Five on Friday | Mommy Edition

Friday, December 6, 2013

I think I've been a pretty good girl this year so this is what I'm hoping for from Santa this Christmas...

Extra phone battery pack.

While we were on vacation, my phone almost died (and actually died once) more than once at very inopportune times...always when I wanted to take a picture of something Mason was doing. I seriously didn't even feel like I was using it thaaaaat much during the day but the battery life was so bad. Rumor has it... Santa Seth might have gotten this Mophie Juice Pack for me!


True love. Seriously. I don't know when I fell so hard in love with scarves but we are in love. It might be one sided but I know it is true love. Almost everyday (let's be honest, it's everyday) I wear a scarf. I just love the way it accessorizes an outfit and I love that it keeps me warm without having to wear too many layers. I am especially in love with this infinity scarf that Pinterest Told Me To showed me. If Santa didn't get it for me, I have some gift cards that I can use. This scarf will be mine :)

New blog design.

I'm thinking of making some changes before the New Year or in the very beginning. Kind of like a New Year's resolution but one I will be sure not to break! I'm not so tech savvy so I'm thinking of having someone design a new blog layout for me. Well maybe not design since I LOVE so many of her pre-made layouts, but having someone help me give the blog a face lift! I'm using one of the basic ones that come from Blogger and am beginning to think it's too boring. I was randomly searching on etsy and came across NudgeMediaDesign and am in love with so many layouts. (The picture is from her and is one of the ones that I love!) Changes coming soon!

New computer.

I know this won't be under the tree but if some other Santas in my life bring me some gift cards, this baby might be a purchase in the near future!


Just to prove my love for them, I had to post about them twice! Rumor has it that the middle scarf that Shay introduced me to from the Gap might be under the tree for me!

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