[2nd birthday] The Party.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What a weekend! I would be lying if I said I didn't have the best weekend ever. Ok, well maybe not ever (I mean, my wedding weekend would have to top that list - followed closely by the day Mason was born (though that didn't fall on a weekend, more of a middle of the week affair, so that's why it can be #2)) but it was pretty close to perfect. And now I could use a weekend to recover from all the fun we had!

The weekend officially started on Friday promptly at 3:30pm. I hit that time clock and was out of work as fast as anyone could say bye to me. I headed home to pick up all the party supplies, packed my car to the brim, picked up Mason and headed to party central.

A short trip to the parking lot aka freeway on a Friday afternoon and we were ready. My sister-in-law arrived shortly after me and we went to work starting to decorate as much as we could. Seth and my brother-in-law arrived soon after as well and moved all the furniture from the backyard. Around 10pm, we called it a night and headed home.

Saturday was the party! I tried to get Mason super excited about the party and so every time I would say "today is Mason's party! yay party!!!!" and clap, he would do the same. You might have seen the adorable video I posted on Instagram. 

I headed out around 8:45am to pick up the balloons and head to party central. We finished some last minute stuff, set up the tables, waited for the bounce house to arrive, and then had some time to relax and get ready. We've never done a party at 2pm before but I think this might be the new go-to because it was perfect timing!

Sunday I got to spend with my boys at swim lessons in the morning and then Gymboree. After Gymboree, I headed to a baby shower, came home, went grocery shopping and then played with Mason and all his new toys. It was perfect.

And now without further ado... on to what I know you are really here for : pictures of the party!

Let's start with the candy table. Not to sound cocky, but I LOVED our candy table. I think it pulled the theme together perfectly. Instead of trying to do a half pirate and half princess table, we decorated pirate-y but had some princess-y candies as well.

We use the candy table as the dessert table and favors table (though we did have some actual favors as well).

As for activities at the party, we had...

pirate ring toss

princess castle bounce house

tattoo station and princess crown decorating station

walk the plank

photo booth

dig for treasures in the treasure chest

For food, we had a taco man. We had originally planned on making pirate and princess themed food since the party was at 2pm and not serving lunch, but after pricing things out and thinking about all the time it would take to make all the food, we decided on a taco man like we have had in the past. I cannot stress how amazing they were! They literally set up their station and do everything for you. You can choose what kind of tacos you want (we had steak, chicken, and carnitas options), you get chips, guacamole, rice and beans and this taco man offered a cheese quesadilla option as well. The price is comparable to making your own food and way, WAY easier. Plus all of our friends and family LOVE it and rave about how good it is. win-win.

I realized we didn't buy any cakes and wondered how we would sing happy birthday to the kids, but we just grabbed a cupcake each and stuck a candle in it and called it a day. The kids didn't know the difference and it was perfect to have the "pre-sliced cake" ready for eating when the singing was done. I especially loved this part of the party because I think Mason finally got it (or I built it up enough lol) that he had the BIGGEST smile on his face the whole time we were singing.

After dessert, Seth got attacked by like five kids at once in the bounce house...

...I "hooked" Mason...

...we attempted to take a family picture in the photo booth...

...and attempted to take a picture of the birthday kids...

...and then opened some presents, that Mason sat still for one of...

Overall, we had an INCREDIBLE time and I cannot believe that my BABY will be turning TWO on Friday!

A huge THANK YOU to Grandma and Grandpa Fenton for letting us have the party at their house and for all of our friends and family for coming to the party. A HUGE thank you also to my party co-host, my sister-in-law, Erin, for throwing such a great party! Should we start planning next year's now????? :)

party inspiration : here // here // here // here // here // here // here // here // here

If anyone wants to know where we got any of these things, email me at chasinmasonblog@gmail.com or leave your questions in the comments (just make sure your email is attached to your blogger profile)! Or if you are planning a pirate/princess party, check out my pirate/princess party Pinterest board


  1. So many great details, what a fun party!!

  2. LOVE the candy table- so many awesome elements! It looks like a lot of work went into the party, but it looks amazing! How much did you make vs what did you buy?

  3. It all came together SO AWESOME!! Everything looked absolutely perfect!
    We've done two parties making our own food, but I'm totally looking into a taco man for birthday #3! Genius.

  4. Wow you guys really went all out! All the details are perfect! Another reason I wish we had some summer birthdays in my family... So much easier to do parties when outside! Happy birthday Mason!!

  5. HOLY AWESOME PARTY!! I agree, LOVE your candy table!! You guys did such a great job and I couldn't help but smile at the pictures of you and Mason with his birthday cupcake, you can tell he is so happy. Happy Birthday Mason!! :)

  6. Ah! Perfect. Just plain perfect! It's so fun and cute!

  7. Best party ever! I love everything! So many things, and details, and things!!!!! Tattoos, and a sand pit, and the photo booth, and the plank, and the candy table, and the tacos! Amazing! Too bad that first pic of you and Mason and his cupcake got photo bombed by the hook thing! This made me excited for Aria's birthday! So why was 2 a good time?

  8. I LOVE it! Princess and Pirates are a prefect combo! The photo booth looks so fun and the hunt for treasures in the pool seems like a great activity too. You guys did great on the details - what a fun day!

  9. WHAT a fun party!!! I LOVE IT! All the details are great and I love your food table:) The DIY photo booth is fabulous!

  10. What a special day! You guys really pulled out all the stops, I'm drooling over that candy table. Looks like Mason had a ton of fun :)

    Happy birthday, Mason!

  11. Such a fun party! I love all the details and that you were able to combine it with your niece. I wish Henry's birthday was in the summer, Janurary 31 doesn't make for fun outdoor parties in Iowa!


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