[DITL] A Day with Mom!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The date is Saturday, August 9, 2014. Mason is 2 years old. Seth is 32 years old. I am 29 years old. 
Warning : this post is long!

6:03am - I wake up and hear Mason. Roll over to see what time it is. 6:03am. On a Saturday. I need to teach this kid to sleep in on weekends! Seth gets up to take a shower since he has to work at the swap meet today (he works for the people who run the swap meet by selling tickets in the ticket booth). I go in and get Mason, change his diaper, and bring him downstairs. We get a cup of milk and sit down to watch some cartoons. Seth comes downstairs, I head upstairs to take a shower and get ready, and Seth makes Mason some eggs with avocado, me a breakfast burrito, and himself a bagel.

7:10am - I head downstairs and Seth leaves for work at the swap meet. I throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and I start to eat my breakfast and Mason runs to the chip/pretzel/snack drawer, grabs the new bag of Pirates Booty that I bought the day before, and runs over to me with it.

He signs "please" and I tell him no, that it is too early for Pirates Booty and he can have some later. He seems ok with this answer for now and throws the bag on the floor on top of the book and DVD mess he made earlier. I try to take a picture but get this instead :

I HATE when I get this message! And it's been happening more and more often. I turn on the computer, upload some photos, delete them from my phone, and I'm good to go again.....at least for a little while I hope. While I'm doing this, Mason gets into more trouble and rips a huge chunk out of the DVD cover off Despicable Me 2.

8:00am - I want to leave for Trader Joe's since they just opened and I figure it won't be too crowded...and then I realize Mason is still wearing his pjs. I take him upstairs and change him into his clothes for the day. We come back downstairs, I get my shoes on, throw on a scarf (more for fashion purposes but slightly pretending it will be fall soon), get his shoes on, pack a snack, grab the new DJ Shuffle CD that I bought Mason at Target last night and we're off.

8:25am - Arrive Trader Joe's. The best part of this Trader Joe's is that French's Bakery and Starbucks are right next door. What does this mean? We stop in French's to grab some cookies (they seriously have the BEST chocolate chip cookies!), Mason tries to run into the back room, and I jokingly ask if they are hiring haha. I pay for the cookies and then we head over to Starbucks to get me a peach green tea lemonade (#addicted). I let Mason walk and it is a challenge to keep him on course and not running down the sidewalk. We finally make it to Trader Joe's, I grab a cart, put Mason in, and my phone rings. It's Bubbie. I answer and we talk for a few minutes, all the while Mason is stealing drinks from my Starbucks since I was holding it in the hand I was using to push the cart with (don't ask how, I call it "mom magic" haha!). He wants to keep drinking it, but I distract him with buckling and unbuckling the seat belt in the cart and I'm able to finish shopping.

9:00am - We leave Trader Joe's and head back home. I try to find the helicopter toy that Mason threw in the back seat on the way there, but can't find it. But do find lots of other treasures that I didn't know were in the back of the car (aka that Mason threw under my seat). We arrive home and I unpack the groceries.

10:00am - I take the laundry out of the dryer and go to put the laundry from the washer into the dryer and notice that it is dry. It didn't click at first but then I took out another thing and it was slightly wet. Confused...confused...ohhhhh. Definitely added laundry detergent and then forgot to turn on the washer before we left for Trader Joe's. Awesome. #mombrain

I remember that I wanted to develop some pictures for Bubbie so I quickly pop on the Costco website, upload some pictures, and order them to be picked up when we go to Costco later. Thankfully it says they will be ready in an hour-ish. I open my Thred Up box that came the day before and am surprised with how good of quality the clothes are. I take a couple pictures for an upcoming post and then sit down to play with Mason. I bought him some new crayons at Target the day before so I wanted to see if they were easier for him to use.

He colors all over the table, which I am not too worried about. But then he colors on the WALL with PURPLE crayon and I freak out a little. I thank my lucky stars that I bought washable crayons and get a wet paper towel and the crayon comes right off both surfaces.

