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Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday all! Before I get to today's #BOYMOMS post, I wanted to make a quick note. I finally (after many months of talking about it!) changed my blog URL (with the help of my AMAZING friend Vickie!). 

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Hi Friends!  I’m Sydney and I blog over at Raisin Southern Grace.  There I talk about some of my favorite recipes, building a house, how I struggled with infertility, and the new addition of our son, Griffin.  Since my husband and I had to deal with infertility, we didn’t have a conversation regarding if we wanted a boy or a girl.  We just wanted a baby.  We wanted to be parents.

After going through infertility treatments for a little over a year (we miscarried in May 2013), we found out we were expecting on our second wedding anniversary, August 27, 2013.  To say we were thrilled is an understatement.
We were able to find out the sex at our 16 week ultrasound.  Once the ultrasound tech showed us “the money shot”, I knew right away and I asked if I could be the one to tell me husband.  Finding out that we would be parents to a boy was overwhelming. 

Even though we would be happy with having a boy or a girl, we LOVE having a boy. 

And who says boys aren’t fun to dress.  I am having the best time dressing my little guy like “a little old man.”  People say that boys are Mama’s boys and Griff (who we call, The Boy) fits that to a T!  He is the best snuggle bug and always likes to nestle into my neck.  My boy can make this #boymom’s heart just melt. 

Since Griffin is only 6 months old, we are really looking forward to the stages ahead.  I’m looking forward to trips to the park, making mud pies (bring on the dirt), and kicking the soccer ball around. Dada may prefer to toss a basket and go hunting with the boy though. 

I believe the world needs more good men and it all starts now.  I look forward to teaching Griffin to be a man, be a good husband, and raise good children.  I’ll be teaching him to hold doors for women, to be polite, to put the toilet seat down (your welcome future wife), and to French braid (for your future daughter).
One word to describe being a boy mom is Fun!  We laugh play constantly, we laugh constantly, and we love hard.  I feel like all my children will be boys and that they all will eat me out of house and home.  And I’m okay with that. 


Feel free to follow along with me more on Raising Southern Grace for updates on my little guy and some of our favorite things each month.

What a fun series Elizabeth.  Thanks so much for including me in on the #boymom movement.  


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