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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hi! I'm Danielle and I blog over at The Girlfriend Letters. When Elizabeth asked me to write about being a boy mom, I was SO excited. I love this life. Being a boy mom is the best thing there is, I'm sure of it.

I had a feeling my baby was a girl. No good reason, but if I had to guess before 20 weeks, I would have guessed girl.

I'll never forget the moment I found out my little Milo was a boy. I was in the ultrasound room, and the tech said, "there's the scrotum." And my husband and I both kind of crinkled our eyebrows and realized that obviously this was her doing a gender reveal in the most anticlimactic way possible.

And right in that second, I obviously cried and thought, of COURSE it's a boy! My mind immediately went into boy mode. Airplanes, trucks, swords, legos... I was so owning the boy mom thing. I loved knowing that I was having a boy from the get-go so I could be excited about it the whole time I was pregnant.

I remember knowing that Milo was going to be active even before he was born. He would have a party in my belly every morning at 4am and my stomach was doing the wave nonstop. He was just always on the go. And now, 15 months later, he hasn't stopped. When people say boys are active and busy, they are so not lying! If you're curious what I do all day, it's this: I follow Milo around or move him or save him from launching off the back of the recliner or leaping from the couch arm to his high chair (???). And he's QUICK! This little munch keeps me on my toes.

Sometimes I look around church at babies sitting happily on blankets and playing with their toys, or actually taking naps, while I'm doing laps around the halls and in and out of classrooms and up and down the stairs of the stage or playing the "squish Milo in half on my lap because he thinks it's funny and it keeps him in one place for like a whole minute!" game. It gets intense.

I was concerned about the stamina that people say motherhood requires. I've always been active, but chasing around a toddler is a different kind of active. I've been pleasantly surprised that I'm kinda just in it. I chase, I follow, I balance him on my hip, I take the face smacks and hair pulls in stride, I dodge the applesauce. 

And I can honestly, truthfully say that I would not have it any other way. I LOVE my curious, funny boy. I love that he's always looking out the window. I love that he jumps up and down in his crib like a trampoline. I love that he completely soaks the entire bathroom every time he takes a bath. I love that his favorite toy is his ball and his slide (on which he brings all new meaning to the phrase "falling with style"). 

He has such a boy sense of humor. He is hilarious and he knows it. He loves to ham it up and be funny. I love how silly he is. And he's messy you guys. He's always got something on his face and snot running down his nose and scruffy hair. And he always wants to be outside picking up sticks. It's kind of bliss.

And the best part? He's a total momma's boy. There's something about the bond of a mom and her boy. He loves head rubs, and he loves giving me a whole 1 minute hug (I know right?) every time he wakes up. I LIVE for those moments. He's my guy! We are inseparable! I put him to bed and want to get him to come play some more. I'm excited every morning when it's wake up time.  I am so in love with that boy! He is my everything.

Now that I have a boy, I am completely convinced I could be a boy mom forever. If I get all boys, that is just fine with me. I love that little Milo Karl, and he is definitely all gloriously boy.


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  1. I love your positive attitude about being a boy mom, Danielle. I have two boys, and still hope for a girl someday...

  2. I love this post!! I can so relate to the party in the tummy...but Mason held his party at 3 am everyday! Being a boy mom is the greatest!!

  3. K, 'there's the scrotum' had me laughing. That tech needs a little bit more enthusiasm for the gender reveal! Mine kept asking if we were sure, we def were, and then she said girl and I think my husband and I just went into shock...didn't say or do anything. Our tech was probably like...well, okay then.

    And, Elizabeth - don't forget to check out the matches today http://sweet-turtle-soup.blogspot.com/2014/06/christmas-in-july-matches.html

  4. Love this! Mac is that active too and I'm always amazed that other kids have any patience or can sit still for even a minute. That's not my kid! It is exhausting but we wouldn't want it any other way!

  5. We go through the same thing in church! My mind is BLOWN by the kids that are sleeping on parents shoulders, or quietly munching Cheerios and flipping through books. My kid is the one trying to drive into the baptismal pool...


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