Mother's Day 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy (belated) Mother's Day mamas!
I hope everyone had an amazing day with their families!

Mine was the BEST Mother's Day yet.

Even though this was my second Mother's Day (or third if you count the one when I was pregnant), I still can't believe that I get to be a part of the celebration on this day. I feel so blessed to be Mason's mama that that is enough for me. But to be able to partake in the celebration now is extra special.

My weekend of celebration started off on Friday when I got home from work and walked in to these...

They were gorgeous.

Saturday wasn't really a celebration day since Seth had to work but I did go to the mall with my mother-in-law and Mason and we had the best time so that was still fun.

Then Sunday, the boys went all out this year and the girls started off their day here...


Holy moly. What did I do to deserve this? Because whatever it is, I want to do it again so I get this lucky next year!

And because Burke Williams loves moms, we started off our visit with these...

Champagne. I'd say our day was starting off pretty fantastic.

Unfortunately these were the only pictures I took at the spa because they...have a no cell phone policy. I might have gotten yelled at right after I took that picture of our champagne. Oops.

We arrived around 8:30am, enjoyed our champagne and a short tour of the facility, and then got changed and hung out a little before our massages at 9am. At 9am we each had a 50 minute massage and let me tell you, it was heaven. They signed us up for some sort of exfoliating, hydrating, amazing massage thing and it was wonderful.

After our massages we over, we all reconvened, went in the sauna and hung out a bit. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I decided we were going to leave after that and walked around the mall a bit, got a Starbucks, and then they went home to shower and I called Seth to get me. We went back to my brother-in-law's parents house and hung out for a bit, snacked on some goodies, had some drinks, and waited for the rest of the girls to get back. We fed Mason some lunch and then he took a nap. Then the other kids decided that they wanted to play on the slip n slide but didn't have swim suits so what's a kid to do? Get naked. Yep. We had a two and a three year old running up and down the slip n slide and into the kiddie pool. 
Totally naked. 
I could only keep thinking about how cold the water must have been but they were happy as can be.

The boys made steak and chicken on the BBQ and we had tacos, rice, and beans for lunch.
It was perfect.

And when Mason woke up from his nap, I was able to steal a picture with him.

Love this boy SO MUCH.

After our selfie, we headed outside to see Daddy and to share a cookie.

By now it was getting late, so we let Mason enjoy his cookie and then we headed home.

We made our grocery list and Seth went grocery shopping and Mason and I watched Cars 2 and he ate some snacks (a la no pants) since I realized he never really had dinner.

Seth came home, put the groceries away, and then it was pretty much time for Mason to go to bed. We put him to bed and when I went to check on him, he was sleeping like this.

One arm out. One arm in his shirt. Legs up on the crib.

I swear he has enough room in there but he insists on sleeping this way instead of the long way.

Seriously. It was the best day. I couldn't have been happier or more lucky.

But. One person I haven't mentioned yet. My mom.

She passed away 14 years ago, but I never forget. I know she is looking down on us and celebrating with us. She was such an inspiration and role model of a mom for me for how I am with Mason. If I am even half the mom to Mason that she was to me, I will have succeeded. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love and miss you everyday, and especially today.


  1. SUCH a fun day!! i mean a relaxing morning followed by a little naked slip n slide time. . . i love it!

  2. Awesome!! Spa AND your husband went grocery shopping - that sounds pretty amazing in itself!! :) What a fun and special day to remember.

  3. That spa day sounds AMAZING! What a great weekend with family!

  4. Super fun day!! That morning at the spa?? Sounds amazing!!

    The selfie of the two of you is SO GOOD!!

  5. That sounds totally awesome!! A morning at the spa starting with champage! YAY!

  6. Lucky girl! Flowers, spa, and yummy food! Awesome Mother's Day there! We have no pants days/nights all the time around here, especially now that it is getting hot! Sometimes we even get crazy with no shirt too! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Perfect Mother's Day (weekend) indeed! You deserved all the pampering and family love, my friend! You're an amazing wife and mom!

  8. You had such a wonderful day! I would kill for a spa day. Or even a couple hours of pampering.

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Your day sounds fabulous! Great way to start great way to end. Too funny that he has his arm up under his shirt...odd, but cute =) Aria sleeps like a little contortionist too. I'm totally afraid of a real bed, she will fall out 83 times a night! And, who needs pants to eat dinner, or snack while watching Cars 2! Nobody that's who!


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