[Five on Friday] Instagram Edition - Part 2

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Friday!!!

Today's five is once again brought to you by the letter I - specifically : Instagram. Since I am at work for most of the day everyday during the week, I don't have a lot of free time to peruse the internet. However, I do have two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch to peruse Instagram.

So, alas, Five on Friday Instagram Edition - Part 2.

Now, without further ado...

Disney Dress Wall Prints.

Captioned : Persnickety Prints photo lab supervisor, Rebekah, is also a talented graphic designer. Her Disney inspired princess collection is a top seller - obviously! @ritzyreba is what I call a triple threat : artist + understands the print side + super nice = super awesome. #gallerywall #persnicketyprints

If I had a girl (and a room for a playroom), I would SO get these for the walls!


Ryan Gosling Cookies.

Captioned : The perfect stocking stuffer.

Umm, yes please. This is a local bakery to me and I think these are AMAZING. Seriously might get some for Christmas dessert...


Hide and Hug Olaf.

If you're on the fence about the Elf... this could be the perfect alternative to the Elf on the Shelf!


In Bloom Boutique.

I have yet to order anything from them, but their Instagram is always blowing up with the most GORGEOUS clothes.

*hint...cough cough... Seth... cough cough*


The Shelfie.

Captioned : Hey mamas! I wanted to take a minute to share this fun new product I found called The Shelfies. @getashelfie has designed this useful add on to help make bath time more fun for the kiddos, at the same time helping to contain the mess for us mamas. Last night was a true test to the product when Parker took a cup full of water and poured it out. Now normally it would have dumped straight on to my feet but because of the way @getashelfie is designed, it caught the water and poured it straight back into the tub! Awesome, right? The Shelfie suctions directly onto the edge of the tub [must be placed when the surface is DRY!] and removes easily when tub time is over! The boys loved having the extra space to play and I love having less puddles on my floor! Head over to @getashelfie to see more about their product.

Because... duh. Who wants wet feet? 
We definitely need one of these in our house! We have a wild splasher on our hands every night during bath time.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Those Disney dress prints are adorable, so simple! And I am such a sucker for elbow patches!

  2. All these things are great! I would love that playroom if we ever have a girl!!! And I'm definitely on the fence about the elf on the shelf so this would be something to consider.

  3. So the mail I'm getting from you is going to be those cookies, right? #pahhhlease
    And I am going to order one of those bath contraptions. I mean, helllllllo? Perfection!
    Happy Friday, love!

  4. Those prints!!!!! And that shelfie!! And I saw the cookies yesterday and want to get my butt to Newport to snag a few (or 12!).

  5. Love Love those prints!!! What a neat idea for a little girls room or playroom. That shelf is so smart. Wish I would of thought of it!
    Happy Friday!

    1. Aren't they amazing?! Wish I had a girls playroom to decorate! LOVE.
      And the shelf is genius. Totally smart. Wish I thought of it too but now just happy I know about it! :)

  6. Those coasters are cracking me up. I love them! Ha, ha!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  7. Give me all the Ryan Gosling cookies!!
    That bathtub contraption is GENIUS!! If Marcus didn't take showers I'd totally have one of those right now. He used to get water EVERYWHERE!!

  8. Oh my gosh the Ryan Gosling cookies! I am cracking up. Though I wouldn't mind nibbling on his face... I found your blog on the 5 on Friday linkup :-)

    1. I know, right?! Genius! I need to get over to the bakery and get some for myself!

  9. This is ALL so good, but I can't get past the cookies! Those are all I want for Christmas!!!!! No really. Haha!

    Ps- it made me breathe a sigh of relief that someone else only really has time for IG! Now that I'm working it's near impossible to blog like I'd like to! Thank goodness for IG, right?

    So glad you linked up with us today!!!

  10. Ps - holy mother! They are shipping the Ryan Gosling design (as stuffed Oreos)....you made my December by sharing this info!!!

  11. Ok, those Disney dress prints are now on my list for Stella's room. I'M IN LOVE!! Also, that shelfie...genius!!

  12. Those are some great picks girl! Those cookies, baha ha, LOVE you must get one and bite his head off.

  13. bahahaha ryan g. cookies. Need! So funny. Love the tub thing. It wouldn't work for our doors, but good idea. Such sweet Disney dress prints too! At first I was like...but you have a boy. They should have prince ones (for the love of...I had to retype prince 300 times because I kept skipping a letter).

  14. I love that shelf thing- what a great idea! We always have water getting dumped out of the tub :) Love those Disney prints too!

  15. I LOVE those princess prints!!! Totally following her now and those may be getting ordered for someone's big girl room! We also totally need that shelf! Gotta check that out because I'm running out of towels catching all the water! haha!


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