[2nd birthday] Birthday Weekend Fun!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before I share about our fun birthday weekend, I just have to ask... did anyone watch 
the Bachelorette  : The Men Tell All last night??? 

1. Really? A live ultrasound to find out the sex of JP and Ashley's baby? So weird. And let's be honest, I'm sure they knew before the show!
2. All of the men wearing scarves? Awkward.
3. Marquel wearing a cookie pin? Interesting.
4. Random girl in the audience coming on stage and wanting to date Chris? Random.
5. Lie detector test results? AMAZING.

And the best part of the night?
Marquel : Were you too shy to kiss me?
Andi : Were you too shy to kiss me?
Marquel : I didn't know everyone was kissing you in the first 5 minutes!
But I guess when you're on a one on one, you get a kiss...
Cody : NOPE!

Poor guy.


Birthday morning!

Not to toot my own horn, but I just LOVE this picture! 

I had had these high hopes of waking up early and sneaking in to Mason's room and filling it with the balloons that Seth and I blew up the night before... and then Mason woke up earlier than expected. While he slowly woke up, I threw all the balloons into his room. Once it was filled, Seth and I snuck in and sang happy birthday to him. He had the BIGGEST smile on his face the whole time which made me so happy. I think he finally got it this year. This was his day! After we sang to him, we filled his crib with balloons and he had a blast just throwing them at us all the while we threw them back in. What a way to wake up!
So. Much. Fun.

After we all got ready, we headed to our new favorite donut shop... the OC Donut Bar! They were celebrating Christmas in July all weekend so we got some lovely Christmas inspired donuts. Of course, as usual, they were delicious.

maple bacon // cro-bar
holiday birthday cake // maple bourbon

 After breakfast we headed to Downtown Disney to go see the new Planes movie - Planes : Fire and Rescue. We arrived a little bit early so we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Mason LOVES the original Planes movie and since the sequel came out on his birthday, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take him to his first movie in the theater. I was fully prepared for it to end badly and for us to have to leave halfway through, but he did AMAZING! He squirmed a little, but overall did great. He went between sitting with me and sitting with Seth and sitting in the seat by himself often, but he stayed focused on the movie and eating his snacks. A great success!

After the movie, we exchanged a Lego set that Mason got for his birthday at the Lego store and then headed home for the birthday boy to nap.

Birthday night festivities ended with a family BBQ, some brownies, and another round of happy birthday.

The festivities continued all weekend with...

...playing with some new toys...

...going to the Angels game...

...and tearing apart the house (I only looked away for a second!)...

Overall, it was the best weekend! I still can't believe that my baby is TWO, but it makes me so happy that we could spend all birthday day with him and have such a fun day.

Happy birthday sweet boy!
We love you so much.


And a quick shout out to my sister-in-law... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! Love you sis!


  1. bahaha love your recap and agree on all account (bachelorette that is!) and so awesome he mad it through the movie. We will have to attempt at some point, funny thing is we never even go to the movies ourselves!

  2. So fun! That's awesome that he made it through the movie!

  3. Oh, so many things to comment on! First, it sounds like an awesome weekend was had! Love the balloon wakeup- I'm going to borrow that for my daughter this year :) Second, those donuts look amazing and so wish I had one right now. Especially love the happy birthday candles! Third, I'm so jealous that you can visit Downtown Disney at any time. Oh, and I LOVE your tote bag- where is it from?
    And yes to the Men Tell All! I think the scarf thing was a joke to poke fun at how many of the guys wore scaves during the season :) Oh, and Ashley and JP knew it was a boy beforehand, and had even announced it publicly, so the ultrasound thing was really strange.

  4. I haven’t watched it yet, but plan on it today. Was it good?? I can’t wait! Actually, loading it now. Oh my goodness, love that picture of Mason! Too precious!! I hope your sweet boy had the best birthday ever! Christmas Donuts? Jealous! We need a cool donut store around here!!! Maple bacon, I’m curious?! Sounds and looks delicious! What better place to watch Planes Fire and Rescue than Downtown Disney? So awesome. How was the movie? Love those pictures of you and Mason. Precious! And your bag - LOVE! Where is it from?

