Weekending with my Mini Me

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This past weekend Seth had to work so it was just me and Mason. Usually I have big plans for us (you know, big plans to go to Target, Costco, and the grocery store) but this weekend, I didn't really have any. Of course we still did go to our favorite stores, but besides that, I didn't really have any plans since we were both recovering from having colds.

The weekend started off on Friday night when Seth went to dinner with some friends. He told me kinda last minute so I didn't really have a chance to prepare anything for dinner (who am I kidding... I don't make dinner) so I did what any mom would do... I got In n Out. Really it is pretty dangerous that we have an In n Out so close! We ate dinner, Mason stole half my fries, and we watched a movie and our Friday night ended with a little snuggle session, Mason in bed around 8pm, and me actually NOT falling asleep on the couch for once and being awake when Seth got home. #winning

Saturday morning I was able to sneak in a quick shower before Seth left and then it was just me and the little man. We were having breakfast and watching some Disney Junior when Mason decided that it was time to go outside. He came over, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the door. I explained to him that we couldn't go outside in pajamas so we changed real fast and at 8:15am we were on our way to the park.

By 9am, Mason decided he was over it so we headed home and to Target. By 10am, we were home, picked up a quick snack and some juice, and were on our way to the grocery store. By 11am, we were headed home and by 11:30am I was making us some lunch. We had a very eventful and productive Saturday morning.

Mason took a nap from about 1pm-4pm, I made banana bread, we played, I made dinner (for real! not take out) and Seth came home around 6pm. We ate dinner, hung out, Mason took a bath and was in bed at 8pm, and Seth and I watched TV until we both fell asleep on the couch at... 9pm.

On Sunday, Seth left the house crazy early so I was on my own all morning. I opted to sleep a little longer instead of take a shower and was able to sleep until 6:30am before I heard Mason starting to wake. We got up, had breakfast, watched Disney Junior, stayed in our pjs and played with trains.

When we decided we were over the trains, Mason decided that he wanted to play baseball.  I tried to explain that that was for Daddy to do with Mason, but he wanted to hear none of it and insisted that we go outside. So outside we went.

I was actually thoroughly impressed with his swing and his ability to hit the ball relatively accurately. I kept forgetting that he is a lefty and would stand right in front of him and actually got hit with a pretty great swing of his once. With a little practice, I think we may have ourselves a future Angel!

After batting practice, we headed to the park again and then had a laid back morning, some lunch, a nap for Mason, and then Daddy was home. We had Sunday family dinner out and then came home to put Mason to bed and have a relaxing evening.

While the weekend was nothing special, it was still wonderful! I love a relaxing weekend with no plans every once in a while!


  1. ok seriously is everything like 5min away?! Im blown away that you went to the park, target and the grocery store, with two stops home and mason still had a nap by 1pm!!! I must just be a slow shopper because wow!!! I don't want to hear anymore that you can't solo parent or handle staying home!!! ;) Anyway it sounds like you guys had a really fun weekend - love all that outside time! These lefty kids sure are confusing - I still put Callie's fork on the wrong side of he plate. also sleeping til 630 sounds like heaven to me too!!

  2. Seriously you guys got a lot done on a Saturday morning! I usually can either do errands of park, not both. Sometimes we think Noah is a lefty but other times he switches it up and uses his right. And not just with different activities. While eating cereal he will go back and forth with what hand he uses! So he either hasn't decided or is truly ambidextrous. Though I think he throws better with his left... I guess time will tell.
    Anyway... Sounds like a great weekend and you did amazing all by yourself!

  3. You did a lot, but it sounded like a great laid back weekend! I love all the time you spent outside. And so awesome that you did so much on Saturday while still having a normal nap time! I wish stores were that close to us :) And In N Out too- can't beat that!

  4. So much fun outside time! And so productive! #goals

  5. So much sunshine and playing outside. I love it and am SO jealous. Send us some sunshine please! Weekends like those are often my favorites. They are just so refreshing and relaxing.

  6. I love that Mason pulled you to go outside!! I'm impressed you guys got so many errands done in one day, and so fast..!! :) Tys is a lefty also, so I have to think about it sometimes when showing him how to do some sport stuff, etc. Great weekend, momma!! :)

  7. That is awesome that you can get to and from places so quickly! Sounds like a busy and fun weekend!

  8. I love that the weather has been so nice and playing outside has been a total necessity. Not too hot not too hotter (it doesn't really get cold). You guys still had a busy weekend... Even with no plans! And Friday night in n out date every weekend? you and me.

  9. You really did accomplish a lot that Saturday morning! Go momma!! Mia would LOVE one of those little tee ball sets. We need to get her on asap!

  10. Our nearest In n Out burger is about 30 minutes from us! Thank God! Haha! That’s awesome that Mason still takes good naps! Enjoy them, Mama! You will miss those naps one day. Believe me! Ha. Look at that little ballplayer! So adorable.

  11. Love how easy going he is!! Wyatt's in a new phase where he draaaaags is feet putting on clothes. Seriously. He wants to go out, just not in his clothes. Ha. And thank goodness for naps. What would we do without them?? AmIright?? Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  12. For having no plans you and Mason did a TON!
    In and Out is super close to us, too. And lately Marcus and I may or may not be going more often that we should to grab strawberry shakes.
    And, I'm jealous of the naps. We've been battling and skipping naps more than actually taking them these days. Oy.


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