TGIF and Five on Friday!

Friday, October 3, 2014

I, for one, am SO happy it's Friday. Seriously, all week I have been a day ahead and yesterday I totally referred to Saturday as tomorrow. Ugh. BUT luckily it is FINALLY Friday and we have a full weekend of celebrating our niece turning one on Saturday and Bubbie turning ninety-five on Sunday. Not too shabby of a weekend! But before we get ahead of ourselves, here's some things I'm loving right now...

Birthday Gifts.

Well, September is officially over, which means I suppose I have to stop celebrating my birthday (boo!). Luckily for me, on the very last day of my birthday month, I got one very exciting surprise. My new iPhone 6 was on it's way to me! We had ordered it on the 19th when it came out and it wasn't due to ship until the middle of October so I was quite excited for it to show up a whole 3 weeks early!
 Oh, and I got the TOMS that I ordered for me and Mason with my birthday TOMS gift card from my Dad and step mom and the Skinny Taste cookbook that I pre-ordered came too!
Happy mail day!


I am a sucker for all things holiday. Even though these Oreos are exactly the same as regular double stuff, I had to buy them. I told Seth I had a gift card (which is the truth) so I "bought them for Mason" (which is not true). I might have "bought them for Mason" but Seth and I have each enjoyed 2 per night and there might only be 3 left in the package.
But for the record, Mason has had some! ... aka maybe 5 total. Oops.

Pretzel Crisps.

images via

Have you tried these? Seth and I (and Mason!) love these Pretzel Crisps. We have only tried the Everything and the Original ones so far and so far the Everything ones are my favorite. I love to dip them in cream cheese as a mid-afternoon snack on the weekends or a mid-morning snack at work. I recently just found out that they make mini pretzel crisps now too which would be perfect for someone's little hands.
And while browsing the Pretzel Crisp website, I found out that there are also honey mustard ones so I will definitely be on the look out for those. Oh and these Christmas ones! Holy yum. CANNOT WAIT for the holiday season to begin!

Fruit Infusion Pitcher.

I recently saw this fruit infusion pitcher in a magazine and thought it was genius. How awesome would it be to be able to infuse water with orange or lemon without having to worry about the actual fruit rind in the water? Or how awesome would it be to make sangria and not have to worry about rinds falling into your glass? Genius. Best part? It's at Target! If anyone needs a Christmas gift idea (hint, hint), I think I may have just given you one :)

Giveaway Winners.

My last two giveaways ended recently and I never announced them on the blog.

Congratulations to Jamie for winning the shop credit to Dear Owen Co!

And congratulations to Stephanie for winning the 4 cards of her choice to Molly's Etsy shop!

I emailed you both so please check your email :)

Happy Friday!


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  1. I'm tempted to get matching toms for me and noah now. Do you know if they run narrow?

  2. I just can't have Oreos in the house. I have zero will power and would devour the package in a whole day. So, I think your doing great :)!

  3. Oooh I love all of this! Tiny Toms are my favorite and I definitely need that fruit infusion pitcher!

  4. Love the Toms! Those peppermint pretzel crisps sound tasty!

  5. I LOVE those Toms flats! I am need of a new pair because the one's I have are so worn down. Happy Friday to you!

  6. those flats are soooo cute!! and hooray for a new phone!!! i'm SO jealous. i still have another stupid year before i get mine!!

  7. I am such a sucker for the holiday Oreo's! I don't usually like them, but for some reason when the orange or red cream ones are out I must buy them! lol!
    Pretzel Crisps are so good! And I have that exact pitcher! It works great!

  8. Those oreos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And yay for a new phone!

  9. Isn't getting packages in the mail the best thing?! Love your new shoes- I've been thinking about getting a pair of Toms. I'm totally craving Oreos right now too, ha! My parents have that water pitcher and it's awesome. Strawberry water is especially yummy :)

  10. Super excited to try that pitcher! Thanks for sharing

    1. Of course! Hoping my husband saw that *hint hint* and gets one for me for Christmas. With that price and how much I make fruit infused water, I think it would be perfect! Enjoy!

  11. Yay for goodies in the mail! That is one of my most favorites this ha in the whole wide world! I'm looking at that new iPhone too. Should be getting it this month. What are your thoughts?

  12. Love your birthday goodies! I follow Skinnytaste and have been thinking I should get her exciting for her to be published!

    Oh and those pretzel crisps...aren't they the best!? You have to try the honey mustard ones, they are my fave!

  13. I'm mildly obsessed with pretzel crisps, and had no idea there was a holiday "flavor" - I'm also obsessed with mint/chocolate combos of anything - so, obviously I'm PUMPED to see these. I'll be scouring every grocery store within 15 miles to find a package of those!

  14. Now I need some Oreos...PRONTO!! I bought Wyatt some Toms when we were in Branson but they're still too! Hopefully he'll be able to wear them soon!

  15. Loving all of your birthday gifts and jealous of your iPhone 6!! I need one. :)


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