Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hope you all had a very happy Memorial Day weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed our extra day off and thank all the men and women who serve and fight for our country.

We had the BEST weekend. I wish it could have never ended.

Friday started off pretty amazing when Seth and I woke up, realized it was 8:20am (!!!!!!) and that Mason was still sleeping. This is an extreme rarity so my first thought was "is he ok??". I checked the monitor and sure enough, he was ok, just sleeping. Seth and I got up and Mason woke up at 8:45am bright eyed and ready to go. We all had breakfast, hung out around the house, and took some selfies.
This kid kills me.
He normally hates the camera but has gotten much better when I ask him to smile. He LOVES it when I turn the camera around and he gets to see himself so I snapped some pictures and loved the results. Such a ham.

Mason napped, Seth finished working on the Ikea hacked table (it's finished!!!), I went to the eye doctor, and we got ready to go to dinner with Seth's grandma (Mason's great grandma, Bubbie). She had been wanting to go to buy Mason some new shoes so we took the opportunity that we were both off to ask her if she wanted to go to dinner and shopping with us. She, of course, never turns down an opportunity to see her great grandson so she said yes. Mason woke up, we picked her up, went shopping, and went to dinner. After dinner we dropped her off and I had the great idea to get some frozen yogurt so we headed to our favorite spot, Yogurtland. Mason is totally my son and has developed a sweet tooth recently so he gobbled up all the ice cream we put in his little bowl.

Saturday I had to work (which is why I had Friday off) so Mason and Seth got to spend the late morning and early afternoon together. Saturday night I made the sangria that I posted about on Friday and I'll be honest... I like my go-to sangria recipe better. My friends said it was good, but to me, it just wasn't sangria.

We spent the night at home just hanging out and watching a movie because the teething monster had arrived and the only cure was snuggles and chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday morning started off amazing as well when Seth and I woke up to Mason making noise and realized that it was 8am (!!!!!). I don't know what I did to get so lucky this weekend, but whatever it is, I hope I get that lucky every weekend. The sleep was much needed and amazing. Seth made us a delicious breakfast of challah french toast and we enjoyed a lazy morning before we headed out to Gymboree and the Angels game.

I packed some food for Mason in our new GoodByn Hero lunch box. To say that I love it is an under statement. It holds so much stuff and was so handy to take with us to the game.

edamame and olives // green beans // apple sauce
turkey and cheese // grapes

Gymboree was at 11am and the game started at 12:35pm so we headed straight there after Gymboree was over. We got to the front gates just as the National Anthem was being sung so we had perfect timing. We opted again for this game to ditch our seats and find higher ground (aka the shade) and I'm so glad we did. We ended up leaving slightly before the game was over since Mason only napped on me for an hour during the game and was getting antsy. But overall, we had the best time and the Angels WON! 4-3. 

We came home, Seth went grocery shopping, and I was grateful to have some one on one time with my boy. We chose to spend it outside on this beautiful day, playing in the water table.

Monday was spent enjoying our extra day together in the morning and then with our friends for a BBQ in the afternoon. I barely took any pictures, but did try to keep it a little bit patriotic with Mason's attire (not pictured, but he wore this shirt) and with his snacks. I recently discovered that he likes Craisins when I had some left over in my salad bowl the other night and he took it upon himself to eat every last one of them so I put them, some Cheerios, and some blueberries in a bowl to make a patriotic snack.

Around 1pm, we headed over to our friends house for some drinks, BBQ ribs, swimming, and toilet paper unraveling. I was too busy enjoying myself to take any pictures, but I am happy to report that Mason's love for the pool has returned. THANK YOU Auntie Vickie!! I was a little scared for what the summer would hold but now I am excited to get him in swim lessons and to swim, swim, swim all summer!

The evening ended like this...

...half naked and passed out on the way home.
All in all, I think it was a great night and an even better weekend!

Can we have 3-day weekends every weekend? :)

Hope you all had the BEST weekend as well!


  1. I love long weekends too! And the great weather this year was an added bonus. It was a rude awakening last night to know Chris had to go back to work today. Unfortunately we didn't have a late sleeper this weekend, instead he's waking up even more at night! Thankfully he did get some long naps this weekend to make up for it.

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! That lunch box looks great; I'll have to check that out. Can't wait to see the finished IKEA table! Isn't teething the worst? Poor guy. Love all your photos!

  3. Oh man so much fun packed in! And those late mornings are the best! Aria is normally a late sleeper but has had several 8:30 mornings recently. I wish I could sleep in until she woke up, but she is so quiet in the morning I have to set an alarm or I'd never hear her.

    I just bought Aria some crazins, but she hasn't tried them yet! I hope she likes them too.

    Love your masterfully plated french toast =)

  4. wow totally amazing weekend!! sounds like so much fun that id want a day off to recover! :)

  5. Such an action packed and fun weekend! Looks like Mason can't hang!

  6. such a fun weekend!! boo to teething. we're getting all FOUR of ours. AT THE SAME TIME. but we're so close to being done with teething forever and ever!!

  7. Sounds like an excellent weekend, all that sleeping in!! :) Good job Mason!!
    Have you tried Highlands teething tablets? (Have I already mentioned those? We've used them since Tys has been older and they seem to work miraculously, most of the time.)

  8. Yes, please, 3 day weekends all the time! :-)
    Looks like a busy weekend! We kept pretty busy, too. Need a weekend of doing nothing one of these days. haha


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