Christmas | Toddler Edition

Sunday, December 8, 2013

For the past couple months, I'd been so pre-occupied with how excited I was for Christmas that I didn't fully think it through. I was so busy trying to figure out where we could put our Christmas tree that I didn't fully think it through. I was so busy planning all the activities that we would do that I didn't fully think it through.

And then I stopped to think.

Mason will surely tear every ornament off the tree (and put them in his mouth). Is it worth it to put up the huge tree this year? Thanksgiving was so late this year and we were gone for it and for a few days past that would it be worth all the hassle to put up the huge tree just to have Mason tear it down?

The answer was no so I tried to find a better solution.

I had been wanting to get him a little tree for his Christmas books and I found this one at Target (and for only $12!). It's 2 feet tall and pre-strung with lights and is perfect for Mason.

At the time, I had thought I would put it in his room with the books under it, but we spend most of our time downstairs and I wanted to enjoy the tree so it has since moved downstairs.

I was thinking this might be our tree for the year, when I saw this amazing item on my friend's Instagram.

I can't link to it on Target's website (maybe it's only sold in stores?) but it was $10 and from Target and PERFECT. That very day after work, I was on my way to Target to find it. And thankfully I went when I did because it was the last one! I came home and started putting it together. I think Mason likes it as he has been ripping ornaments off everyday!

It's perfect! I kind of love it and think it will be fun for him to play with and help set up in the coming years.

Even though we didn't put up our regular tree, that didn't stop me from continuing to decorate. I decorate my "mantel" aka entertainment unit and put up lights around the townhouse. I just LOVE the way the lights look lit up at night. I would keep them up all year round if Seth would let me :)

Our "mantel"

The menorah that I talked about a couple weeks ago!
It went on sale 50% off so I had to get it. 

Since we don't have a big tree, I added the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
ornament I bought for Mason on to the "mantel".

The book tree's new home. 

My chalkboard and Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard paper garland. 

Happy decorating!