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Monday, May 12, 2014

Howdy Y'all!
 I'm Caden and I'm just an Arkansan girl living in a Texas world with my little family. I blog about our family adventures, crafty projects, cooking endeavors, family life over at The Randomosity of Southern Fried Domestication. I just love reading Elizabeth's #BOYMOMS series and I am so excited that she asked me to join in! My dear sweet little man is my WORLD. He actually will be turning 1 on May 13th, and I CANNOT believe it! I'm telling you what...I never in a million years would have thought everything that our parents said was actually TRUE.
"They grow so fast!"
Holy Cow! Completely true! Time has just zoomed by and it really only seems like yesterday that those little digital letters read "Pregnant". We had literally just moved to Texas but had been trying for a year. You can read the story here.
 I knew that I wanted a boy from the very beginning. Nothing against girls, I just ...
To be honest I Knew. I knew he was going to be a boy. I could feel it in my soul.
We. Didn't. Even. Pick. Out. A. Girls. Name.
Didn't even really look at them either!
THAT is how sure I was.
Plus the most perfect name {I} could think of was
Greyson West
I knew that that was going to be the name as soon as it was said. My husband couldn't have agreed more. It was just perfect and exactly what I wanted. 
I just loved the way it sounded, kinda like an old western.

I absolutely love having a boy! 
Why? They are FUN! 
Boys are wild and love to make a mess - Which is great! Cause I love it! 
I really do love all things boyish - I love dinosaurs, wild critters,  mud puddles, cool rocks that sparkle, crawly bugs and I'll play catch all day! 
There is actually quite a large age difference between my brother and I. He was born when I was 13 and I can remember babysitting and playing with him and having a blast! Girls hardly ever talk about Evil Spy Guinea Pigs keeping surveillance in your mothers Japanese vases! Or Become the Robin Hood of Wonka as you become a gang of "SweetTheips" as he would say running around with a mask. It was just adorable!
I guess you can say I was just made to be Greyson's momma. I have plenty of playtime banter stored in the arsenal!
 I will admit I am girly in some departments ...make-up and shopping... but I'm totally fine with not having to share my make-up anytime soon! 

My Nugget's little toothy gummy grins just make my heart melt.
 Then other times you would think he was Spiderman with how he scales the walls and takes over a bookcase like Kong!
I will admit I am just as rowdy as he is on a good ol' family outdoor adventure. You take me to the beach and I'm going going going going going going till the sun goes down.

Rowdiness, jumping, climbing on everything in sight and Tarzan noises aside I really do have a good ol' little boy. He is so calm and cool and collected. You can take that child anywhere. He will just smile and talk and make "Sweet Eyes" he absolutely LOVES to be passed around, I have a social critter that is for sure!

The Best thing about being a boy mom is when they come running up to you saying "Momma" "MamMamMam" trying to give you little, open mouth, slightly gross, slobbery baby kisses!


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