Sunday, June 8, 2014


For such a small, short word, it sure has a big, important meaning behind it.

With Father's Day only a week away, I thought I would revisit last year's Father's Day (Seth's first!) and talk about some great gift ideas.

Last year I wrote this note to Seth :

Last year (2012) we said it was our first Mother's Day and Father's Day but this little guy right here truly made this year even more special. This little guy is the reason we celebrated you today. You are the most amazing father to our son that I could have ever asked for. Without hesitation, you will do anything at all for Mason. When he is sick, you have no problem staying home with him all day. When he is hurt, you pick him up and dry his tears. You make him laugh. You make him smile. You make him know just how much you love him. You are the best role model I could ask for for our son. You are so caring, loving, and hands on. I don't know how I got so lucky. Happy Father's Day!!! We love you so much!

And this year the same holds true. Everyday with Mason is so special but Father's Day in particular is the most special for a Dad. In fact, it is the whole reason that we are celebrating the day! It's one of my favorite days too (even though I am not the one being celebrated) because I get to dress my boy up just like his daddy! This usually involves some sort of khaki shorts and a plaid button down shirt - Seth's go to holiday outfit. Hey, I can't complain. He looks good in plaid. And my little love? He looks dang cute as well.

Easter 2014

Father's Day 2013

Since we are talking about celebrating Dad, let's talk about spoiling him with some goodies!

Last year we gave Seth this :

custom 6 pack of beers // new phone case // Starbucks gift card // lotto tickets

I try to make the presents useful and fun. Pretty much every holiday/day of celebration, I get Seth a 6 pack of beers. I like to go to Total Wine and More and pick out 6 beers that I think he will like and make a custom pack. 99% of the time, I don't know what I'm doing. I read the label and guess if I think he will like it. I must be some type of "beer whisperer" or something because he usually likes 5/6 of the beers I choose. So, needless to say, he will probably be getting this for Father's Day this year as well (Seth if you're reading this, skip that last sentence - surprise!). He was also in desperate need of a new phone cover so I got him this Otter Box iPhone case. Lastly I got him a Starbucks card and some lotto tickets as a fun little extra.

This year, I haven't quite figured out what to get him. I should probably get on that since Father's Day is a week away! I do have some ideas though! Here is what I'm thinking :

one // two // three
four // five // six

One. Like I mentioned, Seth loves a good plaid shirt. He could always use a new one! 
Two. Recently, he's also been obsessed with this Firestone DBA beer. Might have to forgo the custom pack this year and go straight for the 6 pack of this! 
Three. Angels tickets are always a good go to gift for him.
Four. Or a custom Angels sign for his (one day) man cave.
Five. The other day I noticed that his BBQ spatula was getting kind of rusty, so I new BBQ tool set would be very useful.
Six. Have you heard of Dollar Shave Club? I hadn't until recently and I think it's a really cool idea and it seems so easy! The man in your life gets to choose one of the razors that they offer, pay one low monthly fee, and have razors delivered to their door step. Sounds pretty easy to me! The razors range from $1, $6, or $9 a month. Then every new member gets a handle that is compatible with the razor of their choice (and if they upgrade or downgrade razors during the month, they will get another free compatible handle!). Best thing yet? If they aren't fully satisfied, they can cancel their subscription anytime. Sounds pretty great to me! If only I were a man and needed this service! (Side note : someone should make this for woman!) If Seth shaved more often and went through razors faster, I would totally gift this to him. I think it's a great service!

Now, off to go shop!

I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. i LOVE the beer and pipe cleaners!! we'll fully be stealing that idea this year. SO SWEET!!

  2. Such a sweet post! Beer - you are a genius! That thought has never occurred to me and my hubby LOVES beer! I have his present already but it might get added :)

  3. Ah, those guys in matching plaid - too fun!! Beer is the go-to gift at our house too. That sign is fun and you can't go wrong with grill 'tools'. Great choices!! :)

  4. ugh I forgot to order Chris', ha. It's been waiting and I just keep forgetting to grab his card. You are the beer whisperer, hahaha! Id put that on a resume!

  5. How about a subscription to a Beer of the Month club? I've done that for my hubby before. Google it, there are lots of companies that offer it!


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