Candycane Lane

Saturday, December 7, 2013

There is this street in Rancho Santa Margarita that is called Candycane Lane. I think lots of places have streets like this that decorate for Christmas so if you google "Candycane Lane" and the area that you live in, something should pop up.

{above picture is from the Popsicle Blog}

Last night I had an appointment last night in Rancho Santa Margarita and figured since I was already there, maybe Seth and Mason could meet me and we could go check out the lights. Seth and I hadn't been in years, probably since my brother-in-law and sister-in-law lived there, which was like 4 years ago. The last time we went, we got Starbucks and got all bundled up and walked around the crowded street looking at all the lights. I was excited!

So, last night, we went to one of my favorite restaurants (Wood Ranch) for dinner and then headed to Candycane Lane.

They even brought Mason his own little plate of goodies
as an appetizer, which I think is so sweet.
He LOVED the cheerios! 

The rolls there are TO DIE FOR. 

Obviously, Mason LOVED them too. 

BBQ tri tip salad! 

After dinner, we headed over to see the lights. As we pulled up, I noticed that there weren't too many cars. I thought that was weird for a Friday night but was happy because we got a close parking spot. We got out of the car, bundled up in our jackets and hats (Mason must have thought it was cold too because he ACTUALLY kept his beanie on without ripping it off), and headed off to see the lights!

I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as great as I remembered it. That being said, maybe they weren't fully ready for people to come see yet. Maybe not all houses had put up their decorations. Or, maybe people had moved out of that neighborhood and the new people didn't want to decorate. Either way, we had a good time seeing the lights! Last night's trip made us more excited to find other neighborhoods in our area to go see more lights too!

Merry Christmas Season!