I take Mason upstairs to change his diaper so we can go to Costco. He knows the routine. I sit him down, he grabs his book, and leans back. He's quick and if you're not, sometimes he's too far back and almost hits his head on the crib. Luckily my reflexes are good today and I catch his head before he hits it. He "reads" and I change his diaper.

11:00am - We head out to Costco and enjoy eating our way through the store.

We get in line to check out, I put all the stuff on the conveyor belt, including the divider for the next person and Mason grabs the divider and whips it around real quick. I reach over the conveyor belt (since he's in the cart on the other side) and try to grab it out of his hand, explaining that we have to leave that on the belt as a divider for the next person and he whips his arm around to drop it in the cart. I tell him no again and ask him for it and he gives it back. I apologize to the person behind us but he just laughs and says he loves that about kids. Pretty sure he is laughing at me but I'm just happy he's not annoyed.

12:00pm - We arrive back home. I grab a couple things, my purse, and Mason and come inside. I turn on an episode of Mickey so Mason is distracted while I run back to the car to get the final things. I hope that he doesn't notice that I'm gone and have a meltdown before I get back. So thankful that when I got back, he is in the exact same spot that I left him. I doubt he even knows I was gone. Mickey is THAT interesting. I put away the perishables and make him some lunch to eat as a picnic on the carpet. He's having chicken, olives, Pirates Booty, grapes, and red bell peppers. I make my lunch (leftover Jersey Mike's sandwich and chips) and come sit down next to him.

12:55pm - Mason and I go upstairs and I put Mason down for his nap. I stay upstairs for a few minutes putting away laundry that I did earlier, re-filling things in the bathroom from what I bought at Target the night before, getting Seth's laundry so I can start that. Come downstairs, start the laundry, do some dishes and start the dishwasher, clean up the gigantic mess that Mason made earlier in the day, and put away the rest of the stuff from Costco.

1:43pm - FINALLY get to sit down, start this post, and do some other stuff on the computer (read blogs, check emails, etc.)

2:45pm - Mason starts making noise and I check on the monitor and sure enough, he's awake. I'm sure he hasn't slept long enough so I leave him to see if he will fall back asleep.

3:15pm - Looks like he's not falling back asleep, so I go in and get him. He's in a surprisingly good mood which I am happy about. I realize that I should probably start packing for our mini staycation that night and realize that I only have 45 min to do so.

4:00pm - We leave for Mason's hair cut appointment. I know the 261 toll road will connect to the 241 toll road so I head that way... and then realize that this was completely stupid and out of the way and I should have just taken the freeway to the 133 toll road. Oh well. Live and learn.

4:35pm - We arrive at the hair cut place just in time for our 4:40pm appointment. We head inside and I realize that Cristal is JUST starting her 4:20pm appointment person and hope that she is not running too late.

4:43pm - Cristal calls Mason back. I'm surprised but happy it didn't take too long. I tell her that we want his hair cut to a "2" (or by a "2"? I don't know boy hair cut lingo (still)). She asks if I'm sure because I kinda freaked out last time (it was soooooo short!) but I say yes because we went a whole 5ish weeks between hair cuts and his hair looked good as it grew out. She asks where Seth was...if he didn't come since she's a Dodger fan and the Dodgers kicked the Angels butts for 3 out of the 4 games they just played against each other. I laugh and say no, he is at work.

5:05pm - We're done with Mason's hair cut and I text Seth to tell him we're on our way to meet him and Bubbie for dinner. He says he's leaving the swap meet as well.

5:30pm - We arrive to the restaurant - Zov's. I text Seth and tell him that we're there and ask for an ETA. No response so I assume he's still driving. I walk Mason around the shopping center...and around the shopping center... and around the shopping center. It's been 20 minutes and I'm wondering where Seth is. I call him and he's just down the street getting Bubbie. I assume he will be there shortly and walk around the shopping center one more time. A lady in a restaurant (with the window open) sees me walk by again and I hear her comment to her husband that I must be trying to tire my kid out. Not exactly, more trying to keep him occupied, but hoping it tires him out too so he will sit still in the chair at dinner.

6:00pm - Seth and Bubbie show up and we eat dinner.

