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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey there! My name is Chelsea and I blog over at East Willow Grove. I started blogging a month into my maternity leave from having my second son Skylor. I needed a creative outlet as I was surrounded by all these boys in my house! To save time and space, you can read Tracen's birth story & Skylor's birth story there.

I found this series as I was reading Katie's post on Easter. You know, so stuffed from eating I'm laying on the couch not talking to anyone and reading blogs, being real sociable! I emailed Elizabeth and asked where to sign up!

So here I am, explaining to you, why it's fabulous to be a boy mom!

{First a little back story}

When I found out I was pregnant with Tracen, I knew it was a boy from the beginning. I can't explain why but I just knew going into our 20 week ultrasound that he was. Most women always want their first to be a girl but I didn't. I wanted a mini Jer; a little blonde hair, blue eyed little man that looks into my eyes the way his daddy looks at me! I also enjoy always being right so when they said it was a boy I was so excited to tell people, see I knew I was right! I'm so mature.

When we were then pregnant with Skylor I had the complete opposite pregnancy so all signs pointed to being a girl, or so they say. We had decided that we were going to do a gender reveal party on Jereks birthday/Easter as it was only 10 days after our ultrasound. I was going to have cupcakes made and everyone, including us, find out together. It was few weeks before our 20 week appointment and I told Jerek 'I know everything is different this time around but I know it's a boy, just in case you're wondering!"  Majority of both of our families said girl though so that's what everyone was waiting for. When we went to the ultrasound the tech asked if we were finding out the gender and before Jerek had the chance to say 'please write it  down and stick in an envelope' I yelled "YEP, WE'RE FINDING OUT TODAY!" Jerek looked at me like I was a nut {which I am...} and said "whatever you want to do weirdo..." She was looking around for a while and I was trying to see if I could tell and I said it's a boy isn't it! I was then 2 for 2. Basically I'm a mindreader in case you're wondering.

Since these babies were going to be 2.5 years apart I wanted them to be both boys. I wanted to reuse clothes I never got a chance for Tracen to wear. I wanted little brothers that were close, hopefully best friends. I wanted to be the queen of the house! Guys if you don't know, being the only girl in the house {even the dog has a schlong!} has SO many benefits!

I figured I would combine my two loves {list making & pictures} and explain to you why being a boy mom is one of my favorite titles I could have been given!

1. When their father is a babe, they usually are too.

2. You get to spend twice as long trying to potty train them and fail miserably because all they want to do is play! {I'd pay someone to potty train Tracen at this point!!!}

3. When you buy a house and it has a spare bedroom you can make it into a walk in closet. FACT: I just did it a month ago!

4. People usually comment "Aww they're are so cute, they must get their looks from you!" This is an instant confidence booster!

5. Dressing them up is just as fun as dressing girls, promise!

6. I've been told boys depend on their mothers longer than girls do {Score!}

7. You don't have to teach a boy to "float" over the seat in public bathrooms. GAG.

8. They tell you things like "you are de most beautiful mommy I ever have!"...even though they usually want something when this happens.

9. When you explain to people at work why you're so tired and you say "I had so many boys in my bed last night",  you won't be judged!

10. You melt at every word they utter, every smile the make and every kiss they give because it reminds you of the man you fell in love with.

These boys are my world and although some days I'm sick of wiping little butts, being kicked out of my bed or no one understanding that it takes me longer than 2 minutes to get ready, I wouldn't change a thing!
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