[It's the Little Things] First Fudgesicle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The other night we gave Mason his first popsicle - I know, I know, what horrible parents to JUST give our kid his FIRST popsicle but I was kinda paranoid that when he was younger that he would lick it once and leave it somewhere that I could never find and we would have a massive puddle of sticky mess. I figured he was old enough to actually eat the popsicle and not leave it somewhere and let's just say I was partly right haha.

He wasn't quite sure what to think at first.

It was COLD!

Then he thought it was pretty good!

And then he decided to wave it around and run around as he was eating it.

He kept running back and forth between the kitchen and the family room and we kept trying to get him to stay off the carpet. It kinda worked... until the popsicle was almost finished and he was waving it around and it got all over the cabinets and wall and my pants. 

Am I in trouble??

So we decided to help him finish it.

I love fudgesicles!

(there's also a cute little video of the crazy boy eating his fudgesicle and spinning in circles that I can't figure out how to get off my phone and upload here (iPhoto is not showing the videos to be able to pull from there) so if you want to see it - just head over to my Instagram to check it out! @lizbir)


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  1. My favorite part of feeding Lily popsicles is when they start to melt and I HAVE to "help" her eat it. ha! Looks like he had an amazing experience! How long did that sugar rush last? :)


  2. Basically I want a fudgesicle now! Aria has to sit in her high chair for such goodies. I can't imagine the mess if she was loose! Brave.

  3. Yummo!!! I so wish my child would eat chocolate so that I could introduce him to this greatness. But, he won’t touch anything that looks or smells like chocolate, or peanut butter. Wild, right? Such cute pictures of your little Mason!!!

  4. You are brave! We keep Noah contained in his high chair or make him eat chocolate/ice cream things on the deck. I'm terrified of the mess. I do let him eat those slow melt Popsicles inside but they are so mini I don't really worry too much. It looks like he enjoyed it though so that's all that matters :)

  5. What a cute little guy! Connor isn't a fan of Popsicles because they are too cold. He makes the most God awful faces when we try.

  6. Ha!! I think he likes it!! What a mess but so worth it. :) It's so fun to have 'new' experiences with your little guy and see the joy/excitement in them!!

  7. We just introduced fudgesicles a few weeks ago. HUGE hit! And, HUGE mess. We've taken to eating them outside on the patio -- near the kiddie pool. :)
    The video of Mason on IG was awesome. Marcus and I watched it *several* times. :)

  8. We introduced fudgesicles at the beginning of summer and callie is a huge fan! But she won't touch a popsicle (I say smart girl there's no chocolate there!). We try to just eat ours outside to keep them as a summer treat. If we do eat them inside we treat it like ice cream so it has to be on a blanket like picnic style and she totally sits still that way :) Ok back to Mason I love the photos of him where it's dripping on his shirt and he just looks so excited!!

  9. Look at that fudgey face! Oh gosh, too cute!!

  10. Dang he ate the whole thing! I loved that video of him, he definitely knew it was a pretty cool treat! He is so fun to watch :)


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