[Disney Cruise] Day 2

Monday, November 9, 2015

And now we're on to cruise -- day 2! In case you missed day 1, can you find it here

Day 2 we arrived in Ensenada, Mexico. It was a short trip as we only left San Diego the day before around 4pm and arrived in Ensenada at 7am. Ensenada was one of the places that I wasn't the most excited about. Now I know we literally only had 2 stops on our cruise, but I figured, we're on a cruise, there is SO much to do on the boat itself, we don't necessarily need to get off. So I planned to stay onboard. I later found out that my mother in law and brother in law went wine tasting (which sounded super fun, but if Seth and I were to have gone, who would watch Mason?) and my sister in law and nieces went on a make your own food tour. They made their own pico de gallo and some chile rellenos. Looking back, I may have signed up for the food tour with them, but never the less, we had a great time exploring the ship while everyone else was off exploring Ensenada.

We woke up late and went to have breakfast. Once we were done with breakfast we just walked around and took in the sights. In Ensenada, we were able to dock right up at the cruise ship dock (in Cabo we couldn't as you later will see) so we had a pretty good view of the city from our ship.

After we took in the view for a good 10 minutes (toddler attention span = 10 minutes max), we grabbed some coffees, walked around the ship and played on the basketball court and soccer field. We had seen these areas the night before but since everyone was onboard, they were PACKED. When we went to them this morning, they were totally empty and Seth and Mason got to play for a good 30+ minutes without anyone ever even walking up.

After we got tired of playing sports, we went back to the room and got changed and headed down to the pool. It was a little cool and windy and I was a little bit of a wuss, so we let Mason play in the splash pad before braving the cold water. (And by we, I mean, I made Seth go in with Mason! ha)

After playing at the pool for a little bit, we decided to get off the ship to take some pictures since I was bummed I missed the pictures opportunity before we got on the ship. We only got off for maybe 15 minutes, just enough time to snap some pictures, and then got back on and got ready for lunch and for Mason to take a nap and me to go to the spa. They had some spa specials when we were in port and I wanted to make sure to take advantage of them since we planned to get off in Cabo later that week.

While I was at the spa, Mason napped, and Seth watched a movie on TV. I came back a few hours later, our family re-boarded the ship, and we all got ready to meet up to meet some characters and have dinner. BUT before we left the room, we just so happened to be looking out the window at the right time and saw... dolphins!!! It was so, SO cool!

I swear I didn't only have an appetizer and dessert that night, 
but apparently that's all I took a picture of!

The show we saw that night was called "The Golden Mickeys". Now this nights show... Mason AND Seth and I really loved! Again Mason sat through the whole show, loved it and cheered with excitement the whole time. After the show was over, it was around 9:30pm and we called it a night. We were all quick to fall asleep again and were excited about our day at sea the next day!

Stay tuned for days 3, 4, 5, and 6!


  1. There nothing to see at Ensanada anyway, so taking advantage of an empty ship is perfect!! And oh my gosh, the water is so cold!! My belly and back were so sore one day on our cruise and I HAD to take the weight off my body, so I dunked myself in the pool and it was awful, haha! I would have made Eric do all the playing with Mia if she had been there ;)
    I totally want to take her on a Disney cruise after seeing all of this!

  2. Wow, there are some fun-packed days you have had! Dang! I'm just tired reading about them! I cannot wait to read the following days. :)

  3. Ha! Love the splash pad fun!! :) Yay for spa time..!!

  4. Ahhhh the spa! How wonderful! Looks like a fun day. Having a little less craziness on the ship was nice, I bet!

  5. I think it's a good idea to stay on the boat and enjoy different things without the crowds!! And a spa treatment is always fun too! :)

  6. I've never actually been to Ensenada, but know of several people who have, and I really think you made the best decision to just stay on board! It looks like you three made the very most of a ship practically all to yourselves! I've also heard ships have great spa deals while at ports - solid decision to book a little pampering!!
    As for those desserts - I'll take them all. YUM!!

    And, the dolphins!! This leads me to my next idea... We should book a whale/dolphin cruise together! We've been on a couple, and we ALWAYS see something cool!

  7. I love the picture of Mason laying on top of the basketball lol. I think you made a good call about exploring the ship while a lot of people departed, gave you more breathing room and better service ;) Dolphins!!! So awesome!

  8. In really going to need to look into a disney cruise. Because it looks like SO MUCH FUN! And spa! Bring it!

  9. Oh yeah, the ship is always empty on port days! Sounds like you guys had so much fun without getting off! I love your black dress and I'm jealous you used the spa!

  10. Holy, that boat is HUGE! And how cool that you saw dolphins! Love it

  11. So super fun! Would love to go on a vacation like this with both Caleb and Vivian one day!:) Looks like you guys had an absolute blast!

  12. An empty ship sounds more fun to me. Plus a spa trip. And then lots of food and a fun show!

  13. An empty ship?! Hooray glad you were able to take advantage of the fun. Emily LOVED the Minnie Mouse photo :).

  14. how awesome you guys got the ship to yourselfs! perfect decision to stay aboard! and man am I impressed mason napped on vacation! that so fun! I love Minnie's white dress that's my fav photo so far!!!


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