Weekends are for Picnics, Concerts, and Swim Suits

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We started off the weekend with an impromptu picnic of free Jersey Mike's subs (thank you Angels game giveaways!) and a peach green tea lemonade (for me - I'm OBSESSED!). We went to our secret location by the airport and just hung out, ate dinner, and watched the planes come in for a landing. I told Seth that I wished this was our backyard so we could just watch the planes whenever we wanted. And while that would be awesome, I think I might get annoyed by all the noise, so we will have to stick with visiting every once in a while.

We ended the night with some ice cream.
Baskin Robbins "gold medal ribbon" to be exact. Mason's first.
He LOVED it.

Saturday we went to a make up swim lesson from last weekend, ran a couple errands, and then came home for Mason to nap and for Seth and I to get ready to go to the Rascal Flatts concert. Seth's mom was not only nice enough to gift us her tickets, but she ALSO babysat Mason for us.
Thank you, Nanny!

On our way to the concert venue, we might have seen this on the freeway...

Yes, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
Yes, I am five and took a picture.
AND was excited about seeing it. (My first time!)
(And was kind of annoyed this car photo bombed my photo).
For those of you who have never seen it before, it looks kinda like a weiner shaped motorhome.

We stopped at the outlet mall, I got a couple things for Mason, and then we went to the Lazy Dog Cafe for dinner.

I finally tried the sangria sampler.
And it was delicious!

black currant // white peach // pomegranate red

We got a delicious hummus appetizer.

pesto // roasted red pepper // regular

And an even more delicious mediterranean flat bread pizza.

Then we were off.
We arrived slightly late and missed the opener, Gloriana, but made it in time for Sheryl Crow and of course Rascal Flatts! (Sorry for the grainy, blurry iPhone photos. It was dark!)
Our seats were amazing and the show was awesome!

 I must admit though... we might have left slightly early. Only slightly! Rascal Flatts went on at 9:30pm... it was 10:45-10:50pm when we left. I knew it would be over soon (the main artist usually only plays about 1.5-2 hours) and there were TOOOOOONNNNNS of people there. The parking situation was terrible and... we have a 2 year old who likes to wake up early and we were at least an hour from our house (without traffic), so... we left right before 11pm and got home right at midnight (call me old, but I'd rather get (hopefully) 6 hours of sleep rather than see one last song!).
We said thank you and goodnight to Nanny and we were out.

....and then Mason woke up at 5:30am because he got his arm stuck in his pj shirt. Seth fixed it, turned on his sleep sheep, and we all got one more hour of sleep.

Sunday was time for swim again...

(also see the video I posted on Instagram! @lizbir)

...Gymboree, grocery shopping, naked (aka only in a diaper) Mickey watching/snack eating...

...and Sunday night family dinner at Nanny's.

Seth tried to teach Mason how to blow bubbles...
...and Mason just wanted to go down the slide.

The weekend went by way to fast and I'm already counting down until the next one!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I need to find a place by us where we can go and watch planes- I know Reese would enjoy it for sure. LOVE that mason jar sangria sampler - I'm going to save that restaurant for a future trip to CA :) The concert sounded like a ton of fun, and I love that you left a little early. Being parents changes things so much, right? I probably would've done the same thing :)

    Oh the weinermobile... I see those all the time in WI, haha!

  2. I bet you did enjoy that sangria sampler! It looks delicious! I would have flipped over the Oscar mobile too!! It just seems so magical!! Glad ya'll had a fun date night!

  3. What a fun weekend! Yummy food and drink! One time the Oscar mobile was at our grocery store! I got to see it up close and now have an embarrassing t-shirt :)

  4. You weekend looks like it was perfection!
    We are going to try to make it to Dockweiler in the next week or so to watch some airplanes take off over the beach. If it's a weekend (and you're free) you're welcome to join us!
    Which venue was Rascal Flatts playing? We occasionally go to the Hollywood Bowl and their parking situation is HORRENDOUS! It's so bad we've started staying in the hotels super close to the Bowl so we can just walk to and from the concerts. That traffic? No thank you!

  5. Omg a sangria and hummus sampler... Sounds amazing! And what a fun night! I went to a rascal flatts concert maybe 5 years ago and loved it! I'm getting old too... I can't stay out late (not like I ever liked to anyway lol).

  6. Sangria sampler? That is awesome! I just love when places have odd samplers. Whiskey and beer just don't do it for me. Ice cream, airplanes, a picnic, a pickle, the wiener mobile, dinner without a child, beating traffic, swim lessons, diaper couch potato-ing, and a family dinner. wow. how you pack it in!!! All the fun! I too would rather get to bed than catch one more song.

  7. What a fun weekend!! Um, I need that sangria sampler NOW!! Looks delicious. Mason looks like a 5-year old in that middle picture (laying on the couch watching Mickey)!! Also, where do you get/what kind are those bento box-like lunch containers?

  8. A picnic? Heck yeah! SO fun. I’ve never had Jersey Mikes, but I hear that it’s great. Do you guys have a Firehouse Subs there? That’s my most favorite place of all time!! Cute cute pictures. It looks like you guys had a really great time. I love family days/nights like that. We have seen the Weinermobile a few times over the years and it’s so random, but so funny and exciting. Ha. That Sangria sampler looks amazing. Especially the white peach – yum!

  9. Mia is sooooooo into airplanes and helicopters these days! I looove that you go watch them fly in and out every once in awhile, such a genius idea! What an AWESOME weekend!

  10. His face it looking for grown up these days! The food and drink pictures look amazing! And that sangria sampler is super cute! I love that you guys have that secret spot, how fun is that to have those memories and tradition. Epsically with the planes going over head. We live about a mile from an airport but it only has small personal planes so they aren't loud or going at crazy hours. When Myles hears one, he instantly stops and makes his "oh!" face and yells "planes"! It's fun to be able to see them throughout the day. What a fun weekend for you guys!


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