Five on Friday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hellooooo Friday!

I've been so tired on Thursday nights these past couple weeks that I haven't gotten my act together to post on Friday, but this week, I'm back! Here are my five favorite things from this week in no particular order.

New purse.

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Tawnya posted a video on her blog a couple weeks ago about her favorite spring items. One of her items with this gorgeous purse from Aldo. When I saw the purse, a couple things caught my eye : it looked big (and she said it was big enough for her stuff AND Scarlett's stuff) and it was cute. I've been looking for a new purse for forever. One that can be a cross body if needed (hello running after a toddler and not wanting your purse to fall off your shoulder) and one that is cute and can hold all of my stuff AND all of Mason's stuff (diapers, wipes, snacks, water, etc etc etc). I hoped that it wasn't just a special Canada item and I was in luck when I went to the US Aldo site and found it too. It came in various colors and when I went to my local store, they only had beige and this gorgeous brown. Brown is slightly outside my norm and my comfort zone (I usually go for black) but it was so gorgeous and so perfect, I went with it! I just started using it and I LOVE it!

Martha Stewart cookbooks.

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She may be an insider trader and a former jail inmate but the woman can bake! I've had these three cookbooks of hers - CookiesCupcakes, and Pies and Tarts since when I worked at Barnes and Noble and I've used them often. The Passover cookies that I made last week Saturday for our joint family Easter and Passover get together were from her Cookies book and they are a family favorite. If you love to bake and don't have her books, I highly recommend them!

Mason "reading".

I know it's kinda creepy to take pictures of your kid sleeping but Mason just does so much cute and funny stuff in his sleep/in his room that I can't help it. Here he is "reading". I say "reading" because how much reading can you do in your pitch black room? This was taken after Seth and I put him to bed, he got out of his bed, ran to his book shelf, pulled off a book, and ran back to his bed to sit down and read. I appreciate his love for reading and seriously, the kid must have night vision or something? So cute!


A couple weekends ago we took a trip over to an area by the airport to have lunch and go see the airplanes. We'd gone before but decided to try to get a little closer to maybe the airplanes would fly directly overhead instead of slightly to the side (where the trees kind of covered them). Turns out this spot was not a whole lot better than the other, but we still loved getting to see the airplanes fly by!

No-Reply Blog Commenter.

I've noticed some new friends around here (hi and welcome!) and I've been wanting to reply to your comments but I can't because your account is not linked to your email (I only reply by email so I'm sure you get my comments back)! Check out the super simple and easy tutorial that Beth posted a couple months ago and then we can connect :)

And with that...

Happy Fri-YAY!


  1. the no reply thing almost has me wanting to switch to disquis! but reply via email is way easier and then so are the on going convos - those don't happen as much via disquis - I find it too much work. Airplanes sounds so fun! Oh and the pictures of sleep --- all the time here like even last night! I love when they play with books and other stuff in the dark! so cute!

  2. That purse looks perfect! And adorable! And now I want cookies and pie and cupcakes. Damn you!

  3. The "no reply" bloggers drive me crazy! But hey, I was once there too! ;-)

  4. Thankfully I haven't run into any no reply commenters yet. Maybe that will happen when I get more comments ;). That bag is perfect and I love the brown! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the bag!!!! And the plane pictures, precious!!

  6. Tawnya inspired me to get a new purse too (I actually blogged about it today). I saw that one in green in Aldo but wanted something a little more pastely. The colour you chose is so pretty year-round!
    I think I'm no longer a no-reply blogger but being a new blogger, the whole comments situation really confuses me. Should I only reply to comments via email? Or on the bottom of my post? I never know! Haha
    Happy weekend!

  7. Loving the purse and I always love Martha's recipes and tutorials. Jailbird or not, she is amazing in my book. :)

  8. Gorgeous purse, girl! I love it!!
    Mason is so cute! Mia always asks for books when we are driving and it's dark outside.... okay kid! But I'm not turning on the lights in the car for ya, HA!
    So how about this, my comments just straight up don't go to anyone's inboxes anymore. And I have NO idea why?! And no idea how to fix it.... UGH!

  9. First off, I love your new purse!! A bag large enough to hold your stuff, plus all you need for Mason AND is super cute - what a find! :) How adorable that Mason has been "reading" in the dark! Sounds like a super power to me ;) lol. Very precious!! I wish your sweet family could come visit us... we live near an airport and planes fly direct over our house all the time. Such a fun idea to go get lunch at the airport and take your little man to watch planes. I'm sure he loved it! You guys are such great parents!! Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth! xo

  10. Yes, on the purse!! I actually almost went for the green one when I saw Tawyna post about it but held off..
    Mason reading in bed (in the dark) is the BEST!! That's so cute. He looks like he's getting so tall, standing looking at the planes. Also, love your hair down/wavy. :)
    How can you tell if someone is 'no-reply'?

  11. Love that bag! Please come link up with me

  12. I love that Mason went & grabbed a book to "read" when he was supposed to be going to sleep, I used to do that too. So, all the cool kids do it! Ha! :)

    Mandie ~

  13. Oh Mason reading in the dark! lol!! Totally something Abigail would do too.

    I loved that purse and was SO SO SO tempted to get the green bag Tawnya had but ultimately decided to spend my money more wisely somewhere else instead. *sad trombone*

    Oh no reply commenters. They make me sad! I personally hate disqus so I don't plan to ever make the switch.

  14. THe no reply blogger things drives me nuts on my end because I never know when it happens! Love the bag!

  15. I love that bag! And I have the Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook and it is my absolute favorite. I will have to check out the other two!

  16. That bag is GORGEOUS!! Love it! And how fun about the airplanes. Do you guys ever have local air shows where you live? There are a few in the summer around here and the kids love them! We're planning on taking Mac this year, since he's obsessed.

  17. That purse is awesome! I love my little cross-body bag, never thought of a large one. Wyatt is the same way; he'll run and get something then take it back to his bed. So cute! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Such a cute purse!!! I really need a new one that can hold mine and Jude's junk, and I love a good cross body! I totally love that you reply via email to blog comments! I've been using Disqus on my blog to reply, so hopefully people are getting notifications when I reply!

  19. Hooray for a purse! Brown is my fave purse color. Esp chocolate brown. I think everything is better when chocolate is in the name.
    I forgot everything else you said...I shall scroll.
    Reading in the dark ha. Well sure. You don't have a night light in there?
    I rarely use a Martha recipe because I find her too goody goody. Her food is snobby! I think maybe it is just me.

  20. Love that new purse- super cute! Going to watch the planes sounds like so much fun! I need to do that with Reese sometime. And that expression on his face :D Hope you had a great weekend!

  21. I seriously need those cookbooks. I'm always on the hunt for new things to bake, and I kind of feel like Pinterest is just a rotation of the same stuff. Plus, Martha? Can't go wrong with her goodies!
    The plane watching! So fun. We seriously need to do this with Marcus. I just know he would love it, too.

  22. Love the little nighttime reader :) It's just so cute when that happens. And love that new purse! I was never a crossbody purse fan until I had a toddler. Now it's mandatory. Hope you're having a great week, and GREAT to see you back linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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