[It's the Little Things] Triple Dipping

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Friday night we went shopping with Seth's grandma (Mason's great grandma, Bubbie). She had been wanting to get Mason a new pair of shoes for a while and it just so happened that Mason was out growing the ones that he had. I had the day off and so did Seth, so we asked her if she wanted to go shopping and to dinner. She say yes, of course. She never turns down a dinner date with her great grandson. So off to the mall we went. Mason was in rare form and was squirmy and cried the whole time we tried to try on shoes. The Nordstrom shoe lady was so sweet but not even a balloon would help. Luckily we knew what we wanted (his same shoes but one size bigger) and so we bought them and left. I figured he was getting hungry so off to dinner we went.

We ended up going to dinner at Mimi's (my favorite place to go when going out with Bubbie since it is close to her house and has the most AMAZING corn chowder!).  I ordered a sandwich with fries, Seth got a burger, Mason got a grilled cheese and fries and Bubbie just got some soup. I'm eating my dinner, minding my own business, when I see Mason reach over to my plate out of the corner of my eye. 

He picks up a fry from my plate. Dips it in the ranch. Licks all the ranch off. Dips it again. Licks it again. and then dips it AGAIN (triple dipper!!) and then licks it off and eats the fry.

I just stare at him in disbelief and amazement. 1. I like that he took a fry from my plate when he had tons for himself. And 2. Where did he learn to dip?? He's never had any dip with anything until now. My dipping habits must be rubbing off on him!

I immediately wish I had gotten that on camera so I grab my phone and hope he does it again. For those of your that follow me on Instagram {@lizbir} might have already seen this, but I just had to share. He did it again but this time he only (haha!) double dipped.

We all finish our dinner and drop Bubbie off at home. All of a sudden, I had the idea of getting frozen yogurt. Yogurtland is one of our favorite places and it did not disappoint. Mason is definitely my son and has a sweet tooth. He enjoyed every last lick of the spoon and didn't waste any frozen yogurt. I foresee many more fro yo dates in our future!

It was the perfect evening with my little family.



  1. Love the triple dip!! that's so awesomely hilarious because that happens round here a lot! Callie loves dipping but often dips and licks without eating the food ha!

  2. The dipping and licking cracks me up. I often double dip a chip (when with just family) but I don't know where the kids learn the lick and redip part! Noah loves to dip in ketchup but he won't eat it... He then feeds it to us!

  3. I love that video =) Id have no problem with triple dips if Aria would actually eat whatever she was dipping at the end!! She just wants the sauce and then nothing else. sigh

  4. Adorable!! I'm glad Tyson isn't the only one that just dips and 'licks', rather than taking a bite. :)

  5. That video is so cute! That ranch was good!! Isn't so funny how they pick things up so easily and and you wonder where they get it from... then you see yourself doing the same thing moments later! I've found Myles saying stuff I say all the time and wonder where he learned it, then I realize I do it! His new favorite is "Oh man!" when something falls or gets messed up! I wish Myles would eat frozen yogurt. I would make him go with me all the time, but he doesn't care for it. He will lick an ice cream cone though.


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