Monday, April 13, 2015

Our weekend was busy yet laid back.

It was one of those weekends that you want to share yet you don't know what to say. So, I thought I would make one square to summarize our weekend.

Top row
1 // I finally got to see 'Linus' in action. Seth and I got to pick up Mason together from school this Friday. Seth almost always gets Mason on his own after work or leaves before I get home from work if he's off but this week we were going to meet Papa for dinner so we went together. Seth has been describing how Mason grabs his blanket from his cubby (to take it home over the weekend to wash it) and he holds it in his hand and drags it on the floor all the way down the hallway just like Linus. This was the first time I have ever witnessed it!
2 // April date night. More coming tomorrow!
3 // Our little helper. Such a big help pushing the cart in Costco.

Middle row
1 // #doingitwrong
2 // YUM!
3 // I LOVE Ikea ice cream!

Bottom row
1 // The bubble and laser show at BubbleFest.
2 and 3 // These two - Mason and Logan. I just LOVE to see them play together! Their friendship has really developed over the past couple years and it is so cute to see them together. Mason is about 9 months older than Logan and Logan is at the stage where he wants to do everything Mason does. It is the cutest thing to watch them play together.

Not pictured
1 // All the chips Mason ate at dinner with Papa on Friday night. And the margarita I had.
2 // Mason's haircut on Saturday morning followed by a neck x-ray (to check on his adenoids) as requested by the ENT for our follow up appointment in June.
3 // The fact that Mason was in a horrible mood after his nap on Saturday and then was in an EXCELLENT mood once Nanny came to watch him so Seth and I could go out.
4 // The 6 pictures frames that we went to Ikea to buy on Sunday. Believe it or not, we didn't just go for the ice cream.
5 // All the free samples Mason had at Costco. I swear that kid makes out every time we go there.
6 // The $115 we spent at Costco. Can anyone tell me how to get out of there for less than $100??? I swear, no matter how many things we have on our list, we always find more.
7 // The chocolate chip banana bread I made for breakfasts for the week.

Simple yet perfect.
Just what I like.


  1. Perfect weekend, yay for date night!

  2. Haha the Linus thing made me laugh! If the blanket didn't need washing before it definitely did after being dragged on the floor ;). Noah's the same way with my mom... Puts him in an automatic good mood!

  3. mmm banana bread. mmmm ice cream. Linus, cute!

  4. What a great weekend! Bubble and laser show?! WHOA!!! I can never leave a store with any decent amount of food for under $100... it is depressing.

    Happy Monday friend.

  5. What a GREAT weekend!! You guys go to Ikea a lot (as opposed to the two trips in my whole lifetime, ha ha!) I think I need to go just for the ice cream! Yum! Can't wait to hear more about your April date! Looks like the best time!

  6. Ooo, chocolate chip banana bread! That is one of my favorite things! Now I need to plan on making some :) I love the pictures of Mason eating ice cream :) And what is this bubble and laser show?! That sounds awesome! And I am completely with you on Costco. Whenever Scott and I would go together, we would spend over $100 every time, easy. Now I just go by myself since it's by my work and it's way easier to spend less :)

  7. Ha, we used to call Liam "Linus" for a bit too! When he was teething he would love chewing on frozen washcloths but would carry all of them all over the house!

  8. Costco samples are the best! Especially when some of them are rinks so that you can wash down all the salty ones in the nut aisle :)

  9. #doingitwrong- had my laugh for this morning! Full but laid back weekends are the best.

  10. We always spend so much at Costo! Looks like a fab weekend!

  11. Gimme allll the ikea ice cream. Your weekend looks perfect- and did I miss mason getting a hair cut?! Because I love it!

  12. Bubble Fest?! What?! I want to go to that immediately! Ha, ha! Sounds like an amazing weekend.

    When he had his ice cream, did you ask him if he would share with me yet? Tee hee! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  13. The fact that you figured out how to make it out without spending $300 or more means you're doing it WAY better than I am. Props.

  14. Great weekend..!! And how fun is it to go pick him up from school, together?! We've got to do that a few times and it just makes me so happy. I love how Mason is pulling his blanket, too cute!! Yes, will definitely need more info about bubble fest..?!?! How fun. And what are your plans for six picture frames..?! And you've got me hungry, again. :)

  15. Mason and those ice creams! So cute! The little helpers pushing the carts....such an exhausting task to just stand by and watch, isn't it? I love that Lily wants to help so much but the cart thing drives me insane!

  16. So bummed we couldn't make a date night with your date night! It would have been so much fun. We'll make it happen one of these weekends.
    Oh, that ice cream. Mommy for the win!

  17. Grandma's always make everyone happy! ;) Sounds like a fabulous weekend!


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