Swim Lessons.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A couple weeks ago, I FINALLY scheduled Mason for swim lessons. These lessons were long overdue. I had been wanting to schedule them for about a year (since his birthday last year! eek!) but always procrastinated for some reason or another because we had something planned this weekend or something planned that weekend and it was just never "convenient". (Then we tried to give Mason a swim lesson with a friend and I think we got ahead of ourselves on one of the things she wanted him to do and it seemed to traumatize him for a while. He CRIED every time we tried to get in the pool. The WHOLE visit we were in Palm Springs with my parents in April, he cried. Even when I was clearly holding him. Then all of a sudden on Memorial Day, he was HAPPY in the water and laughing and excited about it again so I knew it was time.)

If we all waited to do things until they were convenient, we probably would never do anything, so I bit the bullet and called for his first lesson. I prefer to have at least one weekend day that we have no set in stone plans every week so we can do whatever we want so I chose to have his swim lesson on Sunday morning. It's late enough where we don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn, but early enough where we have time to come home, take a shower, and get changed before Gymboree. It's perfect.

We found the swim lessons through a recommendation from my sister-in-law who takes my nieces there as well as our friends Lauren and Seth that take their son Logan there. I must admit though, when we got there for Mason's first lesson, I was a bit surprised. I don't know what I expected but the place was a lot bigger than I imagined. I got us all checked in, bought our swim diaper (they require double diapering) and was about to go find our instructor when Seth asks what pool we are supposed to go to. I literally thought there was one pool and we would just see her. Boy was I wrong. We asked someone who worked there and they brought us to our instructor...thankfully! Or we would probably still be looking for her.

We signed up for parent and me swim lessons which means that Seth or I go in the pool with Mason and there is an instructor that tells the parents what to do. Seth went in with Mason for his first lesson.

They start off the lesson with the parents holding the kids and rotating around in a big circle. Mason was looking like he felt comfortable with it and was looking like he was having a good time. They then lift the kids up and down so they are dunked in and out of the water (but not under water). After they do that a couple times, they stand in the middle of the pool and head towards the wall, holding the kids so their face goes under water a little. Once they make it to the wall, the parents sit the kids on the wall and the kids "fall" into the pool off the wall. This was Mason's FAVORITE part of the whole lesson! They then swim back to the middle of the pool and then head back to the wall to repeat it. Then the instructor puts a floatie in the pool that is big and looks like a train and has the kids walk across it and then jump in to the pool to their parent. Mason hated this part. I think it was because the instructor was holding his hand and he wanted his daddy but he cried each time she made him do it. He did it. And he did it well. But he cried. Every. Single. Time. They did a couple more things and the lesson was over.

The lesson is only 20 minutes. At first I thought that that would be too short of an amount of time, but it's basically the perfect amount of time to keep the kids attention and wanting to do what the instructor says. Clearly they have done some research :)

I apologize for the poor quality photos. I was sitting on the side of the pool and they were on the opposite side and I had to zoom in, in poor lighting.

Despite crying a little, Mason LOVED it. He seriously gets so excited when we get to the pool. I am so happy he has gotten over his fear of the water and enjoys going to swim lesson. It's going to make this summer a whole lot more fun!


  1. Yay for swim lessons! I can't wait to start Callie again (probably after we move). Looks like he did great! I kinda can't believe they had them jumping in and getting their face wet the first day. We did swim lessons starting at 9mo and they had us work up to going under. Obviously we weren't jumping in at 9mo since Callie wasn't walking. I hope Mason keeps doing well because it sounds like a great place with the small class and multiple pools!

  2. So fun. I really like the parent/child lesson idea. Henry did not really like his lessons this year, so I think my hubby is just going to work with him one on one fro now on.

  3. Noah's done swim lessons for a while now and he still won't jump to Chris on his own. He's more into being carried around lol. Though most of the kids cry when they help them float on their backs but Noah loves that part. Every kid is different ;). I'm so glad mason is liking it so far!

  4. Mason looks happy in all of the pictures like he is having fun! We did swim lessons last Fall at a swim school and our sessions were only 30 minutes. Perfect!

  5. Yay for swim lessons!! And double yay for mason loving them!!

  6. Woohoo! Being a swim instructor I love seeing little ones enrolled in lessons. And, watching them grow, and learn, and love the water? It's the BEST!!
    Way to go Mason!

  7. That's awesome (and good skills to have)!! :) Glad he enjoys it now, I'm sure that makes it smoother for everyone!!

  8. ooh good keep up the lesson info! I can then do it at home, mwahah! What is double diapering? Like you put two diapers on the kid? I must be missing a crucial piece here. I want to go swimming now. I've put off lessons for the same reason...one car, no time, hate calling people, not convenient ha. but like I said you just pass on the lessons =)

  9. I have been wanting to sign Jonah up for swim lessons, too! He absolutely loves the water, so I'm really hoping he would enjoy them! How old is your little one? Jonah will be two in December and I'm scared it's too early still! Anyway - he is such a cutie! :) Sounds like a perfect Sunday adventure!


  10. Oh I love the photos! We just started swim lessons this week with Reese, and we're doing a parent and tot class too. So far, she loves it, but I'm nervous that they'll have to go underwater at some point!

  11. I started Myles with swimming lessons when he was 5 months old just for something to do, we stopped when we moved out to California when he was 11 months and haven't gone back :( I take him swimming at the gym pool, but this makes me miss taking him to lessons! The pictures are so cute. Mark would swim with him too. It was their special time together!

  12. I hope this comment didn't come through 3 times. Google logged me out for some reason!

    Mason looks like he is having fun! I bet he gets over the part he doesn't like! ;-)
    We've been going every Saturday in June and July and my boy (14months) seems to really enjoy it. His Dad goes in with him and I love watching them in the pool together.


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