[DIY] IKEA Hack : LATT Table : The Table is Painted!

Friday, May 30, 2014

You guys! I did it! Well...more accurately, we did it! Or let's be honest, Seth did it :)
We finished Mason's table by the end of the month!

It might have taken all month, but we did it! With the crazy schedule this month during every weekend, I'm actually really proud that we found the time to work on it. Of course it took all month, but hey, we made the goal that I set for us.

Now you might notice that the table is not fully finished. Well not AS finished as I wanted it to be with all the bells and whistles that my inspiration post suggested. But that's ok. I still consider it a win.

We started off by first opening the box of parts and seeing what we had to deal with. I knew I had wanted to paint stripes on the chairs, so I started with that while Seth laid out all of the legs to the table and the chairs outside on a cardboard tarp.

I started sanding the chair bases while Seth started spray painting the parts to the chairs that I wanted blue.
Side note : TIP : Do NOT wear black pants while sanding! I was such a mess!

I finished sanding and Seth finished painting. We waited for the pieces to dry a little (or at least until they wouldn't stick when we flipped them over) and then flipped them over and painted them too.

The whole sanding/painting/drying/painting process took maybe four hours total. After all the pieces dried, we brought them inside to assemble the table. At this point, we paused and took a break for a week before we could fully finish the project.

We re-started the project the following weekend when we both had off Friday. Basically the only thing left was to spray the whole table down with polyurethane (a protective coat). Seth wanted to put three coats on, but we only had enough in one can for two coats. So two it was.

Once it was dry, it was done! It took us a few days to reorganize the townhouse to fit the table, but I was finally able to the other night. We introduced the table to Mason a couple nights ago and he's been eating dinner at his big boy table ever since!

We are no expert painters or DIY-ers. I don't know if you can tell my the pictures, but it's not perfect. But that's ok! I'm SO happy with the way that it turned out! And I can't wait to add the "accessories" to it as well. Look out for more updates in the future once we figure out all the logistics of adding a Lego table top and a roll of paper underneath!

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Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in Satin Oasis Blue
Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in Flat Black
Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in Satin Granite


  1. It turned out great! I love the pop of blue too!

  2. Love how it turned out; such a boy's table! My husband always executes my projects too!

  3. its SO CUTE!! i love the blue and gray. its bright but classic. i adore it!!!

  4. We have the same table and I've thought about painting it to since it's a bit plain. But I had considered painting the tabletop with chalkboard paint and it can be Connor's drawing/painting/coloring table.

  5. YAY! I love it, it is so dang cute! I can't believe kids will eat like that. He isn't THAT much older than Aria and I just couldn't imagine trying with her ha. I think the dogs would end up with every meal instead of her. I'd love a table but I don't think I could ever rearrange things enough to fit it anywhere.

  6. LOVE ITT!!! We just had to toss ours because the top got so grimy but It's been almost a year and a half so it served it's purpose! I was thinking of buying another one but making it for crafts and playing instead of eating. I love the colors and stripes! Did you just spray the top with the gray or did you seal it with a clear coat at all?

  7. It looks so good! All the effort definitely paid off! From the pictures it looks really professional. I really like the teal with the grey too. You picked out the perfect paint because it is really bright and shiny looking!

  8. Yea!! Looks great, good work. That blue is so fun!! (Rust-Oleum seems to have great products.) Those little feet dangling from the chair are too cute. :)


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