[2nd birthday] Interview with the Toddler.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

While July and Mason's birthday have both come and gone, I still wanted to post this.
Stealing this idea from Laureen (and adding a few of my own questions) and posting some questions and answers about Mason for his second birthday. I thought it would be a fun tradition to start on each of his birthdays and also nice to look back on years from now and see how his tastes have changed.

How much do you weigh?
28 lbs {40th percentile}

How tall are you?
34.5 inches {60th percentile}

What size clothes do you wear?
Tops : 18-24 months in shirts, but could definitely wear 2T shirts for the length
Bottoms : 18-24 months in shorts, but will definitely need 2T in pants for the fall/winter (length, not waist)
Shoes : Size 7 in Converse

What's your favorite color?
Blue. Or that's mommy's favorite color to dress you in. When asked "what do you want to wear today?", you usually grab whatever you can reach first and yank the hanger down.

What's your favorite toy?
Anything with wheels! You love your Green Toys Recycling TruckFisher Price Wheelies Loops n Swoops Amusement Park, and VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Garage. And all cars, trucks, planes, trains, etc that go with them.

What's your favorite stuffed animal?
Monk-Monk (your monkey).

What's your favorite thing to sleep with?
Nothing! You have tons of stuffed animals in your crib with you, but they always end up in the corner while you take up the rest of the space.

What's your favorite fruit? Vegetable?
Too hard to pick just one of each... you LOVE fruits and vegetables!
Fruits - blueberries, grapes, strawberries, banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, olives, tomatoes.
Vegetables - green beans (he picked ALL of them out of my dinner the other night!), broccoli, edamame, zucchini, all bell peppers.

What's your favorite breakfast food?
Eggies (eggs) topped with avocado.

What's your favorite dinner?
Chicken and broccoli pasta alfredo. You couldn't get the fork in your mouth fast enough!

What's your favorite snack?
GOLDFISH. Regular and pretzel. And veggie straws. And pretzels. And tortilla chips. And snap pea crisps.
You love snacks!

What's your favorite drink?
Milk, water, and lemonade/pink lemonade (half lemonade/half water).

What's your favorite animal?
Doggies (bow-bows)

What's your favorite book?
Dear ZooLittle Blue TruckBarnyard DancePlanesWhere Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

What's your favorite game?
Mason Destruct-o.

What's your favorite TV show?
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Little Einsteins. Chuggington. Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Wheel of Fortune.

What's your favorite movie?
Planes. Cars. Planes : Fire and Rescue. Frozen. Cars 2.

What's your favorite thing to do outside?
Playing with your water table. Playing soccer. Playing at the park. Just running around in circles. As long as it's outside, you are a happy camper.

What kind of extra curricular activities do you do?
Gymboree once a week and swim lessons once a week. Currently in the parent and me swim lessons.

Who is your best friend?
Your cousins - Emma, Addison, Kayla, Lilah. And your friend Logan.

What makes you happy?
Playing! Eating. And making a mess.

What makes you sad/mad?
When someone tries to wipe your nose (when you have a cold). When mommy and daddy tell you "no". When mommy tries to cut your nails (specifically toe nails).

What do you want to be when you grow up?
"A professional baseball player" - Daddy.


  1. such a fun sweet post to capture his favs at this age! I love the pile of stuffed animals in the corner of his bed! Callie sleeps with a ton but the only one she sleeps with is her bunny :) But heaven forbid I try to take some out to make more room for her!

  2. Cute! It will be even funnier when he starts to answer them with the most random comments ;).

  3. Awe! So Sweet! Crazy how they change in a year!

  4. Bows bows! Hello adorable!! I love this little questionare. It's so so fun!!

  5. Fabulous idea!!!! I have been randomly asking Lily questions to remember but I REALLY need to write them in a post....even though her birthday and MONTH has already passed us by as well. Thanks for the inspiration mama!

  6. What a fantastic tradition to start!! I'm sure you'll be so glad that you did this and will enjoy looking back at it in the years to come! Love all the adorable pics you included! :o)

  7. Great idea! I might be borrowing this for Reese's 2nd birthday :)

    Also love that his favorite game is destruct-o - I know what that's like!

  8. Love it!! It will be so fun to look back on these someday, and hear his OWN answers too as he gets older. :)

  9. ahh love it! Love toddler interviews. I asked Aria random questions this morning, and she gave me some grunts. =)

  10. I really love this idea. I think after 2 I am going to use something like this for his updates. I love all the favorites! Myles' favorite game is destruct-o too! So much fun for them.. but hey it keeps them happy right :) I love reading about how different they are, but how they are also similar too!

  11. This is such a cute idea! Our boys are so similar (except Marcus is not a good eater like Mason), from the books read, to Mickey Mouse, to being outside, to toe nail clipping! I bet they would get along great if we got them together. :)


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