[It's the Little Things] You Know You Live with a Toddler When... Part 3

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

... you get to work and open the back door to get your purse and find that your toddler really wasn't eating those Cheerios in the car... he was dropping them all over the ground...

... you put your toddler to bed and come back downstairs, wanting to change the channel from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse only to find that you can't find the remote control.... 20 minutes later, you find it hidden in one of the cubbies of your end table...

... you step away for a minute to talk to your husband about something and come back to see that your toddler has pulled the markers out of your purse and has written in blue marker all over the floor...and looks mighty happy about it and proud of himself too!

... you are unloading the dryer, start folding the clean clothes and find a train...
side note : apparently the train is washing machine proof?

... you luckily caught this block before it went through the wash... I don't think paper blocks are as washable as trains...

... you find an open bag of tortilla chips sitting on your couch...

...and you find that your toddler thinks its bath night for your eye lash curler...

He sure keeps me on my toes!

And boy do I love him so :)

In case you missed part 1 and/or 2, you can find them here : Part 1 // Part 2



  1. Ha! I love these and can relate to so many! Henry puts his own clothes int he laundry hamper and I've found some interesting things in there!

  2. HA!!! This is hilarious. I find the most random stuff in our washing machine, too. And, Cheerios are found EVERYWHERE!

  3. This is hilarious! Always funnier when it's someone else's toddler and not my mess to clean up ;)

  4. Haha Do you even remember what it was like without him around to keep you on your toes..?! :) I'm sure each little thing brought a smile to your face when you came upon it.. Ok maybe not the markers.. :)

  5. This is too funny! I love finding little cars & trains in unexpected places.

  6. Yes Yes and Yes!!!
    I live with 2 toddlers so I definitely relate
    EVERY time I give them food in the car it ends up in the floor!

  7. These are always my favorite posts! The food all over the car floor is so us too. EVERY single time. Myles tried to eat a french fry that was down there from like 4 days ago today... And I had my first drawing on the floor too! I gave him his chalk to play outside. He comes in telling me 'writing, writing' I'm thinking it's outside... nope I walk over and it's on the carpet! BOYS!

  8. I really hate food in the car seat!! If she would just promise to put in all in her mouth and not shove it down holes we'd have a deal, but she just won't agree to mom's terms! And, hey you have one clean train on your hand!

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! I can so relate to these!! Boys are fun...but they sure do keep you on your toes!


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