[Christmas Fun] Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A couple months ago, Meghan emailed me about co-hosting a holiday blogger gift exchange with her. Being the holiday lover and gift giving lover that I am, I was totally onboard! We brainstormed a little, sent out some invites, and operation spoil our kids for Christmas commenced.

Mason and I were lucky enough to be spoiled by Laureen, Tyson, and Harper. I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty excited to see that our present was from them when it arrived on our doorstep!

Tyson and Mason are only a couple days apart in age so of course Tyson and Laureen had amazing taste in gifts and Mason LOVED them. The present arrived during the week and I saved it to open on the weekend when I knew Mason would have time to enjoy it and play with it.

Of course he IMMEDIATELY went for the goldfish.

He was obsessed. I had to open one and give him some to get him to move past the goldfish and move on to opening the presents.

After a wardrobe change and a snack, we were ready to open the gifts.

 (please note... the goldfish were always nearby!)

... and a Green Toys Helicopter. Mason was SO excited!

Laureen was SO SWEET and even included a little something for me. Even though we've never met, she picked the most perfect present for me. I absolutely love the note cards and pens (and the mint color!) and the EOS lip balm is my favorite flavor.

Thank you SO much Laureen, Tyson, and Harper! We LOVED our presents!

Mason and I were lucky enough to get to spoil Scarlett with some super fun presents. Head on over to Tawnya's blog to see what we got Scarlett for Christmas!


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  1. Haha!! Love the Goldfish! Santa's bringing some for Wyatt. ;) And I'll definitely be checking out that Goodnight Train book. If I order now it'll be here before Christmas! Thank you, Amazon! Ha!

  2. You two got some great gifts! How sweet of her to include you! We had so much fun... Thanks for co-hosting with me!!!

  3. Funnest exchange!! You and Mason both got some amazing stufff! That make your own train!! Mia would LOVE it! I definitely need to get one for her!

  4. Those are perfect gifts! Decorate your own train?! How fun is that. I couldn't agree more about the mint, it is a GREAT color.

  5. You certainly did get spoiled....how fun!!! I've never seen the train decorating kit...that may have to find its way under our tree!! Great job putting this together!

  6. What great gifts! I love that he went for the goldfish first. Food first! :) Love your gifts too- can never have enough pretty paper and pens!

  7. HOW FUN!!! she seriously killed it with the gifts. he looks so so happy!! this was so cute. thanks for hosting!!

  8. Wow, what a haul! She did a great job! Love the gifts!

  9. Sweet Mason. :) I had a feeling the snacks would be opened before anything else..!! :) So glad you guys liked everything, it was so fun sending things YOUR way!! Thank you for putting this together.

    P.S. I just got an email from Amazon that select 'Green Toys' (including that helicopter) are 50% off today..!! Such great products if anyone needs a last minute gift. :)

  10. ohhh how sweet!! That lip balm is my fav, too :)

  11. You are the gift- giving maven! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  12. How fun!!!! I would love to be a part of a blogger exchange! That looks like some fantastic gifts!!

  13. The paint your own train is awesome! And, naturally the goldfish needed to be super close. Just in case. Emergency snacks and all.

  14. The Goodnight Train is one of our most favorite books! Such wonderful gifts! That helicopter looks pretty fun too...Liam may need one from Santa!

  15. Woah - Mason made out like a bandit!! That paint your own train set is awesome! I've never seen that one. Keeping my eye open for it now, though.
    I'm swooning over your note cards. (I have a slight obsession with note cards.)

  16. So much fun! Love the pictures of Mason!!!


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