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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hi there! :) I'm Carolyn, and I blog at life, love & puppy prints. When Elizabeth asked me if I'd be interested in participating in her #BoyMom series, I immediately said yes. I always say that being Weston's mom is my favorite thing I've ever done with my life - and it's so true! 

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was sure that I was having a boy. Call it mother's intuition or blind luck - but at our 20 week ultrasound, they confirmed that I was right. We were having a baby boy.

To say we were excited would be a pretty big understatement. 

I've always pictured myself as more of a "boy" mom, and of course Jake couldn't wait to teach his son all about the crazy world of sports. As soon as we found out, we got to work buying as many cute boy outfits as we could find, and decorating the most adorable monster nursery ever. 

On September 12, 2013, our lives changed forever. Weston Jacob Roe was born at 5:19am, weighing 8lb 14oz and measuring in at 21.25 inches long. 

Life with Weston has been so much fun - and we know it's just going to be more and more fun as he grows. While life with an almost 10 month old is a little hectic, we are so obsessed with the little boy he's becoming. 

He loves basketballs, animals, being outside and never ever sits still. He's silly, smart, loving and you can already see what a little trouble maker he's going to be. But that's what so much fun about being a boy mom. Boy moms get to play sports, get dirty outside and kiss lots of bumps and bruises to make them better. 

I can't wait - I have my first aid kit and camera ready... so bring on this boy mom life! :)


Thank you so much Elizabeth for inviting me to participate in your #BoyMom series! If you want to follow life with Weston, head on over to life, love & puppy prints and say hello!!



If you would like to share a post about you and your son, email me at chasinmasonblog@gmail.com .
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  1. So cute! I love the Monster nursery!

  2. Love the nursery! Boys are so much fun and an adventure!!

    1. When she sent me her post, I instantly fell in love with the nursery! LOVE the monsters!


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