[Five on Friday] Instagram Edition Part 3

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Friday!

Here's my totally random, five things I'm loving on Instagram this week...


I love everything about these special, easy little gifts.
Love the washi. Love the Starbucks. Love the cute saying.
How perfect are these little gifts for teachers or co-workers or just someone you want to say a little "Merry Christmas" to?


I'm currently LOVING Taylor Swift's newest CD and while I am playing it on repeat about 10 times a day (Seth is soooo happy!), I came across this ecard. I laughed for a good minute, took a screen shot, and laughed again about how true this really is.


Friend and fellow boy mom.
I'm LOVING this! I think I may like the Go Go Smart Wheels more than Mason because I TOTALLY want all of these and to build this master piece.


If you don't follow @mixandmatchmama on Instagram or read her foodie blog or family blog, you are missing out. I just LOVE this idea of a recipe exchange party and I just LOVE how gorgeous her house is!


I met April through the scarf exchange that we did a couple months ago and have been following her on Instagram ever since. She posts some of the cutest things and I absolutely love this idea as a fun craft with Mason. Simple, easy, festive. Right up my alley!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS if you didn't catch my post about the fun Christmas Desserts and Tacky Sweaters link up that I am co-hosting next week, click here to find out how to join in on the fun!


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  1. I kinda want to play with that toy myself ;).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that I follow 3 of your IG favorites already. Ill be checking out the others soon!

  3. I'm a fan of Taylor Swift too! Funny thing is noah and I listen to her previous album "red" every night when I rock him to sleep since he was born. If I put on another album he doesn't clue in that it's time for sleep! But I definitely like her new album during the day ;)

  4. That star bunting with popsicle sticks is adorable!!! Happy Friday!!

  5. I was just reading Shay's blog before coming over here ;) TGIF

  6. Haha, I totally hear you about the go-go vtech sets. I want to get more track and animals, probably more for me then Reese. :) Love that idea of the star garland, and mixandmatchmama's house looks crazy gorgeous. I'll have to check some of these out!

  7. Those gift cards are PERFECT! I may have to throw some together for this weekend! :) TSwift has got it going on lately...love her (secretly)!

  8. Fun!! Love the 'latte' Christmas cards, I need to find that printable..!! I have to admit I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan, but that is kinda funny. :) Those popsicle stick stars are adorable!!

  9. Oh I love mixmatchmama!!! Those Starbucks treats are too cute!

  10. Confession: This is the first time I've seen/heard of the Go Go cars… Which may be a good thing, because they look awesome. And, I'm not sure we have any more room for any more stuff. :)
    As for that popsicle star garland? What an adorable idea!!

  11. I'm loving your 5 pic. Those are so pretty!!

  12. number 3 yes. Do it! um shoot where was that star craft when I was throwing a star and moon party?! You are letting me down Liz. And I am jealous of that house, I want it.

  13. Love these IG finds! I always love finding new moms/friends to follow!

  14. Love all of these! And I've totally done the starbucks gift card thing a time or two for Mason's teachers! :)


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