C U R R E N T L Y // September

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy September! I seriously can't believe that it's September already... I swear this year is flying by! Here are a few tidbits of what I've been up to recently...

C U R R E N T L Y ::

Buying // Fro Yo! Seriously. It's not good. I have an addiction to this salted caramel frozen yogurt. If you have a Yogurtland near you - run, don't walk - and let me know if you love it just as much as I do!

Doing // a DIY project. It's something I've been wanting to do forever, it's almost done and I'm so excited to share more! (ps I guess I should add... Seth is doing most of it, clearly I'm just supervising and drinking wine LOL)

Dreaming about // Fall. I'm not usually one who skips ahead so far, especially to October for the next holiday, and especially because my birthday is right in the middle of summer and fall, but Seth and I went to Home Goods the other day and all the Halloween decorations had me SO EXCITED! Please Fall, please bring cooler temperatures! I'm missing my scarves!

Drinking // Homemade Passion Tea Lemonades. It's seriously so easy to make! I just bought the Tazo iced tea tea bags in the passion tea flavor, brewed the tea in my iced tea maker, made some Country Time lemonade (in a separate pitcher), and then did about half tea and half lemonade and voila! You could definitely add more tea for a less sweet flavor or more lemonade for a more sweet flavor. So good and so much cheaper than Starbucks!

Eating // Pizzas on the grill. SO GOOD. I'm obsessed! And clearly so is Mason. He helped big time the last time we made them and he was SO PROUD!

Excited about // My birthday! It's officially birthday month and the countdown is on. Guess 31 is not old enough to start dreading your birthday :)

Hating // That I've been falling asleep on the couch before 10 pm every night. But what I really mean is "if I'm lucky I make it to 10pm". Seriously, my friend texted me at 9:35pm the other night and what was I doing? Totally sleeping on the couch. I'm so exciting!

Listening To // Nothing really in particular right now. Mainly just the local country radio station, but I'm kinda loving Carrie Underwood's new single "Smoke Break".

Loving // Little man in his big backpack! I don't know why, but seriously this is the cutest thing ever to me! He usually refuses to wear it and while I was out one day, he put on his backpack and Seth snapped a picture. All the heart eye emojis!

Making // S'mores cookies. Every since Whitney mentioned these cookies back in July, I've been wanting to try them. I finally did a couple weeks ago and let me tell you - they are SO GOOD.

Needing // A car wash -- on the outside AND inside! My car is ridiculously dirty on the outside and covered in veggie straws and Cheerios on the inside. It needs a good cleaning - bad!

Planning // For Christmas. I said this last time, but seriously, I am! And I'm so proud! I'm slightly afraid that this will make me spend more money than I normally do because I will forget that I have all these goodies saved up and hidden in my closet, but I'm actually impressed that I'm doing what I say I always want to do and shop early. In fact, I bought a few more things this past weekend!

Reading // Blogs. Per the usual.

Wanting // To sign Mason up for baseball. I mean look at him? How stinkin' cute would it be for him to play baseball/tee ball? And the awesome thing is... he's actually super good at hitting the ball!

Watching // NCIS Season 12. And baseball baseball baseball! We cancelled cable half way through this last season of NCIS and so we had only seen half. Even though we still have basic cable since our HOA pays for that, we would always forget when it was on or would miss it and not want to watch online so now that it's on Netflix, we've been watching an episode or two (or three!) a night. The best part? No commercials AND no "waiting until next week"!
Oh and Bachelor in Paradise - sometimes - when I can handle it. The drama! Oh the drama. Sometimes it's too much and I just have to change the channel. But I watched last night and after that preview, I'm totally in for next week too!

Wearing // Flip flops, short sleeves, and shorts. And I never wear shorts. But it's been S.O. H.O.T. (I believe Desiree said it best last week when she said someone turned the outside temperature on to hell) that I've thrown out my rule of never showing my Casper white legs in public and I've been wearing shorts on the weekends. Like I mentioned earlier, dreaming of Fall!

Wishing // That I had bought tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. Wayyyyy back in like December (?) when the tickets went on sale, I wasn't too into Taylor. But then one of my employees at the bookstore introduced me to her 1989 CD and I fell in love. My sister in law and niece went to the concert last week and I was watching some videos and looking at pictures from the concert they went to the other night and was SO jealous! Next time Taylor comes, I'm going!

