one second of video each day and combine day after day into a long video!

  12. Love the photos and the way you decided to share them too. I think you have my dream job btw, so freaking cool.

  13. I adore all of these! And the collect app is so cool. I keep forgetting to download it.

  14. I love the collection. It's so neat. I love pf changs. and I want donuts. Dang Liz you always make me hungry!


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