Scarf Swap.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You guys. I found the PERFECT swap for me - a scarf swap! I didn't originally follow The Perfect Catch Blog so luckily a couple of my blogger friends let me know about this awesome swap going on (thanks girls!)

I was paired up with April (she doesn't have a blog but you can find her on Instagra@flutterby_33). She is a hard working mama of a little boy (just like me!) who is a couple months older than Mason so we were the perfect match! She lives in Houston and the weather there has been very similar to here - HOT - so I knew just what to get her. We emailed back and forth a couple times and agreed that where we live there is no reason for a scarf but we love them anyway! 

I sent her some ideas of the scarves that I have now and what I like. She mentioned one specific scarf that she liked of mine (which also happens to be one of my FAVORITES) and I knew just what to send her!

April's scarf!

She received it the other day and said she loved it and knew just what to pair it with.
I'm so happy she loved it as much as I do!

The scarf that April sent me arrived the other day. As soon as I opened the box - even just a tad - I knew I was going to LOVE it.

And I was so right!

I only wish I had gotten it the day before because it would have gone perfectly with the outfit I was wearing that day.

It's the perfect shade of pink with the perfect pops of blue and purple.


Thank you April!


  1. Pretty scarves! What a cool swap! I have become obsessed with scarves this fall!

  2. What a fun idea!! That sounds like lots of fun and your scarf is beautiful, love the bright colors!

  3. Jealous! Wish I would have known about this. Such fun! I might have to host one of my own again!

  4. I love your scarf collection, and what a perfect swap!

  5. CUTEST scarves! What a FUN exchange!! You two were paired perfectly!

  6. Yay! I love the scarf you received! It looks so good on you. Thank you so much for participating! Hope you'll join me again next year!

  7. You do love scarves & I saw the one I got you! Awhoo hoo! This exchange is totally up your alley! I love it & I love the fancy new scarf you are sportin'. :)

    Mandie ~

  8. Such a fun swap!!
    I love a good scarf, and you sent and received good ones!! They both look like they're light and airy, which is perfect for these crazy hot days.

  9. I totally wish I had the room on the to do list to join in on the swap! so fun! You have a scarf problem though. What a fun problem to have =)

  10. How fun!! I too am obsessed with scarfs (snarfs as my husband calls them..?!). :) Pretty choices!!


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