Wondering // How Moms can carry so much. This is me, Monday morning. It might not look like a lot, but let me tell you, it was heavy! I'm carrying my purse, my lunch, a bag with Mason's ABA binder and sheets for school, and my coffee. Not pictured : Mason, who I picked up and carried to the car right after I took this picture. And his milk cup that he, of course, made me carry as well.

And there you have it. That's what I've been up to! What have you been up to lately?


  1. So I'm not the only one who wished I bought Taylor swift tickets! Funny thing is I've liked her from the very beginning. I saw her in concert when she opened for faith hill and Tim McGraw and had that Tim McGraw song! I then also dragged Chris to see her again the summer of 2009 for her Fearless tour! So basically I saw her when she was only popular with teenage girls and was actually still country ;)

    And I hear you on the car wash! We cleaned out the car a few months ago and it already needs to be done again! I think once you have a kid it's just hard to keep clean. I feel like I need to keep a few things in there just to keep noah occupied and happy and then I just accumulate a lot of garbage!

  2. I'm right there with you on bedtime. I've been asleep by 9 most nights this week.
    Yes - hell - the heat. I'm over it. Thank goodness for the "cool down" we've finally gotten (yesterday was only *85°*).
    Woohoo for the birthday month (it's mine, too)!!
    And that FroYo!! Guess who's headed to Yogurtland ASAP?!

  3. Amen on the caramel frozen yogurt! DELISH! Now I want some for breakfast... ha ha!
    Ugh, I'm dreaming of Fall, too! I hear it doesn't really exist in AZ though :(
    Still need to try your grilled pizza! Sounds freakin' amazing!
    I'm totally working on Christmas as well! Trying to get as much done before baby comes!
    I love that you watch NCIS!! We love it!! We started from the beginning again when it came on streaming, ha ha! It's been fun to start from the beginning!

  4. I totally feel you on that last picture! Especially when Reese says "Carry me!". Who needs weight lifting when you have to carry a kid plus all your/their stuff? Yay for early Christmas shopping! That's my goal every year, but this year I'm going to really try and get some done before November. And that pizza and tea is making me very hungry right now...

  5. Where to start, so many yesses lol... Homemade tea is the way to go! I do their chai bags and it is just as good! I went to Michael's yesterday and couldnt even go through the Halloween aisles, gotta pace myself lol. I borrowed Katie Lee's Endless Summer cookbook from the library and she has a S'mores brownie recipe Im trying next ;) Every year I vow to Xmas shop early and it hasnt happened yet, I admire your follow through. And bring on that Fall weather already!!! Last thing, 1989 pretty much blew me away and if you ask Kinsey, Shake it Off is the best song ever. Ok, done now!

  6. OH man, I'm seeing all my friends post on FB about the TSwift concert and it made me want to go too! Love this post. Yes to homemade pizza, we did that for dinner last week, so yummy. But we did ours in the oven. How do you do your grill pizza?

  7. I'm loving all your "currently". All my DIY are usually executed by Conor too!

  8. So I'm not into Taylor as much as I once was... maybe I need to check out her latest CD because she lost me when she released "Red".
    I am going to make that tea since I'm taking a "medically induced" break from Starbucks.

  9. Are you making a gallery wall? That painting situation you have going on there looks very familiar! Funnily enough, my post tomorrow is all about our gallery wall!!

  10. So excited for fall!!!! Those salted caramel things remind of werther originals. and yes I'm all about fro yo.

    Love smore cookies :) And I remember when my car was nice and clean, then I had a kid :/

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  11. Girlfriend, I'm always falling asleep on the couch at random hours! No shame in my game! Also, I'm totally on the fro-yo bandwagon. Fo sho!

  12. I am so excited for fall! Eeek! I cannot wait until it cools down here & I can put my Halloween decorations up. :)

  13. Love how you DIY!! :) YES, cozy cozy Fall, can't wait. Also, I think Mason is one of the most photogenic little boys I know!! I think I need to copy and do a post like this someday.. ;)

  14. So much fun! I want some Smore cookies, like right now. Fall can not come soon enough, salted caramel anything is the way to my heart, we eat pizza almost once a week and I can not wait to see your project that your working on! So much to love in this post :).

  15. I can’t wait to see that DIY! And I am loving all of the Halloween/Fall stuff out at the stores! Love the picture of Seth & Mason and the pizza. That looks delicious, btw. What day is your birthday on? So exciting! I’ve never heard that Carrie Underwood song. I love it. And big backpacks that swallow kiddos is the cutest! And I've got to try those cookies!!

  16. Cool pics :) So much fun to read!! Thank you!!


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