The Guys Behind the Blog // September Edition.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A couple months ago, I found out through Crystal that Betsy from Heavens to Betsy has this super cool series called The Guys Behind the Blog. Unfortunately it was a little too late to join for March but I joined in April and have been ever since! While I do talk about Seth often, I don't really know if you all know him very well. Enter : this series. Every month Betsy has different prompts that the guys behind the blog answer.

Here are September's questions.

1 // What's the silliest thing you and your significant other have needed to compromise on?
Silliest compromise for our family... that I do all the cooking. Because I'd like us to be able to eat edible food. And that you do all the laundry because you'd like all your clothes to be done right the first time, not be left in the washing machine over night, and not dried when they should have been hung dry.

2 // If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 must haves would you bring with you?
Seth : Laughing.
Me : Why are you laughing?
Seth : More laughing. It's one of those questions...
Me : "I'd bring 3 beers."
Seth : Laughs. No really. I'd bring a machete, a lighter, and a satellite phone to call for someone to come get me.

3 // Talents aside, what is your dream job?
That's easy. An outfielder for the Angels.

4 // What are three things on your bucket list?
Go see a baseball game in every stadium.
Travel. Go to Spain. Go to Italy. Go to Australia.
Take professional cooking lessons.

5 // What kind of date is your favorite to go on with your significant other? (Romantic, fun, spontaneous, etc.)
Fun dates for sure! I like fun dates that we get to spend time together.

And there you have it! Thanks for playing along again Seth!


  1. I love your compromising is based on eating edible food and needing laundry done right. A great marriage consist of knowing what you're good at :). I'm posting chris' answers next week and our compromise is such a #firstworldproblem!

  2. The first one... made me laugh! I think James would say something similar. If his clothes sit in the dryer too long and wrinkles set in, he re-washes them. HELLLLOOOO! That's what an iron is for!

  3. You and I really are soul mates. Mike does the cooking because me? I kinda sorta suck.

  4. "I'd bring 3 beers"... c'mon Seth, how about 3 6-packs ;) Baha ha! The other two could be a cooler and a phone.

    These questions were a lot of fun. I am planning to interrogate my guy over the weekend.

  5. Whats with guys and machetes?! Lol You guys have a great cooking/laundry situation going on!

  6. gah! DOING THIS next month for reals this time haha. I love it!

  7. His answer is hilarious for being stranded on an island. I think of all of the answers his is the most genius, bring a satellite phone to call someone to get me.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  8. Haha, our guys answers are very similar! Love this!!

  9. Oh, I missed this month (plus the last few), ha!!
    Seth is cool (it seems), and he cooks, definitely keep him around. :)

  10. Your compromise is an awesome one!
    Before I even read the dream job I had a feeling the Angels would be involved.

  11. So in other words he would want to get off the island as fast as possible haha! Love it! Thanks for joining us!

  12. aaaah I completely forgot about this! I think I'll just do it late. Oops! I love that he wishes to be an outfielder for the Angels! That would be so cool and he's definitely be able to visit every stadium that way!


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