[It's the Little Things] Date Night.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On Sunday night, Seth and I had a date night! And it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. We never go out without Mason these days so it was especially nice to have an adult dinner where we didn't have to pick a sippy cup up off the ground every two seconds or watch Mickey on the phone on replay.

We had gotten this gift card from Seth's mom for our anniversary (umm last year November! eekk!) that we hadn't used yet and the other night when Seth's mom was over, she asked about it. She asked if we used it and we said no and she suggested that we go Sunday night.

Hey, a babysitter offering to babysit without us asking? Yes please.

So we made reservations and we were off!

heirloom tomato salad appetizer // menu // southern fried quail appetizer
decor // strawberry vine cocktail // front view
(looks like a burnt mess but I swear it wasn't!) short ribs // Chilean sea bass // pecan pie

The only words needed to describe the night are :


Such a fun night! We ended by stopping by the mall to get Mason some sandals on our way home. I thought they had closed early since it was Sunday but there were TONS of cars in the parking lot so I thought maybe I was wrong. We walk in to the mall and everything was ... closed. Evidently I am old because I still can't figure out what all those people were doing at the mall when the stores were closed! Haha! Either way, we had an incredible time and are counting down until the babysitter volunteers to babysit again! :)
(thanks nanny!)



  1. Yay for date nights! Before kids we went out to dinner all the time. I took it for granted how easy it was. My mom is happy to babysit but I still don't want to be out every weekend away from Noah. So those random date nights are very special now!

  2. Date nights are so great! Gah, just to think of all the time we had as a couple before kids, it's kinda crazy to think about! I can count the number of times my hubby and I have been out since Reese was born, and it's kinda sad. Lack of babysitters is pretty much the main factor. We have a dinner out planned on Friday though and I am SO.EXCITED!

  3. Ah man that is awesome! So nice when you've got babysitters lining up begging to watch the kid! Sorta =) That was super though that she offered to watch him. I think Chris and I last had a date night in Feb, other than our sporadic movie dates after Aria goes to sleep. Those are nice but a real date night sounds really good too. I enjoy going out with Aria, but I would never use the word relaxing or savor to describe them.

  4. Love date nights! We always seem to end up at a mall or Target after dinner and usually buy something for the boys. Always on our minds!

  5. Yea for you guys!! Looks like an awesome (and fancy) dinner!! How fun. :)

  6. Woohoo for great date nights!!
    Haha - your with-child-dining experiences sound EXACTY like ours.

  7. Going out to eat toddler free is amazing. It makes you enjoy it even more! And you can actually talk to each other. That food looks amazing btw!


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