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Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh hey!  I'm Laura, the crunchy little mama that blogs over at tiny toes, little nose.  While I may not look like your standard hippie mom, don't be fooled.  We are all about cloth diapers, breastfeeding, baby led weaning, & attachment parenting!  I am Mama to the sweetest two year old boy you've ever laid eyes on, whom I just love talking about!

Five months ago, I wrote some of my initial thoughts on being a boy mom.  That post was all about the standard "boy" stuff...construction equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.  And while my little Liam is all boy and can't get enough cars in his life, today I wanted to touch on a very different aspect to being a boy's mom.

As Liam gets older, I find myself wanting to help him grow into himself.  Help him grow to be a kind, sweet, loving, confident man.  I want to teach him manners (he will be opening up doors for all the women in his life).  I want to teach him empathy, so he has a good heart.  I want to further his mind, so that he may be able to do great things for our world.  I have such high hopes for Liam, and I know that it is my job to assist him in accomplishing all that he wants to!

While my boy is definitely energetic & busy, his sweet demeanor is already shining through.  He is strong willed & stubborn (like his mama), but is also quite the sensitive soul.  Being a mother to a boy, is a big job.  One I take very seriously!  I want to absolutely rock this whole mom thing!

While I hope to be blessed with a little girl someday, I am love being a mom to such a silly little boy. I will be the first woman he ever loves, which is such an amazing feeling.  I am that lucky!  We have a bond & a love that is fierce, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  I look forward to many special moments to come, especially dropping him off at his first football practice! :-)

Thank you Elizabeth, for hosting such a wonderful series.  
I love hearing about all the other mother & son relationships!


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  1. What a sweet and different take on being a boy mom. All such valid and important points!

  2. Precious!! :) I too value the side of raising a boy to be sweet and thoughtful, which is absolutely do-able while they are still rough/tough and manly. Thanks for sharing!! :)


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