Dear Mason. Love Santa.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mason got a letter in the mail last week... and it just so happened to be from Santa! While he is obviously too young to understand what getting mail is all about, the excitement on his face when I showed him the letter showed me that he understood to some extent.

Like last year, this year I ordered a letter from Santa. [You can see last year's post here]. The letter is from and it really is as easy as it sounds. I chose Santa Letter - For a Younger Child (like last year though I chose a different paper this year) and then customized it to fit Mason. I honestly thought he wouldn't understand what I was saying when I told him he got a letter from Santa but then I showed it to him and his face lit up!

You can also order a phone call from Santa to be delivered on Christmas Eve (I believe)! I haven't done that yet because Mason is definitely too young for that but my sister-in-law had a Santa call for my niece Emma last year and she loved it! She was so excited that Santa was calling her! 
I highly recommend checking it out - !