[It's the Little Things] Last Gymboree Class

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This past Sunday, Mason had his last Gymboree class. Although there are still other levels of class that we could "graduate" to, Seth and I decided (for various reasons) that this past Sunday would be our last. It was kind of bittersweet.

We've been going for about 8 months now and to say that Mason has loved his time there would be an understatement. He's not always in the best mood before we get there, but once we tell him that we are going to see Gymbo, he is instantly happy and can't wait to hop out of the car. He runs around, climbs on everything, and has the best time. He also LOVES his teacher, Teacher Blaine, which makes it all the more fun.

These pictures might not be the best quality, but I wanted to make sure that I documented his last class at Gymboree since it has been such a big part of our life and his development for these past 8 months.

He LOVES the slides. He loves to slide down and climb up the slides.
He especially loved this one since it was propped up so high. He would climb up the stairs in the back and slide down so fast.

He loves this little slide too. Even though it definitely doesn't let him slide as fast as the big slide, he loves climbing up the stairs and sliding down. Sometimes he misses his footing though and ends up like this : butt on the last step, trying to push himself up and on to the slide to then slide down.

 His new favorite thing is the cones. He LOVES the stack and unstack them over and over.

He loves climbing on the obstacle courses that they set up. And running back and forth on this "bumpy slide" or the "noisy bridge".

Again with the cones. This time daddy offers him an "ice cream cone" as he wears a cone as a hat.

The air log.
Hands down, favorite thing at Gymboree since day 1.
So cool to see the evolution of play and teaching with it from day 1 to now.

One of the newer activities in level 5. Mason didn't really know what to do with them in the beginning and now he runs up to Teacher Blaine, grabs the maracas, sits down on Seth's lap and "shake and shake and shakes". Then after maraca time is over, Mason is so eager and so good at cleaning up and putting them back in the bucket.

And parachute time.
And bubble time.
We used to have to encourage Mason to sit down for bubble time and play with the bubbles. Now he runs up to Teacher Blaine and can't wait to try to pop all the bubbles that come his way.
And then parachute time. We actually have to encourage him to sit down and do the kid part as he now likes to sit on the outside and hold on to the parachute as the adults bring it up and down.

Gymboree, you have been so, so good to us. I can't believe how much Mason has learned and grown in these short 8 months. Hopefully this was just good bye for now and not good bye forever.
Thank you for everything!

You can read about his first day of Gymboree here.


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  1. It looks like he had such a great time! I wish we had a Gymboree near us; I would definitely sign Reese up.

  2. We are about to wrap up going to Gymboree, too. We are at the very last level, and it's going to be so sad for us to leave because Marcus has grown and developed so much thanks to these classes.

  3. So cute! Is Mason going to do preschool next? Ez just started Gymboree, and so far he's not at all into any of the organized activities. He's constantly running off and starting mini revolts because the other kids will see him off playing and run off too... One of the parents comforted me that it will get better the more he goes. Fingers crossed!

    The Joni Journey

  4. This looks like so much fun! I so wish we had something like this in our area for little ones! Such a great developmental activity for young kids!

  5. totally bittersweet to leave gymboree! lex loooooved herself some gymboree (looks like mr mason does too!).

  6. The parachute! I always loved the parachute in gym class. Looks like Mason loved Gymboree. We never took Liam, but I always heard awesome things about it!

  7. totally bittersweet to end anything like that - especially when they love it! You got some great last memories and when it's time you'll find something else to do as a family! :)

  8. So fun. I wish we had more things like that around here. I agree with Jenny ^ awesome memories and those you'll always have.

  9. He looks so dang happy being there. I think that I want to go too. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  10. So cute, and so awesome to see them learn things like that. Just working on it until they get it. Aria has not done the big G but I like to see how she progresses on the playground! On to bigger and better things now?

  11. I know how you feel about quitting. We went to the Little Gym for about 10 months and we loved it. Myles learned so much and I loved him interacting with other kids. But I could tell towards the end he was starting to be over it. I felt like he was too big for the little one class but too small for the next one up. I think I am going to start him in a dance class at the end of the month. I think he might really like it so we will see. Are you guys thinking about another class or activity?


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