Friday Five

Friday, September 11, 2015

It's crazy that Friday is here already, but I guess a week will fly by when you have an extra day on the weekend! (Not that I'm complaining). We have a pretty low key weekend planned so far besides a Saturday night trip to the baseball stadium (go Angels!) and I'm more than ready for it to be here!

But before we get to that, here's my weekly five...

Land of Nod USA puzzle.

My friend posted a picture of her son playing with this My Puzzle Tis of Thee at the Land of Nod store this past weekend and I thought it was SO CUTE. Not only is it cute but it would also be so educational as well! Unfortunately for me, when I found it on the website, I found that it was a little (a LOT) out of my price range, so unfortunately for Mason, he will not be getting one, but still, I do love it!

Erin Condren for Staples.

I recently got an email from Erin Condren with the news that her products are being sold in select Staples stores nationwide. I quickly checked her website and saw that they were in a Staples near my work so I stopped by on my way home one day. Sorry for the bad pictures, I was trying to snap some pictures real fast without being caught :) It looked like the section had been quite picked over, but I was able to find the new planners in the horizontal layout and I have to say, it makes me SO excited for the one I'm going to get for my birthday (woohoo!).
If you click here, you can find out if her products are being carried in your local store!

Mindy Mae Market's Sweatshirts.

tan // rusted // navy // black

It's NOWHERE near sweatshirt weather but I'm currently LOVING these sweatshirts! At $49.99, they're a little more than I'd like to spend on a sweatshirt though (but now that I can wear sweatshirts to work, maybe it's worth it?) so I'm totally just crushing on them instead of buying them (and hoping for a sale)!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Apparently the other day it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas' birthday and US Weekly posted this on Instagram. Anyone else watch Home Improvement??? I totally had the biggest crush on JTT and I can't believe he just turned 34! Makes me feel old...

Halloween Oreos.

When I unexpectedly had a four day weekend last weekend, I made a little solo trip to Target on Friday. I had a few things on the list, but really just intended on getting a Starbucks and walking around and checking things out. While I was kind of disappointed that they didn't have more Halloween stuff out, I was able to find these babies. While I KNOW they are just like regular Oreos, only with orange filling, I still seem to be addicted to them and had to talk myself out of getting them - not until October at least! For those of you who know me, or have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know this is huge for me! (Sad... but huge! lol)

And that's that!

Hope you all had a great short week and have an even better weekend!


  1. That puzzle does look cool and educational. Too bad it isn't a little cheaper! And I too was disappointed target didn't have more fall/Halloween decor out yet!

  2. Cute sweaters! And i LOVE Erin Condren planners, but the shipping to Canada is absolutely outrageous! There is no way I would spend $80 PLUS exchange on a planner. Maybe next time i'm in the US I can find a staples store that has them!

  3. Those sweatshirts!!! And JTT used to practice soccer by me. The girls (including me) went cray cray ;)!

  4. Land of Nod has the cutest stuff, but their prices always kill me.

    Those sweatshirts!!! Splurge!! Sweatshirts lasts forever (like jeans), and if they're of good quality will last a long time.

    JTT - Home Improvement - yes!! I crushed on him so bad! And remember when he was the voice of Simba in The Lion King? Talk about feeling old!

  5. I love all the animal print EC is offering! I'll have to check it out! Home Improvement used to be my favorite show. It's hard to believe JTT is 34. That makes me almost 33. Ahh! :)

  6. Love the puzzle and the oreos!!! The sweaters are perfect for this fall too :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. I am crushing on those sweatshirts too! If I could, I would buy them in every color :)

  8. I remember Home Improvement, We always watched it and I still love Tim Allen and I watch his show Last Man Standing. Funny, just like he is. I can't believe how much puzzles can be. I can't get many for school because they go way over our budget. Great pick!

  9. Bummed our local Staples isnt carrying EC! Didnt everyone have a crush on JTT?! Lol Home Improvement is still awesome, occassionally I catch reruns on Hallmark (that makes me feel old!)

  10. Oh, I love that puzzle! The sweatshirts are too cute, and I'm hoping to grab one of the EC planners, too.

  11. I definitely need to start investing in more cookies for our house, and by that, I mean for me. Those cookies just make me start salivating! And that puzzle is so cute. But I'm like you, not a big spender. I just bought Wyatt and ABC chart from the local teacher store and I'm so excited about it! Ha

  12. OMG JTT is 34?! I feel so old! And I'm definitely going to need some Halloween Oreos. Yum! ~ Meredith ~

  13. JTT! Haha, that brings back so many grade school memories :) Home Improvement is my all time favorite show, so I hear you! That is a really cool puzzle, but I agree, a little too spendy. I love all the different kinds of Oreos they have now, and everytime I see them at the store, I think of you!

  14. Halloween Oreos!!!!!! Omg! And I used to love jt, haha!

  15. Were the planners any cheaper in the store since they obviously aren't personalized?

  16. How much were the EC planners in store..?
    Oh, those sweatshirts have been a 'crush' of mine for a long time, just can't do it though ($$).. I mean, after all, it is still just a hoodie. A really really cute one. :)

  17. Cute name - my puzzle tis of thee! Way too much money though. It's a dang puzzle people geesh.
    I wish the EC planner had enough room for me. I'd take an in between. The dailies have more than enough room. The weeklies don't have enough. How about a three-dayly!
    That sweater in Navy is calling my name! Cute. I'd never wear it though. I have one cardigan that I wear when it gets cold. That's it. sigh. Well I do have more =) They are just in storage. and by storage I mean never unpacked from moving to FL from CO. I think I may actually have more cold weather clothing than warm still.
    JTT was my fave! My first celebrity crush! I had special premission to stay up past my bedtime so I could watch Home Improvement! Best show ever. And I don't feel old looking at him, baby face! Now Justin Timberlake on the other hand...he makes me feel old.
    I eyeballed those same oreos! Must wait for October. Must wait for October!

  18. That is pricey for a puzzle! Holy moly. I am going to have to find a staples and check those out. I've always been curious about EC planners...but I like to touch and feel mine and see in person before I choose. She has such cute designs!! And I never got into JTT. Not sure why. But the New Kids on the Block? Totally! haha. And I found brownie batter oreos the other day. I may have ate my feelings in them yesterday! ha


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