Lazy Weekend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We had almost no plans this weekend and it. was. amazing. I can't remember the last time we just went with the flow and didn't have to be anywhere at a specific time.

Friday was National Donut Day so naturally we had to celebrate. My co-worker was kind enough to pick up the donuts for us on his way in to work. I determined that calories don't count on "holidays" so I indulged in an apple fritter while on a conference call. Hey, donuts make all conference calls better.

Friday at 3:30pm started my weekend. I met my friend, Vickie, for dinner and a movie and it was perfect. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then to see The Fault in Our Stars.

go. see. this. movie.

Seriously, it was so good! I'm so glad we decided to brave opening night and go see it. Thankfully we got done with dinner early and just headed over to the movie theater. It was about 7pm and our movie wasn't until 8pm and when we got to the theater, there was already a line to get in. These teenagers are hard core about their movies! We sat on the floor at the back of the line and talked while we waited....and people watched while we waited. I must be getting old or am just out of touch with reality because the clothes on some of these girls... do they have parents?! Do these parents see what they are wearing (or should I say not wearing???) before they leave the house?! Holy moly. From short shorts so short that I can see butt cheeks to crop tops to I don't even know what to call them outfits, things are a lot different these days then way back when I was a teenager. Yikes.

I know in this day and age everyone and their grandma has a cell phone, but seriously all I could see was selfie after selfie after Snapchat photo being taken. I seriously had to ask someone at work the other day what Snapchat was because I am that old. I just don't remember going to the movies being like this but I guess I haven't gone in a while and don't usually go to a teeny bopper movie on opening night either. So, in order to compete with the teenagers, while we waited, we took a selfie too.

Us almost 30 (eek!) year olds can compete with teenagers...right?

Anyway, the theater finally opened and it seriously was a mad dash to get in. The girls in front of us weren't paying attention so we told them the doors were opening and they packed up their stuff so fast you would have thought their house was on fire. And then the unthinkable happened... their one friend must have gone to the bathroom and left her stuff, thinking that her friends would still be there when she got back. Wrong. Her friends ditched her stuff (her jacket and PURSE) so quickly. Seriously? YOU LEFT YOUR FRIENDS PURSE. Abandoned. What kind of friends are these? 

After we finished being disgusted by the manners on these girls, we walked, calmly and nicely into the theater. Can't say the same about the others. There was pushing, cutting in line, and overall pandemonium. I was in shock. We got pretty good seats and waited for the movie to start. It started and there was screaming for the main character girl (I'm so old I don't even know her name) and then of course the main character guy. I had to ask who he was because I didn't even know he was the main character. Again, old. There was crying all around and some serious sobbing coming from the girl behind me. Overall, it was an experience haha. But in all seriousness, such. a. good. movie! Even I cried. And I don't cry. (Or I didn't used to! This whole motherhood thing has made me a softy).

Saturday was much less exciting. We all woke up around 7am and I seriously could have just watched Mason on the monitor all morning. He was just sitting there, so nicely, playing with his toys. It was so cute. I went in there to get him and we all went downstairs to have breakfast. Mason watched some cartoons and I started cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The curse of being at work all day all week is that cleaning gets pushed to the weekends. We had a make up Gymboree class at noon that Seth ended up taking Mason to by himself so I could finish mopping. They came home, Seth and I had lunch, and Mason napped. When he woke up, we went to Target (and got Starbucks - the best part of the trip!) and then Costco. Then we had Costco hot dogs for dinner and watched the Angels game. Hey, if you can't be there, act like you're there :)

Sunday morning we met our friends Lauren, Seth, and Logan for donuts at a new donut place called OC Donut Bar. AMAZING. (And yes, I had donuts two times in one weekend. Don't judge. It was National Donut Day Weekend!) They have the biggest and best donuts. Sure they are a bit pricey (can range from $2-$5 each depending on the donut), but they were delicious. Seth got a Boston Creme donut, I got a bacon maple donut, and we got Mason a birthday cake donut (basically regular with sprinkles).

This might have been the donut that I had....
Maple. Bacon. Deliciousness.

The kids ate donuts and then instantly had tons of energy so the moms and dads took turns chasing them around the sitting area.

We parted ways with our friends, dropped off our leftovers at home, and headed to Gymboree. Thank goodness we had Gymboree because Mason was still hopped up on sugar. Gymboree did the trick and Mason fell asleep in the car on the way home and we successfully transferred him from his car seat to his crib and he slept for a good hour and a half. While Mason slept, I went grocery shopping. 

