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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So that family picture that I said that we took on Christmas, were you wondering why I didn't include it in yesterday's Christmas recap?

I didn't forget it. I purposely left it out because I wanted to share it today.

It's blurry.
And Mason isn't smiling.

But I don't care.

I wanted to take a family picture and Mason wasn't cooperating. He wanted down. He wanted to run. We took about 10 pictures before we got this one. And then this happened. Mason put his arms around Seth and I (you can't see his arm around me but you can see it around Seth's neck) and squeezed us in tight and our photographer snapped the perfect picture. This is Mason's new thing. A family hug. He pulls us in tight and has the BIGGEST smile on his face (usually) and then pushes us away. And then pulls us in tight and pushes us away. And it goes on for 5 or so times. It makes me so happy!

The picture might not look perfect but it is perfect to me and it is a perfect representation of our Christmas and our love for each other. I don't care that it's blurry and that Mason isn't smiling. I'm just so happy we were able to capture our "family hug" on Christmas.


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  1. Awe that is so sweet! Noah is into the hugs these days too! Frame this picture immediately! Noah didn't want to take pictures Christmas Eve and we bribed him that if we got a good one he could go play in the basement (which he had been asking to do before). It actually worked and I was shocked! I miss the newborn stage when you could take photos for hours ;)

  2. I can totally see that he's squeezing you both! I love when Mia puts her arms around our (or my) neck and pulls us close! Definitely the best! You totally need to frame this photo!!

  3. Sometimes the best pictures aren't 'perfect' by normal standards :) Love it.

  4. That's a great family picture! I think only one of our kids (out of three) was looking at the camera for our picture this Christmas but I think it still captured "us" pretty well. We do family hugs too and they are the best.
    Found you through the Little Things Link Up
    Cheers, Amber at OurCharmedLife.net

  5. The group hug! That is awesome. Aria does not like to share parents. If she's playing and I go curl up by Chris she comes over and yells no and pulls us apart. It is pretty funny how annoyed she is about the whole thing, but also like sorry you have to share.

  6. LOVE it!! What a sweet picture. One of the best feelings in the world is when they put those little arms around your neck and pull you in. What a sweet little boy. :)


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