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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Disclaimer : this is a sponsored post. I was compensated with two free cards from Cardstore but all opinions are my own.


A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from Cardstore to see if I would be interested in trying out their service and reviewing it on my blog. I had never heard of Cardstore before, but I thought it sounded really neat and I was looking for ideas for Mother's Day so I gladly agreed.

If you haven’t heard of Cardstore before, it’s a pretty cool service that lets you choose a card and personalize it however you’d like. Cardstore will even mail it out for you if you want! For Mother’s Day, in particular, it’s especially nice. You can create cards that feature pictures of kids or of family memories on the front cover. What mom (or grandma) wouldn’t proudly display a card that shows off her pride & joy?

I started off by knowing that I wanted to make a card for Seth's mom (Mason's grandma who we call Nanny) and my step-mom (Mason's grandma that we call Grandma) so I was really excited that they were generous enough to give me two promo codes.

I knew I wanted the cards to be specific for Grandma's so I went straight to the Mother's Day : Grandma section. There were tons to choose from so I was really excited. There were cards with just words, one picture, and multiple pictures. I know both Grandma's love pictures (especially pictures of Mason) so I knew I had to find one with lots of photo spots. I found two that I liked and quickly went to customizing. I was really impressed with the options. There was so much that could be customized. The first step was choosing pictures for the front of the card. It was very easy to do. You just click on one of the "your photo here" photo spots and it asks you where you want to choose your photo from (your device aka computer, Facebook, Instagram, etc). I had them saved on my computer so I chose that option. The pictures were very easy to find and upload into the website. Once the picture was in the right spot, you could move the picture (in case it uploaded and cut off someone's head, for example) as well as zoom, rotate, or make the picture black and white. Once you're done customizing the front, you move to the inside. Since it is a folded card, you can do one of many things : just write on the bottom, write on top and bottom, put a picture on top and writing on the bottom, put two pictures on top and writing on the bottom, etc. I chose something different for each card. The back you could also customize with an additional picture, but I chose to leave mine blank. When you're done with your card, you preview and then can choose a mailing option. You can have the website address the envelope for you and mail it (postage rates apply) or you could have it mailed to you for disbursement however you chose. I had mine mailed to me. They quoted me about a week for shipping time and I was shockingly happy when they arrived significantly before I expected.

The cards arrived quickly (more quickly than was quoted to me - one arrived 5 days earlier and one arrived 2 days earlier (I think the weekend factored into this) than I expected) and were great quality. The paper is thick but smooth (if that makes sense) and the picture quality is great. 

I was originally scared about the shipping. I didn't know how they would package them and if they would get bent in the mail so I was excited to see that they arrived in this really thick, nice envelope. When I opened the envelope, there was the card inside but also 4 envelopes. I'm guessing they are "just in case" you mess up on the address or something, but they also provided extra padding for the card.

The first card to arrive was my mother-in-law's card. (Hopefully she's not reading this or...surprise!) I chose a simple-ish pattern with a lot of picture spots. The only thing I customized on the front was the part that says "Nanny". Then on the inside I chose one picture (you could chose one, two, writing, or nothing) and then added my own message below the pre-made message. All fonts were customizable (style, size, and color) but I liked what they suggested so I stuck to it.

The second card to arrive was my step-mom's card (again, hopefully she's not reading or...surprise!). It came packaged the same as the other. I chose this pattern because I liked the saying and it still provided enough picture spots for me. The front was not customizable (word wise) but the inside was in the same ways the other one was. For both cards, there was an option to have a picture on the back, but I chose to leave them blank with the standard "American Greeting" saying.

Cardstore has something to offer for everyone. I would definitely (and will definitely) use them again in the future. 

Their card selection is awesome as well. For birthdays, they have customizable birthday cards with or without picturesphoto birthday cardsbirthday invitations, and thank you cards for after the party. 

They have cards for every occasion including anniversary, baby announcements, congratulations, graduation, wedding, and various everyday cards. 

They have cards for every holiday you can imagine : Friendship Day, Grandparents Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Nurse's Day, Boss's Day... You name it, they have it. They even have cards where you can have a picture and then write a little speech bubble.

And if you check out this page, you can get some great deals on some cards.

I know my mother-in-law and step-mom will love their Mother's Day cards!

While I was compensated two free cards for this review, all opinions on CardStore are my own. I truly love the cards they sent me and can't wait to send them for Mother's Day. I will be using this service again for future card needs!

And just for fun...
(PS they have a card that says this too! So true!)


  1. We've used card store many times and love them! I love personalized cards... Especially for the grandparents!

  2. i LOVE cardstore!! i totally need to use it more, its perfect and they have some pretty funny cards about unicorns and golden girls (my favorite things).

  3. I've never heard of Cardstore either, what a fun opportunity for you!! :) The cards turned out adorable!!

  4. I love Cardstore. I've used them in the past and have always loved the product they've sent me. I also like using Vista Print.


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