  5. I can't believe he made it through a whole movie - wow!! Reed can't even make it through a 30 minute show. I think we'll attempt his first movie when he's 7, ha!

  6. How cool that you got to see the movie in Downtown Disney!!! Although he probably won't remember, it's so cool that you can tell him and show him the pictures! Myles is totally into planes now too. We just got him a new one yesterday and he won't put it down. I want to wait to take him to his first movie for his birthday, but I am so tempted to take him to see this planes movie! And I so love the balloon idea. I have been planning on doing that for Myles too. I can't wait to see his face! What a fun birthday weekend! You are one awesome momma!

  7. ahhh this post is great! The picture IS awesome,with the balloons. Such a cute idea. I'm stealing it! Holiday cake batter donut? yes please! Is that the one you tried? Was it amazing? I love cake batter anything. I feel like we have no fun donuts here. Or cute cupcake shops or anything, and yet it is a big city. Just driving across it during 'get out of work' time is a nightmare. So, where are my donuts people?
    Your Downtown Disney looks so much cuter than ours! I love the sign. I can't recall for the life of me if ours has a sign. I'm guessing it has something? but I can't picture it. I think Aria's bday is a weekday this year, I should get Chris to take off so we can do something epic like you guys did too!
    He looks so gosh darn happy! What a great birthday, you did a good job mom! p.s. it is only fun when all the toys are on the floor.

  8. What an awesome weekend. The picture in his crib with the balloons is PERFECT!! I was anxious to hear how the movie experience was, what a success!! What a great 2nd birthday. :)

  9. Best birthday weekend ever! I need to remember to add balloons to the room for the next birthday (which is in 8 months - yes, I'm already planning:) )!

  10. SUCH A FUN BIRTHDAY!! i love it. seriously. best weekend ever.

    and bach. i mean REALLY a live ultrasound? i died. literally died. and i didn't make it to the lie detector results (i passed out early). now i'm even more excited to watch what i missed!!

  11. I love the balloons in the crib idea! I would steal the idea except Noah doesn't last in his crib all night lol! I asked my husband if he thought Noah was ready for the movies and he said no, Noah can barely sit still on the couch to watch an entire bubble guppies episode lol. Looks like we will be waiting a little longer ;). Sounds like an amazing birthday weekend!

  12. So much fun, you all definitely showed him how special he is!

  13. Happy Birthday Mason! He is one lucky guy!

    Thank you so much for your sweet wishes!

  14. Regarding the Bachelorette tell all:
    1. Yes, they definitely knew the gender already! They didn't even look that surprised, and she was six months along. It was so staged...
    2. What was the deal with the scarves?? Did I miss the part where they explained that?
    3. Not gonna lie, I want the cookie pin for myself ;) Or a cupcake or donut pin would suffice.
    4. The other girls in the audience looked like they wanted to kill her. It was soooo awkward.
    To sum it up: They were really pulling at straws to fill up that two hours, and most of it was slightly painful to watch. Step up the game, Bachelor!

    K, on to the important stuff: I love how special you made Mason's birthday. What a sweet and lucky boy. I'm taking notes for Ezzy's next birthday ;)

    The Joni Journey

  15. What an awesome birthday day! I love that you filled his room with balloons - my mom did that to my sister and I for years when we were kids! I need to do that for Callie next year! I meant to this year but I forget. New house new traditions right?! Awesome b-day candles, donuts, brownies, a movie, - loved it all. :) Great job mom!

  16. Aww, that pic with the balloons is so cute!! Happy Bday Mr. 2 Year Old!
    (I'm trying to catch up on blog reading, I refuse to jump ahead - yet. haha)


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