Five on Friday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday all! I, for one, am SO glad that it's Friday. This week has been hard.

But before we get ahead of ourselves and pretend it's the weekend already (8 hour countdown until work's over is on!), let's get to this weeks fives.


I saw this on someone's Facebook or Instagram (sorry I can't remember where!) and thought it was so fitting. I mean, seriously? Mason does all of these things.

Hobby Lobby.

I had the pleasure of visiting this place last weekend for the very first time and... WOW. That's all I can say. I walked in and felt instantly excited and overwhelmed. It was like Michael's and JoAnn's combined and intensified. They had some amazing sales going on and at one point, I had a whole basket full of stuff, but then I came to my senses (or maybe my check book hit me in the head) and I put it all back. I plan to be back (and to pack a basket full or maybe cart full) but I need to figure out what I really need and make a list.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.

I picked up some of Trader Joe's pumpkin muffin/bread mix last weekend and whipped these puppies up on Sunday. I added chocolate chips to the mix and they were heaven!

Sparkly Green Earrings.

My sweet blogger friend, Stephanie, sent me this book for my birthday and it arrived last week. I'd heard of it before but never read it and am so happy that she sent it to me. It looks amazing!


The trunk show officially opened on Sunday and is open now through November 2nd for your shopping enjoyment. Click here to start shopping!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Sparkly Green Earrings is like the best mom book EVER! I've read it 3 or 4 times already! I'm also a little biaed bc of the little girls name in the book but it's seriously awesome! Hobby Lobby is def go with a list type of place but glad you checked it out. Oh and I love that toddler cartoon - so so so true! Happy Friday!

  2. So I must know, why have you never been in Hobby Lobby before?!?! I love that place. There is one less than a mile from my house and that is not a good thing. The best part is right after Christmas 75% off, yes please!

    Life with a toddler so right on.

    That book looks fun.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That cartoon depiction of toddlers - bahahahahaha! So spot on!!
    HOBBY LOBBY?! Where is that one? I haven't been into one since I moved from KC, and I miss that place like crazy!!
    Sparkly Green Earrings- I'm reading it right now, too! Don't you just love it? I've caught myself literally laughing out loud.

  4. Yum! Those muffins look amazing! Love the toddler pics! Hobby Lobby is awesome!!! Happy Friday

  5. If you're going to get hooked on Hobby Lobby download their app. There is always a 40% off one regular priced item coupon!

  6. Oh my, that life with a toddler comic is spot on! That is so Mac! Add channel surfing (aka pressing all the wrong buttons on the remote), trash exploration and throwing food and it'd be perfect.

  7. I guess I should be glad I don't live near a hobby lobby... My bank account wouldn't survive ;). Have a great weekend!

  8. Haha that life of a toddler is so right on!!

    And never been to a Hobby Lobby?! Amazingly overwhelming, right??

  9. Isn't Hobby Lobby the best? It is SO big! I hate going to joann's anymore, they never have what I want or need. Too bad it is like two seconds away while Hobby Lobby is more like 20 minutes via the highway.
    Yummmm muffins! We still haven't made it to TJs. It would definitely be a whole day or half day trip since it is in Orlando and we just haven't had the time. Too much fun?
    Hey! What a nice bday gift! Send it my way when you're done =) They don't have it at my library sadly. Looks good. Let me know if you love it like everybody else!

  10. I've been wanting to go to Hobby Lobby for some wall decor. They have so much there it's crazy and the prices are really good too! And yes the mind of a toddler! Funny, frustrating, and endearing all at once!

  11. I love that comic! And sadly, I have never been to a Hobby Lobby. Usually Michael's is my go-to craft store, but now I think I need to find one of those! I haven't heard of that book, but judging from other comments, it's pretty good - another thing to add to my list :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  12. Oh that comic is too good!! Downward dog is Mia's favorite pose these days! I hate being upside down... funny how kids love it!
    Hobby Lobby is my faaaaaaaaave! We live so far away from one (like 3 hours) and it breaks my heart! The prices are always so good!

  13. Those muffins..!! :) Our trader joes opened last week so I'm excited to check it out soon..!! Interested to hear about that book?!
    Hope it was a great weekend. :)


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