[Flashback Friday] Part 1 : The 80s

Friday, August 29, 2014

With my 30th birthday just around the corner (just 3weeks away!), I thought it would be fun to re-live my childhood in phases.

This week's focus :
The 80s

Look at all my hair! Now I know where Mason got it from :)

floppy discs

walkman / boom box

VHS / cassette tapes

MTV was launched

Music videos were invented

Michael Jackson , Madonna, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi


Indiana Jones

Top Gun

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Murder, She Wrote

Who's the Boss?

Family Matters, Roseanne, Full House

The Golden Girls, Baywatch, Hey Dude

Inspector Gadget, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

DuckTales, Muppet Babies


GameBoy, My Little Pony

Cabbage Patch Dolls

My Buddy and Kid Sister

The game : Mouse Trap

the perm and the mullet

 shoulder pads, jean jackets, leggings, legwarmers, headbands, lace gloves, beaded necklaces, plastic bracelets


And I'm sure there's LOTS more that I forgot on the list.
What are your favorite things from the 80s?


  1. The photo of you in the white dress holding a little flower? So sweet and looks so much like grown up you. Not that the other ones don't look like you but that photo looks like others i've seen you post - the head tilt, the smile, etc. A fun trip down memory lane and a fun way to lead up to your bday!

  2. Oh my gosh! These pictures are PRECIOUS!!!

  3. Love all the pictures!!!
    Oh gosh - the 80s. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!

  4. Your mom totally would have been a blogger if it existed back then! Stuffed animal growth picture before it was a thing. Legit.

  5. I remember the side pony tail and wanting to dress like Madonna as a kid! I too was born in 1984!

  6. I love that you have all those tiny baby pictures! They are so cute! I of course am a child of the 80s as well. I loved growing up with all those things. Can't wait to see the 90s next week!

  7. Yea for birthdays!! :) What sweet adorable pictures of you as a baby/kid. I think the punk-rocker clothes were my favorite from the 80s, I loved crimping my hair and dressing up!! :)

  8. I love all the old photos - gotta love clothes from the 80s :) I have a lot of similar looking pictures; it's fun to look back once in a while. Can't wait to see the next post in this series - yay for turning 30!! 30, flirty, and thriving ;)

  9. Not that I remember a whole lot being in the 80’s, it’s definitely one of my favorite genres!! The music, the hair, the clothes….TOO fun! ET is the first movie I ever remember watching. Cabbage Patch Dolls…they just don’t make them like the did in the 80’s anymore. They’re all cheap feeling now. It’s so sad! I never had Kid Sister…but I did have a Punky Brewster doll that I loved and adored. Adorable pictures!!

  10. I think that diaper is wearing you! Up top haha. These are such great pics for being older. I haven't looked in a while but I feel like all my old pics are in terrible shape. I don't remember anything from the 80s. I've got some sweet outfits in the pics though. Aria's lucky I don't have any of those =)


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