Mason woke up and I thought he would be happy. WRONG. Little man was cranky and had a full on meltdown. For no reason. Or at least not a reason that I could figure out. I tried to get him to go back to sleep without any luck. I finally just put him down since he was squirming so much and let him full on lay on the ground crying and banging his hand on the ground.

Seth finally came up to see what the commotion was and was able to calm Mason down by turning on his sound machine and rocking him. Apparently he wanted daddy and not mommy. I thought Seth had the magic touch so I left them alone for a few minutes but Seth came down shortly with a wide awake toddler. I offered him some snacks and what do you know, happiness. And there he his chair, eating snacks, watching Mickey, with no pants on. And as happy as a clam. Toddlers. What was wrong, I will never know.

We were going to go over to Nanny's house for dinner but ended up staying home instead and made these Pioneer Woman grilled veggie burritos that Amanda had mentioned on her Five on Friday last week. I am so glad I took her suggestion because they were DELICIOUS. Nothing special, it's just your basic veggie burrito, but it was delicious. Even Seth (who usually likes some sort of meat with his meal) LOVED them.

And there you have it. The best lazy weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


  1. A friend of mine went for a walk on Friday and had to stop to get our free donut. We figured the walk countered the donut calories? We also tried the Dunkin donuts frozen Arnold palmers... So good! I'm going to see that movie this afternoon at 4:30. I hope we don't have too many teenagers, though it is after school so it's definitely possible. I guess I watch a lot of teeny bopper stuff cause I actually know who the actors are lol (both in divergent).

  2. I'm soooooo jealous of your donuts! YUM! I didn't get one freakin' donut all weekend :( But I made up for it with all the gelato I ate, ha ha!
    That sounds like a PERFECT girls night! Cheesecake factory and this movie? I've been dying to read the book... should I read it first, or watch it first?
    Also, I hope the "clothes" that are in style now are burned long before Mia ever old enough to try to want to wear them! It terrifies me to see girls running around in practically nothing, and it breaks my heart!

  3. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Those donuts - YUM!! I've never had a maple bacon donut, but oh my gosh I need to find one!
    I applaud you for waiting it out in line with teenagers - I think I would've been too annoyed and left!
    Those burritos look really good - definitely will be trying those out :)

  4. sooo. i fully have snapchat (and i love it!)! and i want to see the movie SO BAD. but i cried during the book. so i'm terrified to see the movie. i'll totally be a hot mess in front of all the whorely dressed teens.

  5. Really with all the donut pictures, YUM!! :) You are very brave to go to a movie opening night, not sure I could've handled all the teens especially - times are definitely different - but sounds like it was a good evening. Also, glad to hear we aren't the only ones that have toddlers wake up from their nap as a big 'ol grouch for no reason.. ?!?!

  6. Oh my goodness, your description of the girls at the theater cracks me up and makes me feel SO old. Glad to hear the movie was good though. Did you read the book? And you're killing me with all the donut photos. I could eat a dozen for dinner and be so happy about it. And yes, toddlers. Welcome to my life. Tantrum Town and Meldown City around these parts.

  7. a weekend of donuts a movie and some tantrums - sounds like a good mix to me!

  8. Yum to those burittos! I am so pinning to try later... I actually want one now! Myles sometimes freaks out if he wakes up fast or out of a dream (I'm guessing), and it takes him a bit to chill out. But sometimes the littlest thing can throw them off and then it's freak out time! But he just looks so cute in his chair eating his snack :)

  9. I want to know what these girls (and their parents!) are thinking when they put on these scrap pieces of clothing. Who wants their butt hanging out of shorts?! Doesn't that get uncomfortbale?! YIKES!
    And, whoa, your movie experience with all those teens --- intense.
    As for the Snapchatting... How many selfies can you take, and post, in a day, and feel ok about it? Obviously I'm old.

  10. I really want a donut, just now one with bacon on it, you weirdo =) My husband however would be right with you. And, I'll take one of Seth's! So there we go, that works!
    I hadn't a clue what snapchat is. I hate crying in public so I'll be avoiding that movie. I cry over everything so I'd probably be a mess.
    I hate veggies. I'll just stick with donuts!

  11. Doughnut or Donut? Which is right? It gets me every time!!
    I love me some doughnuts!
    When I go an see TFIOS, I plan to go sans mascara. I mean, really... why bother!

  12. We have "Friday Snack" at my office and we (unknowingly) decided to have donuts that day! I volunteered to pick them up since I live near a Krispy Kream. Bad decision! But they were delicious and I did get a free one, so overall not that bad. :-)
    Sounds like a fun/busy weekend!


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