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Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's been a while since I did my last Instagram photo dump finds from some of my favorite IGers that I thought I would share some more today. As I've mentioned before, Instagram is BY FAR my favorite form of social media. I check it most often and post most of my pictures there. Facebook is a distant second and I recently started trying to use Twitter more... and was just confused. So, needless to say, I haven't been posting much on there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does IG seem more like pictures and Twitter seem more like words? And I guess Facebook is more in the middle? I much prefer pictures to words, so it's no wonder I like IG more!

Oh and to be helpful, I linked the IG account names to IG this time :)

@houseofrose // Love the custom bunk bed. Love the sports theme. Love it all!
@busytoddler // Such a clever idea to put down some painters tape and make a race track. This would be a big hit in my house!
@shopjumpingjack // SO. TRUE. And so me! Ha!
@everydaypartymagazine // A little hard to see and I think it might have gotten cut off, but I love the school theme to this. There are cards all over that say things like "Pp is for pencils" and "Ee is for erasers".
@carrieunderwood // Overnight oats with oatmeal, almond milk, almond slices, chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice, and blueberries. Sounds good!
@magnoliamarket // LOVE everything Chip and Joanna do and especially love this galvanized bucket with craft supplies and the Mason jar with crayons!
@petitepartystudio // This. WALL. Swoon.
@oreo // I recently started following Oreo and with my love of their cookies, I'm not sure why I didn't start sooner. I mean, these cupcakes?!
@henandco // Such a cute idea for a snack for kiddos. Healthy and fun = win win!

@thewholesky // Seriously love Andrea's feed. She takes the most gorgeous photos and makes me want to live in the Pacific North West.
@megawat // Crock pot chicken tacos. Megan always has the most delicious looking food pictures and making chicken in the crock pot for a quick, easy meal is a win in my book!
@ohdangitsrah // Color coordinating cars with the shapes and colors on the paper. Genius!
@mulberrypressco // Love love love the quote on the mug. I need this in my life.
@momtog // If you don't follow mom tog yet, you should. I started following recently when Erin was featured and have been hooked ever since. I've learned SO much from fellow mamarazzi's! I especially love that they teach you how to edit photos taken on your iPhone - my camera of choice!
@magnoliamarket // I saw them make a sign similar to this on the show once and LOVED it. I love the concept and love how it looks. And the saying is pretty great too.
@theellenshow // Genius. Pure genius.
@jillian.harris // DYING over the placement of this bed between the walls. Looks so cozy and such a space saver!
@saltybison // Love their signs and especially love the layout of these ones and the California one!

Do you follow any of these accounts already? Who are your favorites? I'm always looking to add some wonderful IGers to my feed!


  1. haha a sprinkle surprise! IG is way better than twitter. I just don't get the appeal of twitter. I laugh that you follow oreo! I mean it only makes sense haha.

  2. My new favorite? "Totschool" I've used a few of their activities with lex and she eats it up and it keeps her busy!

    And Oreo. Duh ;)

  3. Love Andrea! She is the sweetest momma and she makes it look like living in the PNW is a dream!! Also, Megan is totally always posting the most amazing looking food and recipes! Oh Instagram... how I love thee!!

  4. Sprinkles in the cone! Great idea! And now I'm off to follow Oreo... bad idea ;)

  5. Such a great round up! Some of these are new to me, so yeah! Thanks for sharing. PS - I saw that episode of Fixer Upper too! LOVE! When does the new season come back on?

  6. So many great accounts to follow! I love your IG feed! So pretty, colorful and fun! Adding them all to my feed too!

  7. Thank you for sharing some great accounts I need to be following now. Thanks for sharing! I found 3 new accounts that I love.

  8. I'm overdue for a post like this of my own, I actually have it half drafted with like 5 others I just cant seem to finish! Great picks, all up my alley!

  9. I have a few new IG accounts I will be stalking, I mean following ;) I totally agree with your assessment of IG, FB and Twitter. Visuals for the win!

  10. Susie from Busy Toddler is my friend in real life!! We've been friends since jr high!! She used to have a blog that was HILARIOUS. now she's working on a busy toddler website/blog!!! I'll have to tell her you featured her!! So fun

  11. The painters tape race track is such a good idea! I need to get some tape, I know Marcus would love it.
    And how did I not know about the Magnolia Market account?! Going to follow that one ASAP.

  12. Instagram is definitely my favourite form of social media. I don't have facebook and have loooong ago stopped using twitter.

  13. You're not helping me keep my feed to a minimum..!! :)

  14. You are totally right. I have tried and tried and tried but I just CAN NOT get into Twitter.

    Those are some lovely photos. I could definitely go for a post workout cupcake about now.


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