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Friday, May 9, 2014

Guest Post.
Sweet Turtle Soup
I'm guest posting on Courtney's blog, Sweet Turtle Soup, today while she's on a trip to DisneyWorld with her family (lucky girl!!). Hop on over to her blog and check it out!


Shortly after I first posted about our experience with taking Mason to Gymboree, my Dad sent me these pictures of me at Gymboree when I was little. I seriously can't get over how nothing has changed!! Well, the equipment is updated a bit but it's the same idea - slides, teeter totter, the big round ball, etc. Look at how much fun I'm having. No wonder he loves going so much!
Like mother, like son!

April Citrus Lane Box.

Better late than never (and sadly that seems to be my motto on these boxes! We love them so much but I just keep forgetting to share). The Prince's Bedtime is a book that I had never heard of before but has quickly become one of our favorites… especially to read to our little prince before his bedtime. The Green Eats tumblers have also become a favorite of Mason's. Mainly to throw on the floor or plan with on his water table rather than drinking out of, but nonetheless, he loves them! While looking for the link for those, I just noticed that they have plates and other place settings so I may have to look into getting some of those too. And then probably my favorite for Mason (and he loves them too!) are the Green Toys tools. It didn't come with the tool box, just the tools, but I love how they say what they are (especially helpful for the newbie boy mom) and are fun (and safe) to use!
The box this month also came with a coupon for a free customizable card and a sample of Meyer's dish soap.

Stella and Dot Online Trunk Show.

Exciting news! I've teamed up with one of my friends who is a Stella and Dot rep and we're going to be hosting a trunk show! Mark your calendars for May 22nd  because we're having a Stella & Dot ONLINE Trunk Show! Get cozy, grab some wine, relax and shop for the latest styles from Stella & Dot in your PJs from the comfort of your own home. And who doesn't love shopping in the comfort of our own home while sipping on a glass of wine?! 
Our personal Stylist, my friend, Katie Foster, will be online to send you pictures of some style options for the season and help with any outfits you may need help styling. Can't wait to see the collection? Need some last minute Mother's Day gifts?
I'm personally really excited about this trunk show because she is donating 10% of her commission to help support breast cancer awareness so ANYTHING you buy help this cause! As some of you know, my mom passed away from breast cancer 11 years ago so this cause is especially important to me. I've been doing breast cancer walks in the past to help support research and awareness but have been unable to now that I have Mason so this trunk show and being able to help donate means a lot to me. I am really looking forward to this! Let me know if you send the link to a friend and they shop too because then Katie will treat you to free shipping!!

Gone Too Soon.

I hate to leave this post on a sad note, but I couldn't not say anything. This week started off with lots of sad news. I don't personally know either of these families, but losing a child hits all too close to home so I can't even imagine what these families are feeling.

Sadly, Super Teddy lost his battle with Menkes on Monday (to find out more about his disease click here and here).  And then on Tuesday, I learned of Ryan's tragic death last Friday. Having a child myself (and a son no less), hits way, way too close to home. My heart breaks in a million pieces for these families. I was home with Mason on Tuesday, waiting with him to go to his appointment, when I came across the story of Ryan on Instagram. I was instantly overcome with emotion and sadness. I started crying. Mason was playing and then all of a sudden turned to me and look confused and worried about why I was crying. All I could do was pick him up, kiss him, and hug him and tell him I love him. He will never know how much he means to me and how much I love him and love being his mom.

Hug your kids. Never let go. Never take even one second with them for granted.



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  1. That's so cool your dad sent you those pictures of you at Gymboree! Crazy how some things don't change!

  2. Great guest post today! That's so awesome that your mom took you to Gymboree too! Gotta love traditions!

  3. My heart still hurts for those families!
    I love Courtney's blog! Can't wait to read your post!
    Annnnd I really need to sign up for one of this boxes! Is this one your fave? There are so many to choose from!

  4. I seriously cannot get over how terrible both of those losses are. I couldn't imagine and I pray I never have to. My heart goes out to them.

    I have been saying I need to check out these boxes - both the ones for kiddos and mamas - I just need to stop talking and start doing! Hope you had a great mama's day!

  5. oh I didnt know about Teddy. I'm so sad now, I cannot grasp the pain it would be too much...can't help but just cry. So very thankful that Aria is healthy. I remember when she had her 20 week ultrasound and the tech told us to wait back in the waiting room after she did the checking so she could talk to the ob, I was terrified that something was wrong but she needed to talk to the dr first so he could tell us the bad news. Eventually she popped out to the waiting room and said we could leave, so I really have no idea what that was even about...standard,idk? Scary, yes.
    Thanks for posting about the guest post! I saw the pic on bloglovin and was confused for a few seconds =)

  6. If you like the feel of the Green cups check out Re-Play plates. They're made out of milk jugs too and the sections are really deep. I dump applesauce in there and Reed can eat it with a spoon no problem - can't remember the last time we used a bowl. Here they are, but I know we got a 3 pack at Walmart for like $6. Only downside is that you can't microwave. (We have the silverware too and I'm not as in love with those).


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