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Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Books.

SOOOOO excited to start this tradition on December 1st. I already have a bunch of books that are from last year and that I have collected over the past year that I can't wait to read to Mason. Some books are a little old for him right now but I want them to be in the rotation for years and years. And some are age appropriate for now and will be rotated out as he gets older.
List will be shared at the end :)

Christmas decorating.

With Thanksgiving being so late this year and us being away for the week, I have yet to decorate for Christmas. While I do normally wait until after Thanksgiving, had we been home, I might have pulled out a few things early. I am loving these hurricane glasses with simple bows, candy canes, and ornaments in them. I have a few already, but may need to invest in some more and do something like this.
Since we are now home, and have celebrated Hanukkah with the family, it's time for decorating!!!!
I cannot wait!

This. Picture.

Seriously. I die every time I see this picture! It is like the perfect picture. So freakin' cute. If only we had a cozy coupe and a small tree... I would TOTALLY attempt this. Not. Kidding.
Mason does have a little car though with a little overhang I may still try!

A boy and his tree.

I bought a mini 2 foot tree for Mason's room for his 25 books of Christmas (and to make his room more festive) but I'm thinking that may be our tree this year. The reason being... I think Mason would try to take off every single ornament and put them in his mouth and I would have one big sparkely, slobbery mess. But, after seeing this picture on Pinterest...I may reconsider. I would LOVE to get a picture of Mason like this!

Christmas movies.

I think it may be time to start a Christmas tradition of Christmas movies. There are SO MANY good ones that I haven't seen in forever. Some are a bit old for Mason so maybe Seth and I will just watch, but some would be perfect for him! I just love Christmas time...books...movies...everything!

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