Fall Swag Swap!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A couple months ago, Desiree had posted about how she was co-hosting a Fall Swag Swap. I was intrigued. This was something that she had done in the past, but since I hadn't "found her" until we were co-hosts of our Summer Bucket List link up, I hadn't ever heard about it.

The swap rules were pretty straight forward.

You have to have a blog.
You have to live within the US.
A minimum of $20 and 5 items need to be included in the exchange.
You must contact your partner during the exchange, no later than 3 days prior to sending your packages - that's the best part - meeting new people!!!

Have a blog? Check.
Live in the US? Check.
Minimum of $20 and 5 items to send? Sounds good.
Contact your partner in 3 days? Totally doable.

I was in!

I was partnered up with Mandie of badbrewpack. It was super fun getting to know her through a few email exchanges and by friending her on Instagram and bloglovin. It was also super fun shopping for her because Fall is her jam. She LOVES all things pumpkin spice and she LOVES all things football. To find out what goodies I got her, head on over to her blog to find out!

What Mandie sent me was totally right up my alley! It was like she knew me in real life and knew what I love. I loved it all and was super impressed with her creativity and crafty-ness.

When my package arrived, I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't wait to open it! I opened the package and was surprised by quite the array of gifts.

The first thing I opened was this B.

 I was shocked and in awe of the beautiful fall themed B. I loved the polka dots and loved that they were fall colors and thought that the leaves just added that little extra something that it needed. When I read the letter that she included in with the package, she told me that the leaves were from her wedding last October. So special!

Next, I opened the notecards and pen package.

I love sending little hand written cards to people and oddly enough, I had just run out of cards so these came at the perfect time!

Then, I opened the painting.

In our emails, we had discussed our favorite colors. To be honest, I don't really have a favorite. If I went off of what I wore most often, then my favorite color would be black. So I picked the colors that I most like and told her green, blue, and pink. She was super creative and painted me this gorgeous painting. I love how abstract it is and how bright it is.

Then, I tried on the scarf.

Seriously, this girl could not go wrong including a scarf in my package. This is hands down my favorite part of fall (if fall would ever show up in Southern California!). Scarves. Mandie picked the perfect scarf for me as I love infinity scarves. I don't have a chevron one so this was the perfect addition to my collection.

And one last gift.

The perfect present for someone you want to have a coffee date with but live too far away to actually do so. I definitely enjoyed my Starbucks drink courtesy of Mandie (thanks Mandie!).

In the envelope was a sweet letter to me saying hi and explaining all of the gifts. There was a also a quick note letting me know that she would forward me the email for the Starbucks card after I let her know that the package had arrived (she didn't want to ruin the surprise of what it was before I got the package so she had the e-giftcard sent to her email). She also included a little something for Mason - which was so sweet of her to do! He loved it!

Overall, I feel like Mandie did a great job with my package especially since we only got to know each other over the course of a few emails. I loved the idea of this swap and loved everything that Mandie got/made me! 

Thanks for hosting this fun swap ladies!


  1. I am so glad that you liked your goodies! I had SO much funny putting it together. &, girl, you totally rock that scarf! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  2. What a fun exchange! I have that scarf in purple and I love it!!

  3. Blogger exchanges are the best! She did really well, and I love everything you got, especially that scarf :)

  4. So sweet! Love the leaves from her wedding. And I think starbucks is a given in any of these fall swap boxes!!

  5. Your partner did such an awesome job. I love all the personal touches and hand-made items! And that scarf - yes!

  6. Wow you got an awesome box! I love that scarf. I am really getting into scarves now too! Love that you can wear plain shirts (which is most of my wardrobe) and then get creative with patterned scarves! I really like that 'B' too! So cute for Fall!

  7. WOW love those personal touches and hand made goodies! And who can go wrong with starbucks or s acarft?!


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