7:05pm - We're done and Seth takes Bubbie home while Mason and I go to meet Auntie Erin, Emma, and Addison for our mini staycation at the Paradise Pier Hotel (at Disneyland) with them where they are already staying for a staycation.

7:30pm - We arrive at the hotel, I text Erin, and we meet them in the lobby. They have this really cool room that has little mini aderondeck chairs set up in front of a tv screen where they have a Disney movie playing. I think it's a cool idea but Mason won't still long enough for me to take a picture. He keeps standing right in front of the tv and blocking the view for the other kids, so I suggest that we head up to the room.

8:00pm - We get up to the room and set our stuff down. Emma insists that we head down to the lobby and see "Goofy" and check out the gift shop. We start to head down and notice that they are playing a movie on a big screen outside so we go check that out instead. The sweet workers get us all chairs and Erin gets some towels as blankets since it's a little windy and chilly. Again, Mason won't sit still and is more interested in getting up in everyone else's business. I try to have a serious talk with him but clearly that doesn't go well since he's two. I give it a few minutes and then suggest we check out the gift shop instead. We head down and check out the over priced candy bars for $2 and all the Mickey stuff.

9:00pm - We're back upstairs and decide that it's probably time to head to bed...which means bed for all of us since we're all in the same room. I'm excited because I think I might actually get a full nights sleep but Mason has other plans. Right when I put him in the pack n play, he cries his little eyes out. BAWLS his eyes out. Even though it's pitch black, I can see him sticking his arms out for me. Break. My. Heart. I almost started crying myself. I tried to comfort him as best as I could without picking him up because I knew that would just make it ten times harder to put him back. I lay on the floor and try to get him to lay down too and eventually (after what seems like a heartbreaking forever) he does. I think I'm in the clear and try to get up and he starts crying again. I lay back down. I contemplate sleeping on the floor but am slightly grossed out by it, so I just wait a few more minutes. I get up and get in bed.

??:00pm - Mason is crying again. I feel horrible since he probably just woke everyone up. I console him again. He's ok. Then crying. Then ok. Then crying. Then ok. I have no idea what's going on because this is so not like him. I get back in bed.

??:00pm (or am?) - He cries out again but I am able to "shush" from the bed and he's ok.

??:00pm (or am) - All asleep!

While we both missed daddy terribly, I have to admit, I love days like this with my boy all to myself!


  1. You are always on the go!! I love it!
    Mia will not sleep in for the life of her! How do we teach them this stuff?! Oh well, at least she goes to bed 7-7:30 each night!
    I seriously need a Trader Joe's in my life... and that bakery! Those cookies sound so good right now (at 7AM, HA!)

  2. What a full day! Can't wait to see your Thred Up loot!

  3. Very busy Saturday! I was planning on documenting today for a DITL post next week, but Noah got sick :(. Not too fun taking pictures of us just laying around napping all day!

  4. Fun day!! I can't wait til we have a Trader Joes...!! :) I totally agree, days like that without dad can be exhausting, but it's fun to just be with your buddy too.

  5. Your day was filled to the brim with stuff to do. Busy days seem to be the norm when you have kids though. I know my 3 sure keep me on my toes.

  6. I just love these posts! Cookies, coffee, & trader joe's makes for a perfect day! Also, can't wait to hear your thoughts on thred up...I've only heard good things!

  7. man o man. you guys had a BUSY DAY and a busy night. now. tell me more about thread up!

  8. I want a cookie.

    What do you like from Trader Joe's? We've got a visit on the agenda sometime in the fall, because I hear they have fun fall goodies. So share your faves please!

    You guys pack it in! I call two places in a day a success and full day. I'm coming to the realization that we are very slow people.

  9. I don't think we have a French's Bakery near us, which is clearly a travesty.
    You and Mason certainly keep busy, which is the only way to go with a toddler.
    And, I can't wait to hear more about your Thread Up box and staycation!!

  10. I want a cookie with sprinkles on it - yummy! I am so impressed that you went to 2 grocery stores on a saturday am! Also that you can get in and out of your costco that quickly. In Co the line to check out was at least 20mins easy! Sounds like a fun even though busy day (but arent they all busy with toddlers?)!


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